Friday, December 30, 2005

Happy New Year !

I hope 2006 goes as well as 2005 did and is better in other ways!

My racing will take a whole new path along the way of endurance races and a few XC races, It would be hard to give up XC races all together with the PAMBA I-74 series so close and it keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The one main thing I don't want to see or experience as I did in 2005 was the hard falls I took, while racing and in training. CRAP ! I took some bad hits the worse was down in Danville when I endoed down that small hill, It knocked the slober right out of me !

The training needs to get jacked up as far as cardio and I will start to work on loosing the weight I seem to gain every winter. I get to lifting weights and I start bodybuilding ,but I'll work on more bike specific lifting this month.

My Peak race for 2006 will be the 24-hrs of Nine Mile again and Wow ! Will it be fun this year with it being a National race, I wonder who the big stars will be that make it ? Besides Jeff K and Paddy H. Will I even be able to compete ?

It's 4:30 pm and I need to get to bed for a 10:oo pm wake up for work ! the Milk Man always delivers !!! See ya in 2006 !!

Friday, December 23, 2005

Merry Christmas everybody !

I'll keep my eating in check, but I don't do real good at this time of the year !

I missed some good weather today for a outside ride ,but work was long and I need to be back in at midnight......I might get up early and hit the tredmill before work.......lets see 5-1/2 hours of sleep or 5 ?

I'll lift for sure when I get home in the morning.......I've been going heavy and will for 3 more weeks.

At the first of the year I need to start my cutting diet ! It's not the best thing for a cyclist , but I can drop some serious weight.

I do have some new sponsors for 2006 Six Six One and Intense Tires, I can't wait to order some tires and a new helmet,I have some new gloves on the way.

Yah ! I keep checking in on the T-I race and will throughout the year !!

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Pass On Trans-Iowa race

I feel like crap that I didn't get in the TI race but it was the right thing for me to do !

The training it would take so early in the season was the main factor in the decision to pass.
I can still keep my training schedule inline with the Wems races and PAMBA I-74 series,

I need to go downstaires and lift and get some running in !

See Ya !

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Snow Ride

I hit the Rock Island Trail after work this morning, the snow was to deep to get any good miles but I still got a good workout. I only went 8 miles but it took a 1-1/2 to do it, with my heart rate at about 85%.

We have our PAMBA Christmas Party tonight,I'll take some pics to post it'l be fun !

See ya !

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

hitting the gym

I'm trying to stay with the cardio I ran this morning on the tredmill, and went Christmas shopping with Mike Jr. I was going to get on the spinner tonight but work called . I need to be at work at 4:00am for a local run in Peoria, getting the big money will make it worth it.

Can it get any colder ? man it's cold and the snow came early this year!
I need some more cold weather gear to get some rides in.

See ya!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

snow !!!!

It's time to get on the spinner , the snow has been falling and the ground is covered....I guess I need to just get on my bike and be sure to dress warm.

I will get to the gym tomorrow and spin again Tuesday I might even get on the stairstepper at the gym thats always a good workout.

Signup for Trans-Iowa is in a couple weeks ...... I need to think this over if I'm going to get in it. I want to, but what if my training doesn't go like I want it to or crap happens that I can't make it ?....... I'll need some help trying to figure out a training plan for this race ........ This will be a race to try and fininsh and not worry about winning.

See ya !

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Going heavy !

I started my next phase in lifting I'm doing 8 to 10 reps a lot heavier weight I went from 135 lbs at 15 reps to 215 lbs for 8 reps. I do rap my knees with this heavy weight !

I ran outside today I have some trails I've been working on at home it's kind of nice to have my own trails to train on !

Image hosted by
new training ground

Image hosted by
backyard fun

Image hosted by
a new playground ?

I'm trying to get my 2006 race schedule in order,I'm looking at getting up to Wisconsin for atleast 4 or 5 Wems races, PAMBA will have 7 races , I'm hoping to do a couple 24hr races and maybe get out west for a 24 hr race or 12 hr.

see ya!

Saturday, November 26, 2005

Turkey burn ride !

I just got home from PAMBA's annual after turkey day ride and we had a great turnout of 20 riders ! We rode Indy and some when off to Dirckson but I had to get home the pace was slow but it was a social ride. We had one guy break his collarbone doing a flip over his bike other than that it was a fun ride and great weather.

The new news is the Nationals are going to be at 24-9 mile this year so we should see some big name riders up there.

I'll start my second phase in the weight room ,I'll go down to 8 to 10 reps with more weight for 5 weeks then go into phase 3 doing 4 to 6 reps.

I'l lkeep getting on the bike when I get a chance and the weather is good !

See ya !

Sunday, November 20, 2005

New again !

I lost everything on my last template for some reason I don't know why !

I'll get some things posted soon.

I have still been working on the weightlifting and not to much cardio ,but I will get serious next week.When I see jeff and other endurance racers getting back on the bike so soon after this last race season I better get back on mine if I'm going to try and get in the Trans- Iowa race.

Bears Win !

See ya !

What Happen ?

Anybody know what the problem is here ?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Winter is here !

Nothing to do today, stay inside weather sucks,time to get on the tredmill and then do some core work.

I was on spinner Sunday for 30min. I'll get back on it this week.

I'm still looking for a NRS frame to switch out my Razorback parts to but, it's a little to close to X-mas for me to be spending money on myself.

I need to go downstairs and do some lifting ......see ya !

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Last ride at Jubilee

I met Cindy over at Jubilee Saturday for one last ride before they close it for the year. Leaves covered the ground and deer were everywhere ! Jubilee won't open again untill April 15th 2006,
Image hosted by
Yea I'm on a trail !

Image hosted by
Was this done by biker or maybe a horse on a trail he is not suppose to be ?

The nice thing about Peoria we have 3 more parks to ride and stay open all year,plus we have Rock Island trail.

I lifted Friday right on schedual and will again Monday I hope toget on the tredmill today.

See Ya !

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Off day

I'm taking it easy today I'm just a little sore from yesterday !
I might get a run in when I wake up 5 1/2 hrs away !! See ya !

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Work then the gym

Work was tough ! I hate going to Joliet we have a drop off there and I have to unload
40,000 lbs of milk 120 lbs at a time and you touch it twice so that's 80,000 lbs.

Then I go to the gym !

