Monday, July 25, 2005

preparing for 24-9

I tried to post yesterday but the electr. went out as I was writing, I did get a 4 hr ride in Saturday and it was hot!
everything I' m doing is for 24-9 race I hope I'm ready. I wish I was a little lighter but I didn't want to try and lose any weight so close to the race, I have needed all the calories I could get for training.

I'm going to do a night ride with Tony and Staub ,maybe Steve tonight to check out our new Jet Lights ! They Rock !!
Tuesday I'll get some more miles in on the road. Last Wednsday I went to Jubilee and did some Hill repeats,5 sets of up and dowm West side and KME was one set,my leg were spent then I went to the entrance to the college on the road 13% grade ,then just spinned the legs out for a hr.

I'll get the rest of my gear ready for this weekend and get my new NRS from Bushwhackers Wednsday, were heading up to Wausau early Friday morning. Midds and Staub is going up to help out Cindy in my pit so I should be taken care of pretty good. I'll get back before I go !!!

see ya !!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm here

Sorry no post lately I had a race Sunday at Jubilee in Peoria, I got 5 th place in expert but 5 guys droped out it was way hot !! I can tell I have been training for endurance races I didn't have that quickness in the legs I was fine when I slowed down and got in a rhythm but xc race pace was hard to keep up.

I just did a 2-1/2 hr road ride to spin the legs out ......Time to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya !

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Race this weekend

I rode 61 miles this morning I didn't feel like I thought I should,legs were a little tired. I had a bad week of getting on the bike only Sunday and today (Wednsday) I can't keep doing this I have to get on the bike but 13 hr days at work don't help. My schedual might change at work I should get weekends off so no more staying up 29 hrs on Saturdays

Jubilee Jam Sunday ought to fun all singletrack and some nice hills, I'll go hard 1st lap then just take it easy I don't do good against the experts anyway !!!. I'm getting up for the 24-9 mile race at the end of the month I just registered today for $100 bucks !!! PAMBA is taken a team up to the one I was on last year. see ya !