Monday, June 26, 2006

Good race !

The Metro 12 was a fun,hard and a good showing for me ! The course was great with alot of singletrack and the climbs didn't dissapoint with the long grinding hill to the finish line.

My first goal since I knew Jeff was going to be there was to hold him off as long as I could before he lapped me ( we all knew he would )and I did for a good five hours.When he did he didn't hang around for long, we said a few words and he was gone ! Next goal don't let him catch me again, my legs felt real good and strong and I was able to keep my pace up,if him or the 2nd place guy (who never caught me)was going to catch me,I was going to make them work for it.

Next goal after Cindy told me how I was doing in the standings,I want third place bad ! and my first podium finish.As I was going out for a lap in the 6th hour the third place guy was right in front of me so I stuck to his wheel for the whole lap,he tried to drop me on the climbs and kept looking back at me and there I was, right on his wheel.When we came out of the last singletrack he pulled over and let me pass and said it was my turn to lead for awhile,when we came up on the climb to the start/finish I told him I couldn't hold this pace and have a good race

Next goal, keep 3 rd place in sight and don't let him get away ! two laps later His legs must have exploded and I took the lead at the start/finish line and I never saw him again.Each lap I gained 10 to 12 min. on 4 th place and ended up almost lapping him by the end of the race.

I'm feeling strong at the end of the two 12 hr races Iv'e done and hope this last at the 24-9 mile race.

The other thing that has me wondering what's going on ! I did this race in the big ring on the whole course except for the two main climbs ! I could tell my pace was so much faster than spinning like I normaly do !

I'll get some pic's up soon !

It was nice hanging out after the race talking to Jeff and his mom and dad ! Real nice people !

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting ready for Metro 12 hr

I had a good race Sunday,not many there to race against,but I usually end up last anyway.I took home 3rd place ! my first time I hit the medals and money in two years as a Expert.My legs felt good and strong the whole race, the LT would flush out quick and I would recover feeling strong.

The weekend was a long one with the Downhill and Mtnxcross going on,I helped Cindy with the food and went out with Tony and finished up the marking of the XC course Saturday late afternoon.I think we rolled out of Farmdale at 6:00pm and was back to race Sunday at Noon.

The rest of the week will be recovering for the race this weekend up in Franklin,WI. The weather might be a little wet,but I'll just have to suck it up and ride.

If anybody has some sugestions on what to bring for a 12hr mud race I'm all ears !
I can get thru a XC race in the rain,but what do you bring extra for 12 hrs of suffering ? I do have the extra bike ! What about clothes ? Socks ?

Almost 5:00pm bed time !
See Ya !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Race ready !

Big weekend is almost here with alot of work going into it ! I'll help out tomorrow then get a ride in on the race course, I hope the legs feel good and they should if I stay off them.

I'm realy looking more at next week up in Franklin at the Metro 12, I did the six hr last year and came in 7th place not bad for my second six hr race.I told myself that 12hrs would be a killer and I'm going to find out ! The hill are long and the one at the top of the ski hill gets pretty steep.I need to push hard in the race and watch my nutrition good I hope it gets Hot ! I don't know why ,but I seem to have good races in the humid weather.My Idea weather at the 24-9 would be high 80's or 90's and just sucking the life out everbody !!!!

Lets get thru this weekend first !

Just a cool pic !

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pre- ride

Ran over to Farmdale around 11:30 after work and did a couple laps of the course for this weekend,and it's going to be fast if the weather holds out for us.I'll race no matter what it does I need to suffer for a couple of hours.

I'll help-out with the downhill and with Cindy cooking,I hope to get a small ride in Saturday then get the hell off my legs.

Thursday get a quick spin in after work.
Friday -off day

Good luck Matt in Iowa ! and Midz at Steamboat days 4 mile run.

See Ya !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rain ride

I took off this morning knowing I was going to get wet,but I needed this ride ! I had some winter gear on with temps in the low 50's, 2 bottle's of Heed and Substained Energy and a bottle of Red Bull and water,two flasked of gel(I didn't eat anything before ride).

I didn't see any rain for my first 20 min. then the rain came slowly has I headed north out of Trivoli,after about 30 min. I ran out of it and the road was dry for the next 30 min.I was wanting to get a long ride in,but the rain came down pretty hard and after two hrs of it,and I was getting close to the cut off to home or staying out for another hour I chose home.

Atleast I was able to get 2-1/2 hrs in and not wear myself down and risk getting sick! I don't get sick and don't need to push it being so close to 24-9 race.

XC race this Sunday PAMBA #3 It will be a good training ride to get some singletrack riding in before I head up to my next 12 hr race in Franklin,Wi. Metro 12.

See Ya !

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rain screwed me again !

I put some semi slicks on the NRS#2 last night so I can start getting some long road miles in and had it all ready for a planned 5 hr ride,but thunderstorms put an end to that idea.I was going to head out to the RIT this morning and I need this ride ! The weekend is my only time I can get my endurancs miles in ! through the week I can manage a couple 1-1/2 or maybe a 2hr ride and they are usually Intervals and a TT ride.

The big group ride at Farmdale tomorrow will be cancelled ! so there goes another day I can't get in the woods !

I guess I'll go downstaires and do some lifting and run on the tredmill and maybe spin this afternoon !

I have a few pic's from 12hrs of Gears

Getting the pit ready

coming and going for another

First 12hr is done ! Can I stop now ?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still here !

I recovered good from the 12 hrs of Gears and training is on target ! I'm getting ready for the Metro 12 and just made reservations just south of town for Friday night.I don't look forward to the road trip after I already have driven 400+ miles for work on Friday,but I need to be up there early.

Did trail work Saturday for 4 hrs at Farmdale getting it ready for the race on the 18th.Seems to always be the same guys showing up for work days ! nobody new!,but when we were leaving,the parking lot it was full of riders getting ready to go out get their ride in ! I should have said something smartass to them ! everybody else knows I'm crochety ! I was to wiped out to get my training ride in so I went home to get some work done.

I got in a nice RIT ride Sunday 4hrs on the road bike, I need to stay on the NRS Like Kerkove says and get those legs burning in the big ring ! Intervals tomorrow,quick ride Thursday,Maybe trails Friday or Lift day,Saturday long RIT ride 5hrs and Trails Sunday.

Heal up fast Midz !

See ya !