I hit it pretty good, I used some machines that help hitting the muscles at a different angle,
but the weights weren't as heavy. It was nice using the leg press and squat machine instead of free weights.

Well the winds a blowing, and I need to go out and blow some leaves out to pasture !

See yah!

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Yard work or bike ride ?

Yard work won ! I have a few yards I take care of and I needed to get them done, leaves are everywhere besides It puts a few extra dollars in my pocket for bike parts. I didn't run this morning I figuired walking behind a mower for 4-1/2 hrs would be enough.

I got called in tonight for work so I might stop off at the gym when I get off in the morning, I havn't been there all summer since I have a pretty good setup at home.

I have my workout down to 1-1/4 in time and it's a full body workout but, thats without cardio !

It's nice to Mr. 24 hr Jeff K. out doing some trail work, you can never have enough people to help and as racers we need to do our share. I was trained by IMBA as is all of PAMBA's trail coordinators I think I'm going to be Jubilee State Park's Trail coordinator unless someone else takes I need to talk to Pres. Middz .

I need to go to bed ! see ya !

Saturday, November 05, 2005

Nice weather for a ride !

I got in a 1-1/2 trail ride in at Farmdale with Bob and Peggy, horses were everywhere they had some kind of an event going on. It wasn't to bad though we didn't see to many.

I checked some milage at my place and I have 1/2 mile in with no problem, I think I can get at least 2 miles of trails or more, that would be cool to have some place to train all year round on my own property.

I'l lift in the morning and maybe run then it's football time.

Image hosted by

This is Midds bike looking from my driveway " nice "

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Gym Time !

I did my new lifting routine this morning it's differant from what I useually do, I need to get the whole body done in one day and I can't do it like I use to like a bodybuilder.

this is what It looks like

Squats - 3 x 15 - 3 sets
dumbell lunges or step-ups 3 x 15-3 sets
stiff leg deadlifts 3 x 15-3 sets

flat or incline bench 3 x15-3 stets
dumbell flyes or dips 3 x15-3 sets

lowpulley rows 3 x15-3 sets
widegrip chins or cable pulldows 3 x15-3 sets

behind the neck presses or arnold dumbellpresses 3 x 15-3 sets
dumbell lateral raises to the side or front 3 x 15-3 sets

I will get some arms in on the next day !!

I'm going to get a trail ride in tomorrow, it's been hard to stay off the bike for awhile
I'm wanting to start training for next year.

Here are some pics from 24-9 2005

Image hosted by

My nunber one fan Cindy and me on Friday

Image hosted by

My pit man and president of PAMBA Midds

Image hosted by

Were off !

Image hosted by

222 miles later I'm done with my first 24hr solo !

Image hosted by

A needed drink and I'm hooked on this solo stuff !!

Back to work tomorrow ! see ya !

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

posting pics ?

Typical Monday morning in Chicago southbound 294
this is my office !

Maybe this why I don't work indoors !!!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm tiered !

Long day Saturday , I worked all night and then went to trailday to help with the new extension then came home and mowed some pasture and work on my own trails.Went to my sisters for moms b-day and finally went to bed around 10:00pm...... just another 28hr day .

I was up early this morning and lifted weights and went outside to cut some more fire wood......then watch some football. I missed a good day to ride the bike in the trails.

I'll ride Jubilee or Indy this week and hopefully a road ride......See ya !

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Blog !!!

Hey not bad ! I didn't know I had it in me, I picked up a small book on publishing a Blog. I'm learning !

Remember I don't know squat about PC's !!

Other news I lifted last night, I had my DOT phisical this morning, Can you say" pee in this bottle" I was worried about my blood pressure but I was fine. It was a little high last month ,the stolic # was up ,but I was drinking alot of Elite and eating pretzels for training for that last race.

My weekend is about over I did get some wood cut I have good pile that needs to be split,and Iv'e been working on some trails in my woods they will give some place to play. See ya !!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Playing with blog !

I'm playing around with this blog ,trying to get it more interesting to read . Jeff told me how to post the Trans Iowa thingy, looks cool ! I'm going to getting some links up and a new background with a picture in it !

Midds is coming over to watch M-night football !!

Work sucked ! rained up in Chicago, 294 was a mess !!

I'll get back with the weights tonight and keep running, I'll get a road ride Wed. seee ya !

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last race of the year done !

I finished this season at Panther Creek doing a dualathon 22 mile trail ride and a 4.5 mile run.This is the secound year I done this race and finished 9th out of 50 riders, not to bad but I finished 8th out of 40 riders last year so I was hoping do a little better.

I came in 6th on the bike (same as last year) and felt good for the run , the first mile is so tough, the legs are pumped full of blood from the bike ride.I caught 5 th place about a mile in, he was cramping up but he caught up with me before the 2 mile mark. A couple tri-guys passed me up around the 3-1/2 mark, they always catch me on the run, I need to train more for the running portion,nobody should be catching me when I get off the bike, most of the racers are sport riders so I could be finishing in the top 5.

It was a fun race exept for the trail conditions, witch everbody was talking about, Thorns and sticks all over the place. I tried top re-ride Saturday and had two flats within 4 miles into the trail, Sunday my friend Bob had 6 flats and didn't finish the bike race.

I'm going to keep running the fall and winter , I start training on the bike
for next year !!!!!!! ( maybe a little time off ) see ya !

Monday, October 10, 2005

What race ?

Cindy let me stay by myself camping Saturday night and she shouldn't do that ! I got into some Redbull Vodka ! and ended up staying up till 2:00am !

Soo ! I didn't race and just rode sweep for all the races !!

I still had a blast Saturday night I havn't done that in 12 or more years not that I have a problem drinking , I just try to live healthy and only have a social drink once in awhile.

If I can get my son to help me post some pics I'll start to get some up.

I have a dualathon this Sunday 22-mile trail ride and 4.5 mile run after the ride, I placed 8th last year but the field should be double the amount of racers.They are going to put us in age groups this year to so that helps us older guys out!

Tony and I rode Indy and Dirckson yesterday around 2-1/2 hrs of all singletrack!! see ya !!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The big fall Festival for PAMBA is this weekend and should be a blast ! Sharms March is coming with RED BULL , all the downhill guys are pumped !

