Monday, October 02, 2006

One more time

I'm going to race the Panther Creek Challege this weekend,100 miles around the lake.That will be 6 laps starting at 8:00am and the last lap needs to be started by 4:30pm....I had such a bad race last weekend at the Festival that I wasn't going to do this race,but Tony called and said he had a team going down so I thought I would try one more suffer fest and call it a year !

Hey Matt where did you go last weekend ? I looked for you to say goodbye and you were gone !!! I felt like shit the whole race and should have DNF on my scound lap.

I'm cutting up alot of wood right now getting ready for the winter and hope to still find some time for the trail work before the season ends. Hey ! It's that time of year !!

See ya !