Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cortisone !

Well ! I didn't think the Doc. would have any good news for me and least it's not the worst, but I have to drop the Trans-Iowa 4 race. Four to six weeks with no bike or spinning.Therapy starts next week to try and get this thing to heal.I kept thinking on my way home that I could still get ready for V.4 but I don't want to jeopardize my whole season especially 24-9 mile by being stupid.

Ok ! Plan B lift weights,yoga keep my calories low or I'm going to get fatter !
Start looking at some extra XC races early in the season to kick my fitness up.

Matt and Paul had great write ups on their blogs,nice job guys! looks like a great effort in some nasty ass weather !

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Visit to the Doc

Looks like I'm heading to a Orthopaedic Surgen Tuesday to see what they can do about my ankle,it just won't heal up on me.I had a MRI last week and the inflamation in the tendons is still there.The crazy thing is I can walk fine and I have full range of motion,I can even ride and and spin without any pain or discomfort but as soon as I try and jump or run sharp pain makes me stop right away...WTF !

Keeping this on so I don't roll it again !

Maxxis is my tire sponsor again this year ! I was hoping for this one again I love the full line of tires I can get from these guys,road and MTB

Six Six One is along for the ride again this year too,plenty of gloves and protection gear to chose from.

I'm still putting together my schedual for 2008 I would like to get in some extra XC races in to keep my fitness up,I might try and get some early racing in March.I guess my ankle needs to heal up before I get to crazy with what I want to do and what I'm going to be able to do.

Paul and Matt are racing today up in Iowa and there is no way I could keep my feet warm enough for 6 or more hours in this kind of cold,the rest of my body would be fine...Let us know how it went guys !

I'll post up after the Doc visit Tuesday !

See ya !