The XC race will be short laps , 21 miles all together, and will be fun. If I get thru this wekkend ok I have one more race for the season, a 22.5 ride and a4mile run at Panther Creek in Spingfield. I placed 8th last year but the field will be alot bigger this year. Bob and Tony will make this race even better, Tony will be hard to keep up with on the ride and I should get a lead on Bob but he will be hard to hold back on the run , he can keep a fast pace running.

Training hasn't been good this week but the season is almost done , I even got down stairse and started to hit the weights.

See ya !!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

That Race Sucked !

Or I should say, I sucked ! I thought I was going to have a good race but the legs said not today ! The first lap was fast but I couldn't keep the pace up like a expert should. I was passed by sport racers before I was done with my first lap, me and two other experts were keeping together when I see Matt catching us ! I yelled at him " is that you matt " and sure enough it was him.

Well If that didn't piss me off I couldn't keep up with Jason who hasn't raced in two years and comes out and beats me ! It seams I can't get out of the steady endurance pace and I can't keep up the XC pace.

Oh ya ! I still come home with a first place plaque for 40 + Sweet !!!

I ran 2 miles yesterday walked when I mowed 3 yards for 3 1/2 hrs then road the tandem with Cindy for 12 miles, It was nice getting on the bike with her, I miss getting in those long rides and being able to talk and spend some quality time together. No baloney this weekend ! 50 miles of eating ! maybe 75 ?

see ya !

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Race Sunday

I just got back from a quick road ride, just enough to keep the legs fresh for Sundays PAMBA race in Bloomington.
Work was long as usual 520 miles of dark highways and fog , nothing exciting happen.

The race should be good, the course at COMLARA is mostly singltrack with only a couple of climbs. There won't be but a handfull of Expert racers so I don't look at finishing great , I just try and not be last. My legs seem to be getting there snap back in them after training so much for the 24hr race and other endurance races I didn't have that XC race pace quickness in them.

What do I ride tomorrow ? Razorback ( pure race bike great in singltrack) or NRS ( great all around bike ) The NRS has alot more pedal clearance from the ground, I can keep pedaling over roots and rocks or around corners and the Razorback I have to stop pedaling to make sure I don't snag something and end up doing a endo.

Maybe I'll take them both and do some preriding of the course and see which one screams at me RACE ME !! RACE ME!!

I see Mr. Kerkove might be learning to speak Japanese WOW ! how cool is that ?

I'll miss most of the football games Sunday that sucks ! but Monday night is going to be a doubleheader of football and I don't work on Tuesdays sooo! I'll be up late watching !!!!!!!

See ya !

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Road ride

I got back on the bike yesterday and today, 34 miles with Bob at a pretty good pace but my right calf has been cramping, whats up with that ?

I'll hit the trails Sunday with a bike ride then a trail run, I need to get ready for the Oct. race.

Work was a bitch this week 60 hrs in 5 days and almost 2300 miles behind the wheel, I seen alot of accidents in shy town.

I'll try and keep up on the blog , I want to find someone to help design something for It and show me how to post pics.

Seee ya !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ya I'm still here !!

Sorry no post in a while ! Iv'e been working a lot of overtime and back too my crapy work schedual. I have been riding with Bob alot and getting some road miles in I need to keep running so I can compete in the race in Oct. I would still like to find a 12 hr race before the end of the season. I have to go Dad is getting a Angigram done to day !!

see ya !

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Time to get it done !

I just got back from a road ride then a 2 mile run , I feel pretty good ! This sunday at Farmdale went great,those MTNCROSS and Downhill guys are Nuts !

When I got home from work today I suited up and tore off 20 miles at 20.2 mile average and then threw on some shoes and ran 2 mile at a slow pace of 9 miles hr.

Bad news at work I have to go back to my old schedual , that means back to Saturdays This Sucks !!

See Ya !!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

can things get worse for me ?

Boy!was yesterday a bad day for me ! Cindy and I was getting ready to go to the race at Farmdale in the morning and I needed to get the water tank out of my truck when I busted it ! So I need to get a new one today $200.00 out of the pocket.

We started to run late getting to Farmdale so I try a shortcut and it only makes it worse and I'm getting pissed, we finally get to the race and I calm down. I rode Sweep behind novice class and things were goning ok when I decide to go around a short part of the course and it turned to mud, sticky, tiress won't turn,kind of mud. Another bad decision today and I'm pissed again !!

Alot of people at the race were giving me alot of Good Job Mike ! on my 24hr solo race , thats pretting cool to get the respect from so many differant people ! Thanks Everybody !

Cindy and I finally got home and needed to get to my dads house and then stop by Farmking for a water tank, thats when things got worse. I wanted to get the pipe out of the tank thats was busted up and it was giving me problems so I just started to pry it off and when it came off it hit me in the cheek and busted me wide open ! BLOOD all over I hollerd for Cindy as Blood was flying all over. So now we off to get stiches , 7 stiches later we head to dads house and I'm calling it a day !

Sunday is Downhill and Mtn cross races I'll go help out !!

See YA !!!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Farmdale race

Big race this weekend and I don't think I'm going to do it ! This is the make up race that was rained out in july. I'll go help out the race crew and help Cindy and Amy cook food to sale.

Reason I'm not racing ! I have had such a shity 2 weeks of riding , no hard rides, no long rides, and I only been on the bike maybe 4 times . I rode the race course yesterday and fell 2 times one endo and the other I couldn't get clipped out and fell down the rocky hill at 4 way, and yes I fell to the down side of the hill OUCH ! if that wasn't enough to piss me off I fell going around the jump on the IMBA reroute ! SO SCREW IT !

The new NRS dosn't handle like my Razorback , so it will take awhile to get use to it.

see ya !

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Rain !

I still have not been on my bike since last Monday ! Rain and work day screwed me yesterday and work called last night for a overtime run up to the Windy City this morning. It's still raining so I'm going down staires and get on the trendmill and stationary bike for at least a couple of hrs. See ya !

Friday, August 12, 2005

bad week of riding

Boy ! does this week suck for getting any riding in ! I havn't been on my bike since the Monday night ride. I wanted to ride or do some running but work and not being focused on my training has kept me off the bike. Looks like I'm not going to ride tonight also, this sucks! I suck ! the more I stay off it , the shitier my moods are ! Cindy will hang me by the balls if I don't change my attitude . Bob called and wants to ride Farmdale in the morning that will help !

I need to get a long rode ride in, I really miss those 4 or 5 hrs rides , I need to kick them up to 6 or 7 hrs.

Trailday tomorrow, again !! We need to get Tonys reroute done before we start anything else,I hope we get a good turn out.. see YA !

Monday, August 08, 2005

Night ride tonight

Sunday turned out to be a rest day ( honey do list ) cut grass for 2 hrs and take care of things around the house and pig ouy on home made lasagna OH YA !!!

Went back to work today after being off for 10 days YA ! It felt like crap to get back in the truck and Chicago traffic,It took me 2 hrs to go 45 miles on I88 heading into shy town. Oh well ! you have to make a living, it turned into a
13 1/2 hr day, glad I get payed by the hr.

Tony and the gang is going to do a night ride at Indy tonight, I'll be there, a little tired but ready to go ! I don't ride real fast in the dark ,but I'm sure someone will be there I can stick with. I just ate the rest of the lasagna ,I need to get some Elete in me and my camelback.

I have some yards to cut tomorrow ( MONEY for BIKE PARTS ) thats will kill my road ride unless I get up early and get it in before I start cutting, Will see ! See YA !!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

getting back on the bike

I just got back from an early trail ride at Jubilee with Bob ,almost 2 hrs of easy riding,then I walked plank with Midds and cut the weeds back . That was another 1-1/2 hrs of walking,legs are feeling good and back to normal I think !

I'm trying to figure out want race I'll do next,I guess the PAMBA make up race on 8-20-05 it's a Saturday race witch we don't normaly do, but it'll be nice to get it out of the way then I can help out on Sunday for the Downhill and MTX races.

I rode the new NRS and really like the way it rides and the Skareb I'm getting use to,I'll put Sram on this winter I can't stick with Shimano It's okay but I like my Sram. I'll put the Razorback up for sale this winer also,It's been a good XC race bike but I'm going to start getting into more endurance races and the NRS feels and ride better.

I talked to the PAMBA team this week and everyone is doing ok and getting back on the bikes , I really did miss hanging out with them at the 24 hr race. Tony wants to start doing some night rides at Indy on Mondays, that will be fun as long as I take it easy and not get hurt.Tony and Staub can fly through the trails in the dark ,I just take it slow I hope to make it out in one piece .

I hope to get a long road ride

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

24 hrs of Nine Mile is in the books

My first 24hr solo race is done and I did so much better than I thought I would. 5th place out of 40 racers is way out of my range or I thought it was. A couple of good things going my way and bad things going to my competitors way helped me almost get to the podium.

The weekend started out by getting up to Wausua at around noon Friday and setting up a pit area so our president Midds and my wife Cindy could have a support area right next to the course, which is a premium spot. One of the first persons I saw was Jeff Kerkove, the stud of 24 hour racing. If any of you have ever heard me talk about endurance racing, I read Jeff's blog everyday to see how he is training and to learn whatever I can from him. He is a great guy and it was really cool having my pit close to his and next to Paddy H. and Russell from Cananda.

I did a pre-ride with Midds, Staub and the Pamba team to check out the course, and there was way too much open road for my style of riding. The singletrack was fun, the rock gardens were rough but not enough of it. (There were enough rock gardens). After going into town with the Pamba team and having a big Mexican dinner, Cindy and Amy and the kids settled in the hotel, and the guys went bakc to camp and sat around the fire and told stories.

Saturday morning I started the day out with 600 calories of oatmeal and 3 cups of mud, then I started drinking water with elite. The race began with a lemans style start which was a quarter mile run. I ran behind Tony who was starting off for the Pamba team. I got to the starting gates right behind Jeff Kerkove, found my bike, and headed into to the trails with the first 40 riders.

Lap 1 was just like a regular xc race, fast and everyone trying to get to the singletrack first. My lap time was around 1 hour and 7 min. That was my fastest lap of the race.

Lap 2 I tried to keep my pace up and finished it in about 1 hour 11 min with no problems and the singletrack still clogging up a little bit with riders.

Lap 3 was time to shut it down and get into my pace. My legs were feeling thick and heavy and I needed to slow down my heart rate. Midds and Cindy were right there at my pit ready to give me more hammer products and send me on my way. Midds was so excited everytime I came in he was ready to throw me my fuel and send me on my way,he was great.

Lap 4 I was doing ok still taking some Perpetrium and gel but not taking enough water with me so I was stoping on the course 1/2 way around and getting some more water at a pit stop they had set up. I just got in some rock garden and there was a back up when some guy hit my back wheel. I didn't think much about it because we had to walk out of it but when I got back on my bike he had hit my rear derailure and bent the hanger. SHIT ! I was pissed ! I couldn't get in the gears I wanted, I needed to get back and switch out bikes.Midds was great and switched my plate number and seat bag and I was back on the Razorback ,It felt good and rolled better then the new NRS but was beating the hell out of me .
Midds took the NRS to Sram to see if they could do anything, they dailed it in the best they could but with a bent hanger it would have to do.

Lap 5 I was feeling alright, then Betsy S came around me and I rode and talked with her for awhile and she was really pushing for a podium spot. When we got done with the singletrack and started for some hills, I told her I had to shut it down and get back into my pace and wished her luck, within seconds, she was gone.

Lap 6 took 1hr 36min. I don't know why It seems I would have a good lap then a bad lap, Midds said he was about to jump my ass and keep my head in the race.

Lap 7 started out at around 6pm and ended up taking me 1 hour and 36 min to do. Mentally I was struggling thinking that there was no way that I could do this. I ran into a couple 12 hour racers and talked to them, and they told me to not think about the race, or how I was hurting but to think about something else. I tried to think of working on the house or some music that I like ,Velvet Revolver stuck for a while.
Lap 8 started out at 7:30 with a full set of lights and I knew that hings would slow down and I started to feel better.

Lap 9, 10 and 11 seemed like I was focused on the trail better and I was in a groove. The laps weren't fast but I felt good. The laps were still taking over 1hr 30 min to do. I ate good during these laps, a turkey sandwich, chunky apple sauce which really hit the spot and some red bull that I drank in the pit area at every night lap.

Lap 12 took me the longest of the night starting out at 2:05 am and I think this is where I had my seat bag fall off and I had to stop and retrieve everything. When I came in I had some fruit cocktail and another red bull.

Lap 13 I knew would be my last full night ride and it felt good knowing that the sun was about to come up.

Lap 14 started out at about 5:10 am and it was just getting light, I had half of a pb&j sandwich and another red bull, and flew around the course with my best lap since 4:30 saturday afternoon.

Lap 15 When I came in Midds was telling me that I was in the top 7 and could be looking at a podium or at least an invite to the Worlds Championship in Canada. At the time I was wanting to take it easy and finish out the race, but now I needed to some how crank it up a notch.

Lap 16 I went out at 8:10 hoping that this would be my last lap and I could relax and get the hell off this bike. When I came in at 9:30 doing about an hour and 26 min lap, Midds and Cindy said that I should do 1 more just to make sure knowing that I would beat up myself if stopping at 16 would hurt me in the standings. So I sat in a chair, ate a banana drank a red bull had MIdds help me out of the chair and went off to do 1 last lap.

Lap 17 the course was bare with everyone packing it up and team riders flying by trying to get in that last lap. When I came around tha last corner of singletrack to the last stretch to the finish line, Cindy and Midds and the Pamba team were waiting and cheering me on as I finished my first solo 24 hour race witch turned to a 25 hr race, That was a good feeling.

How do I thank Cindy and Midds for helping me get through this race ? I can't thank them enough !! Mike Staub helped through the night with the Jet Lights. The PAMBA team and club with all the support , I missed a few trail work days because I needed to train. Buchwhakers and Bob Wo with the help thanks guys !!

I know this may be corney or get over it guy ,people do this all the time, but this is something I wanted to do since last year when I did the race with the PAMBA team. I have eat and trained for this all year , did two 6hr races , one 12hr race this year to see if I can do this. This was proving to myself at 44 I can push harder than I ever have,suffered more than I ever have, and finished knowing Ya I could have done one more lap !!

If you want to know Yes I'm hurting , all over and bad !! My legs are swollen , my right shoulder won't stop hurting, and my hands are still numb. I'll recover but it will be slow !!!

Monday, August 01, 2005

24-9 update soon

I'll tell the whole story on my first 24 hr solo tomorrow , I'm tired and sore and going to bed early !!

( I did good! real good !)

Monday, July 25, 2005

preparing for 24-9

I tried to post yesterday but the electr. went out as I was writing, I did get a 4 hr ride in Saturday and it was hot!
everything I' m doing is for 24-9 race I hope I'm ready. I wish I was a little lighter but I didn't want to try and lose any weight so close to the race, I have needed all the calories I could get for training.

I'm going to do a night ride with Tony and Staub ,maybe Steve tonight to check out our new Jet Lights ! They Rock !!
Tuesday I'll get some more miles in on the road. Last Wednsday I went to Jubilee and did some Hill repeats,5 sets of up and dowm West side and KME was one set,my leg were spent then I went to the entrance to the college on the road 13% grade ,then just spinned the legs out for a hr.

I'll get the rest of my gear ready for this weekend and get my new NRS from Bushwhackers Wednsday, were heading up to Wausau early Friday morning. Midds and Staub is going up to help out Cindy in my pit so I should be taken care of pretty good. I'll get back before I go !!!

see ya !!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm here

Sorry no post lately I had a race Sunday at Jubilee in Peoria, I got 5 th place in expert but 5 guys droped out it was way hot !! I can tell I have been training for endurance races I didn't have that quickness in the legs I was fine when I slowed down and got in a rhythm but xc race pace was hard to keep up.

I just did a 2-1/2 hr road ride to spin the legs out ......Time to eat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

see ya !

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Race this weekend

I rode 61 miles this morning I didn't feel like I thought I should,legs were a little tired. I had a bad week of getting on the bike only Sunday and today (Wednsday) I can't keep doing this I have to get on the bike but 13 hr days at work don't help. My schedual might change at work I should get weekends off so no more staying up 29 hrs on Saturdays

Jubilee Jam Sunday ought to fun all singletrack and some nice hills, I'll go hard 1st lap then just take it easy I don't do good against the experts anyway !!!. I'm getting up for the 24-9 mile race at the end of the month I just registered today for $100 bucks !!! PAMBA is taken a team up to the one I was on last year. see ya !

Monday, June 27, 2005

Breaking it down !

Wow ! was that a hard race ! A little over 93 miles of trailriding in less than 11 hrs.
The race was fun and started with a real shotgun start and at XC race pace I stayed with the second group I knew I couldn't stay with the leaders at that high of a pace. The course was sandy with some roots and a real cool winding trail around to the top of the hill, a slight screw up and you could fall into some trouble.

I don't know my exact time on my first lap but I think it was around 1 hr ,then they stoped us because of some problems with the course being marked. I think we wasted about ten min. then they told us to go ahead and off we went.

Laps 2 to 4 I felt good and stayed with my Hammer products and Elete
Oh ya ! on my second lap I went over a small tree limb that looked real freash and my chainring dug right into it and right over I went ENDO ! I caught myself pretty good though and didn't get hurt (LOTS OF SAND )

laps 5 and 6 I stayed with my plan of just pacing myself and don't worry about the times I realy needed to finish this race and see how my body is going to respond to the suffering. I made the mistake of not taking in some more Gel and I think it drained me of energy on my 7th lap.

On my 7th lap I barely made it back I was cooked pretty good ! I could have quit real easy but I had Cindy give me some REDBULL and Fig-Newtons and they seemed to get me going again.

8th lap I felt good by time I got 1/2 way around and was trying see if I can get 2 more laps in by 8:00
when I came in on the begining of the 9 th lap I need a good time if I was going to get in 10 laps .....

But it was not meant be I needed a fast 1-1/4 lap and I didn't have it in me and I wasn't going to do a lap and not have it counted,So I stopped and 2nd guessing if I couldv'e made it ?

I think I ended up in 7th place out of 21 racers ! not bad for the old man ! I'll get out tuesday for some easy road riding ,I need to get ready for Jubilee XC race July 10th and 24-9

The only pisser I had about the course is I have never been hit so many times in the face and head with tree branches at least 8 or9 on the course I even called one the back scratcher , you ducked your head and it went down your back every time !!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

12 hr solo done !!

I did my first 12 hr solo this weekend and thing went well ! I did 9 laps and I think 7th place out of 21. I'll give a full report later on. I'm tired !!see ya !

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

12 hr race !

I just got back from a easy road ride , I need to get things ready for this weekends 12 hr race. I hope the weather stays nice, I need to get some more Gel but Rich is out of town now I will have to try some other type of gel and thats not good.

I watched the Proctor road race this weekend I marshaled on one of the hills,I wish I would've raced but maybe next year.I didn't find Sean Noonan after the race ,I couldv'e showed him some nice trail at Jubilee.

I need to get by bike and gear ready so I wont have to rush Friday when I get off of work,we'll head up around 11:30 and relax at the Hotel Friday night.I should go and pre ride the course ...I might go and do that!! I'll right back Sunday after the race !! see ya !!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

reason I didn't ride today

Why didn't I aleast do a hour of sprints ? Well let me see if I can come up with some excuses !!!!!!

1- I worked 13teen hrs
2-I'm tired
3-I couldn't talk myself into it !
4- I talked myself out of it !
5- the weather was too nice I needed to water the garden
6-I'll ride harder tomorrow !
7- I'm a puss ! ! ! ! ! !

I better get on it tomorrow for aleast a hr. I need to pickup my bike from Bushwackers I busted off my x-o rear derellure Tuesday 180.00 bucks shot !!!!!!!!!! I'm putting a x-9 back on $75.00.

I might do the crit Sunday in P-town It's fathers day

I'm goning to bed ! see ya !!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rain !!!!!!!!!

It rained today in EastPeoria and washed out the XC race for tomorrow, we got in the downhill and just started the new MTX course and the rain let loose !!!. It rained for more than a hour so the Prez and race cor. called it off. I told them even if they run it I'm not going to race !! It was way to wet and no way was it going to get better in one day. Iv'e done to many mud races and they are hard on the bike and the body,It's one thing if your already racing and the rain hits but when you know its muddy before you start, it's better to race another day.

I'll hit the road in the morning for some long distance , I better get to bed Iv'e been up for 28 hrs !!! I do this every freaking Saturday because I work Friday night and don't get off work till 9:00 am Sat. who wants to go to bed on a Saturday morning when the sun is shining ? This crap can't be good for me !!!!!! Sorry I'll quit whining !!!!

see ya !!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Race this weekend

Xc race is going to be hot ! and humid ! I just stoped by rich's place and got some more Hammer products so I'm good for a while.

We had a PAMBA meeting tonight at Terry's house It's always a good time,we got a lot done with the race going on this weekend we all have alot to do.Cindy and Amy is going to sell food at the race on both days,the club should make some money .

I'll ride the trails in the morning to keep the skills up on the singletrack,the race is at Farmdale and the course will be tough.I think I'm going to race it like a training ride and do some extra laps,the race is 3 laps I'll try and do 5 or 6 and have Cindy hand off my fuel. SeeYa !!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First century

I did my first century ride on the rode today !! 101.2 miles and I'm pooped. I took 2 days off after my 6 hr solo race and did a 1-15min. ride yesterday. It might not have been a good idea to try a 100 miler but I wanted to push myself hard this week. I have a XC race next week so I'll need to taper down a little ,I don't think another century next week is a good idea.I'm planning on a 12hr solo at the end of the month in WI.
see ya

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Metro 12 hr

I made it thru another 6 hr solo in WI. 7th place out of 22 so I feel good on the results.Hills,Hills,Hills and that sums up this race,the hills were killer steep and nice and long,the only way I can look at these races are as training races.My next one needs to be 12 hrs I need to see if I doing 24 hrs is going to be possible.Tha race went well and food was good with the Hammer gels and drinks and e/caps.I met Jeff finally I read his blog every day I feel like I know the kid,his dad is a nice guy and is there for his support crew. The 11 laps were a good pace for me and wonder how much I could have done at a slower pace but for 12 hrs ? I 'll see if I can make the Hatfield race . I need a recovery ride tomorrow I have the 2nd PAMBA race next weekend it'll be tough. see ya !

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

12 hr race

This weekend, I hope it dosn't rain there isn't a refund.I did a recovery ride this morning 1-1/2 hr zone 1. I should be ready for the race.Cindy and the girls are going up with me Friday and we are going to stay in Gurnee and shop for the night.I better stay off my feet .Bike is all ready to go, i'll pack thursday, witch reminds me I need to get some Hammer gel tomorrow.I'll post back after the race !!

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Kickapoo Race

Was last week and it was my first DNF ,but it's early in the season I hope it's my only one.I took a bad endo at the top of a small 6 ft. hill ,my pedal hit a stump and over I went and landed on my back and head. I'll live but I talked myself out of finishing the last lap,I wish I would of done it. I'm waiting for Tony to come out for a road ride today ,we have a road race in June to get ready for.I'll be going up to Wi. next Saturday for the 12 hrs of Metro I'll do 6 hrs solo again and then my next race in need to go 12 hrs. I'm looking at the NRS 1 or 2 for a 2nd. bike ! I love my Razorback I don't know if I can give it up. I'm going to get a quick nap in before I ride today See YA !!

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

I'll get back

To this post tomorrow , I seem to never have the time !!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

6 hr race !

Well I just got back from turkey hunting and no turkey for me this year I had fun but I couldn't call a couple in close enough to get a shot today. I did my first 6 hr solo at Kettle mer. Saturday, it went well I got 11 th out of 33 so I'll take it. I don't think some of the riders were to serious some only got 2 or 3 laps. I went out hard with the main pack for the first lap and into the second then I had to start pacing myself a little better. When ever some one would come around me I would stay with them for a while to keep me going. My legs cramped up at the start of the 4 th lap and I had to walk it off for around 5 min. then I was okay and I slowed down and acually felt pretty good on the 5th and 6th lap.I need to find out why I'm cramping I need more training and some kind of supplement.I used the Hammer Heed ,Perpetuem and gel ,I don't think I used the perpetuem right I'll checkwith some other racers. the next Wems. race I can do is May 28th, I'm looking forward to it, 6 or 12 ? I'll see how training goes.

Sunday, April 24, 2005


I haven't posted ! I'm not very good at typing so it's more of chore than being lazy ! I just checked with the Iowa race and it sounds like the weather turned real bad. I'll check later today to get the 411. I have been doing ok on the training this week hasn't been the best but the weather sucks here to. Last Suday I got in a 4 hr. none stop ride at Jubilee to check out what drink and food I'll need for my 6 hr race next weekend.I didn't go real hard just steady,The waether might be bad in Win. So I hope they don't cancel it but I don't want to do a mud race either. The kickapoo race is in a few weeks to start off the PAMBA series and it's going to be tough.30 miles at race pace will be hard ,hope weather is good. I need to go mushroom hunting see ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First race of 2005

I had my first race in Moline Il Sylvan Stampede, It was a good race alot of fun,no hills but very technical with alot of rocks and roots. They had a good turnout of riders for there first race.The FORC guys did a great job and everyone was real friendly. That might not mean alot to some people but I'm doing this to have fun and ride not get to serious. Don't get me wrong I want to do good I can't help but race hard !! Okay ! about the race I'm raceing expert, we had 13 racers of all ages mostley aroud my age or 30's a couple were older. ther was a nice sprint about 100 plus yards to the singletrack and I went in around 10th place and I held it for most of the race. I was passed on the 4 or 5th lap but the guy fell about a 1/4 lap after he passed me and I didn't let him get back in the race. I tried some Hammer gel and drink and I really don't know yet on how the worked on me, I need to do some trainning with them. I finished strong anf felt pretty good at the end and didn't need to srint or go hard I just keeped a good pace and even droped the other guys behind me around lap 6. It feels good to see where my fitness is and get a race under my belt.Back to training !!! see ya !

Monday, April 04, 2005

Trail day Saturday

I didn't get my ride in Saturday like I wanted to, we worked on the trails for about 2- 1/2 hrs . All we did was use our leaf blowers on the trails to help dry them out. I ended up walking about 5 miles so I blew off the road ride. Sunday I went on a 4 hr 66 mile ride and felt good. Today I went to Farmdale for a trail ride, I got in 2 hrs of some easy spinning . The bad thing is I took two real hard falls, the first one I was jacking around on a log stunt and I fell to one side and the bike went the other side and I was cliped in so I fell hard.I just got scraped up no damage.The other fall hurt bad ,I was almost done not even ten min. from the truck when I rounded a corner nice and easy but my pedal caught a stump and stopped me now ! I flew over the bike but first racked my left cookie right on the stem ,then rolled over on my side. I didn't know what hit me ! It took about ten min. for me to get back on the bike and quit slobbering and groaning !!! . I put some frozen peas on the boys as soon as I got home.

I have to start yard work tomorrow ! more money for bike parts ! I might not be able to get back on the bike for a couple days with the weather going south. We have a PAMBA meeting tomorrow , It's always good to talk to everyone ! see ya !

Friday, April 01, 2005

Trail ride at Indy

today after work, the trails were in good shape after the rain, I got in 2-1/2 hrs of riding 20miles all together. I did 15 min. of warm up,1-1/2 hr of race pace then I took my time and enjoyed the woods. I really am feeling the extra weight this year I'm about 12 lbs heavier but I don't want to go on a hard diet this time of year. I'll try to eat better and let the bike burn some weight off. I hope to get in a road ride tomorrow It should be some hill work. I do my first race next Sunday in Moline ,Il I hope the weather is good ! see ya

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Recovery ride

Today with Midds only 15 miles about 1hr 15 min. with a25 mile hr. head wind. I did 45 miles yesterday after work almost 3hrs, it has been a couple good days of riding 110 miles with 15 more today. I was called a fag by some farm boys in Farmington, I tried to get them bring it on but they went the other way. I think they were only jacking around I'll have Steph. check it out on who they are. I did some shoulders and arms this morning, I have to work tonight ( big money at time and a half) I'll take the gym bag and hit chest and back in Peoria when I get off in the morning. Most likely I'll run or stair stepper. See ya !

Sunday, March 27, 2005

About Time !

I got back on the bike,I havn't been on it since the first of the week.I about bit off more than I can chew again ,I went north today to mark out a route and I ended up having to call Cindy and have her tell me where the hell I am !.I wasn't far off but I did need to turn around and go back where I came from . It was a good ride alot of time 4 hrs in the saddle around 65 miles. Cindy knew where I was heading and came out in the truck and met me at route 8 I had her go ahead of me and I drafted behind the truck for the last 3 miles it was great, she did a good job and I really needed the help. I hope to get a ride in after work tomorrow and then a recovery ride Tuesday with Midds and maybe the trails on wednesday if they are dry. see ya !!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Long day !!

another long day at work 13hrs and I'm tired, I think I'll just eat and go to bed. I'll get on the spinner tomorrow for some leg speed work. I was on the spinner yesterday for 30 mins. then ran down to tredmill and ran for 1 hr ,my legs were toast this morning. If the weather holds out the PAMBA team is going to come over Saturday for a road ride . I'll see how that goes !!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Good 2 days of riding

Sunday and Monday was great for trail riding ! Sunday was my b-day 44 yrs and the weather was great I hit Indy for 3 hrs non stop, I was having so much fun because I don't know the trails that good so I could have been in another state and I wouldn't know it. I meet Tony and Staub monday after work and went for another ride 2hrs 45 min. plus i was there earleir and rode for a 1 hr 20min. they showed me a good ten mile loop that I will use for training we rode into the dark ,glad we took lights but my trail rat sucks !! I was wiped when I got home and it showed this morning I sleep in till 10:30 this morning and thats not me .the only reason I woke up was besause Cindy called . She thought I was sick or hurt !!! I'll do a slow recovery ride on the spinner today maybe a hr. Well I guess I should do something today !!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

ya i havn't gone no where 1

sorry i havn't posted 1 I get on line and I get lazy about posting .I went to Indy Trails for a nice 3 hr ride trail are in grat shape !.training has been good but not where i want to be I still think I'm a little behind where I should be. I'm getting tired of the road rides the trail ride today was fun. MY first endurance race will be at the end of April in WI. I think I'm going to do a 6 hr race and see how I enjoy it, If I don't have a good time or have fun I'll stick to the regular xc raceing. I'm planing on doing 12 hrs at the end of May and my real goal is to do 24 hrs of 9-Mile solo. I'm going up to the quad cities on April 10th for my 1st xc race I'm curious on my fitness level this will let me know how far ahead I am from last year. I'll keep in touch !!!!!!!!

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back to work

No ride today I need to recover from my first 50 mile road ride from yesterday.I didn't take in enough fuel,the last ten miles were hard.I did alot of running Mon. and sunday, it seems if I can't get outside I'd rather run on the tredmill than hit the spinner. Tuesday I did some hill repeats on my property about a hours worth,it was a good leg workout.I should get some hard workouts in this weekend.Midds is needing some motivation to keep going.I think he needs a goal ,its the only way I can stay on course. If he gets his road bike I'll whip him in shape!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Got thru another week

I hate my last three days of work, I have no time but to work and sleep . Friday I snuck in a 1 hr leg speed workout on the spinner then straight to bed.Mike S wanted to do a road ride Saturday so that was cool I need someone to help get on the bike after a 14 hr night at work. The ride was nice around 30 miles ,Mike S was really sore we should have taken it a little easeir. It rained Sunday and I had another ride group going but I setteld for the spinner. Hit the road again today 30 miles before I had a flat 2 miles from home. I needed a break the last 6 miles was with a 20 mile head win, my heartrate was at 90% to 95% max. Felt good to burn the legs ! I'm going to get a 5 or6 mile run in Wedsday maybe a ride.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Training update

I had a ok week, weather was great last weekend , Saturday sucked as usual work was to long then I needed to help out on trailday. would have been a geat day to get a road ride in but I was dead tired and did nothing the rest of the day.

Sunday morning I got in a 3o mile road ride, It felt good but I have to start getting some 4 to 6 hr rides in at least 1oo miles. I lifted some weights Monday night and started a new routine
Instead of my usual bodybuilding routine, witch I know i'm not supose to do but like Midds
says thats what I know so thats what I do. I'll start doing 8 sets per body part but only 2 different exercises and do chest,back and shoulders on day 1 legs and arms day 2.

2 weeks ago on Sunday Cindy and I was down stairs me on the tredmill and Cindy on her
recumbent bike. When I decided to run 4 miles then do some 15 rep squats with only about
155 lbs. When I went down for the 3rd set my hams were screaming I finished the set but couldn't do a 4th. I hurt for 3 days , I WON'T DO that again !

I ran for a hour on the trmill the other day I put my headphones on with velvet revolver
next thing I know I went 6 1/2 miles and I ran 5 1/4 of it and felt good.
I did some leg speed this morning for a hour then ran 2 miles downstairs.
My crapy work week starts thursday I hope I can get some kind of trianing in on the
next three days.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mud and cold ride

Hit the Rock Island Trail today,what a bad idea that was ! I thought I would be ok with the
temps in the low 30s but it sucked bad. I had to ride the road and I didn't know where I was going but I still got in a 2 1/4 hr ride in. Yesterday I did 1 hr on the spinner , leg speed work.
I had another bad weekend at work I didn't workout on the bike Fri.,Sat., or Sunday, I can't keep doing that I'll get better when the weather gets good.

I'm looking for some lights and parts to build up my Zed frame , I don't know what rimset I want to go with. Sram will dominate drive train and I might go with FSA for cranks,seatpost
and handlebar.

I have been reading some other race blogs and checking to see how much other people are
riding, It blows me away how much time some guys can train.

KJ and Steph are talking about playing softball and soccer this summer, my training and raceing
might come to a hault. I'll have to check scheduals to see if I can still get in the training and go
out of town for some of the races.

I'll run or hit the road bike Weds. I think it's going to be around 40

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Keeping at it !

I hit the road today only 30 miles,all I had time for. Hit the trails monday at Indy.
I don't know the trails that good but I got a good loop in about 1 1/2 hr ride. I'll run in the morning I have to take KJ to the dentist at 10:00am. I'll lift when I get home.
I have to start getting some long rides in, Feb. 1st is my goal to start. The weather needs to stay cold so I can ride the trails, I don't like the road this time of year. The bad thing is spring really sucks here it stays wet so long you think you'll never get in the woods. I really hope I don't
get burned out this the most training I've done in the off season,I set my sights on the 12 hr races and I have to start training smart or I'm going to suck bad. I'm always looking ahead
but you never know what lies around the corner ! I'll keep reading Jeffs and Konas team blogs
they keep me motivated.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Long week

No workout today another long day at work, but I got in a couple good days on Monday and Tuesday. I ran on the tredmile for a 1 hr. Monday Well ! I ran 4 miles and finished up walking.

Tuesday I watched Spiderman 2 and rode the spinner for 2 hrs. in zone 1 , recovering from the 4 mile run. I'll get back on Friday after work .

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday Football !

I didn't get up early enough to lift this morning, so I took Steph. out driving to Peoria.
I survived and made it back in time for the playoffs to start. I had a bagel in town for some energy I'd need for my spin when I get home. I got a good ride in 2 hrs

1/2 hr in zone 1
3 sets of intervals 30,20,10 sec.
rest of the time in zone 2

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Long day (again)

Well another long day today, I've been up for 25 hrs on Saturday again. No workout today Kelsi had a basketball game instead. I have'nt been on my spinner since thursday when I did a quick 45 min. ride and 2 mile run. Fridays are too short I need to get to bed to early. I'll get up early and get a good spin in and some weights.Steph wants me to take driving afterwards as long as I'm back for the football games. Steelers won I'm happy !!! I worked at getting a schedual together for my races. 5 pamba races ,at least 3 werms 12 hr and 24-9 is still my goal for my first 24 hr solo.I might be able to get 12 or more races in depends on getting days off at work.
weather sucks to dam cold !

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Getting back on !

I had a good workout this morning after a 4 day layoff , work really screwed me up this week.
I have been doing some interval work .
On my spinner I've been doing a 1 1/2 hr ride
15 min. zone 1
15 2
3 sets of intervals
30 sec. 1 min. rest
20 sec. 1min rest
10 sec. 5 min. rest then next set.
finish the ride in zone 2.
Late this afternoon I lifted weights /chest.

Went to the PAMBA meeting tonight , looks like alot of trail work
needs to be done this sping,I really don't know how much I can help this year.
I moved up to expert at the end of last year and want to start endurance racing this year.
From what I have been reading I need to kick up my training to 13 to15 hrs a week, it
might all be wishfull thinking.

New post

new post test

Monday, January 10, 2005

Starting my blog !

This is my first shot at keeping myself focused on training for the 2005 race season.
Hopefully I can keep up on this site and post as much as possible...... My family
comes first, job second and training last.My race schedual hasn't been decided yet
but will come soon.

I need to do some more setup for this blog I'll get back tomorrow !!