Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time to step up the training !

It's getting close to the first PAMBA race to kick off the new races season, it should be a fun race with alot of racers. Illinois and Iowa will start the season together at Sylvan Island in Moline Ill, a short singletrack course with laps of 2.5 miles I think Experts will do 8 laps.

I've been running on most mornings aleast 2 miles to help with losing weight and hitting the weights three days a week.

Sunday I did a threshold test on the spinner to help with some new training 153 average.
Monday was a spin in the Dungeon by myself, I put on my Down cd and cranked it up !!!
This might be my new favorite cd to train with.....if you like Pantera you will like Down !

I ran this morning then worked getting Mike's bedroom remodeled I had cut a whole in the wall for a new window .........No Fun !!!!!!!!........but glad I didn't have to pay someone to do it.

I took off around 4:00pm on the road bike for a quick 1-1/2 hr ride and then get home to take Kelsi to her B-game.

Road ride Tomorrow afternoon I need to get up early and work on the House.

I need to get some tires ordered from Intense and I can now order some rims from Sun-Ringle
If anybody knows Sun- Ringle rims what would be a good disc rim I can put on my NRS for endurance racing ?

See ya !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keep it up !

Summer is almost here and the training needs to get outside. Monday night was in the Dungeon with Staub and Midz, it looks like we might have 4 or 5 guys over next Monday.

Pantera DVD's were the main source of motivation.

Tuesday was a 3 mile run and weightlifting..........Start on remodeling son's new bedroom.

Wednesday Midz came over to the dungeon for more pain .......He's training better this year even though he's not racing but wanting to keep in shape.

I'll be ready in a couple weeks to start some hard interval training, the first PAMBA race is April 9th up in Moline,Il and the first Wems races is in May.

See ya !

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Run,Run,Run !

Running is all I seem to have time for when it's the end of the week. My day's at work are 13 to 14 hr's long but, I have been getting up and running before work and getting it done.

I need to lift and do some quick spinning today a 45 min. leg speed workout then back on the spinner the next 3 day's for longer workout's.

I might be getting Saturday's off from work here in the next few week's ! That will help out with the races I want to do this year and not having to use vac. day's for a race.

See ya !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to work tonight

I had a couple good days of training and and it's back to work tonight.......Midz came over to the Dungeon Monday night and came back for more Tuesday morning....It looks like we might get some to come over next Monday night........I ran 4 miles this afternoon and I'll get up and run for 30 min. before work.

I'm going to look at getting some help with my training so I can get thing dialed in a little better.I'm all over the place with my training I need to get a better plan with my kind of schedule.......I'll check back in a couple days ...maybe Kerkove will have a new frame for this year !!!! I see Paddy doesn't have 24-9 race down on his schedule Bummer ! I was hoping to catch up with him and maybe Russel ! Cindy will be disappointed she had fun talking to the guys from Canada !!

See yah !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cold again !

The weather is getting back to normal for Feb. cold and a little snow,I hit some bad roads around Pontiac Saturday on my way back from Chicago.When your trailor is full the weight gives you traction but, I'm empty on my way home and the trailor can get cut lose feal fast.

Thursday-off day
Friday-ran 25min. when I got up before work
Saturday-ran 35min. before work-30min after work and lifted
Last night- took Cindy out to eat with some friends and went down to Rythem Kitchen
Today-I had my oatmeal late so I'll spin later I need to get a couple hrs in and see if anybody can come over tomorrow night and spin .

See ya !

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yea I'm here !

I had the last 4 days off of work ,I'm back at it tonight or morning 1:00am Thursday.I lfted this morning and jumped my reps up ,I was hoping to get a run in but Not today !!........Sunday I ran on treadmill for 2 hrs....Monday was 2 hr bike ride on Rock Island Trail.....Tuesday was 2 hr spin.

Thursday will be an off day or small run......The weight isn't coming off like I hoped it would this week, I need to keep my calories under control.

I'm looking for another NRS 2 frame to transfer my K2 parts over, I want two of the same bikes for this year . I hate to give up on the Razorback it's a great singltrack race bike.

See ya !

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday run

Not much today , Thursday was off day , Friday's are long but, I got a three mile run and some core work (abs) in.

Back in at midnight for work, spin and lift for Saturday !

-\ <.

See ya !!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MIdz and I

Got outside today and did around 26 miles in the wind ,It took around 1hr-50 min. so the saddle time is what were wanting.....I didn't do any training yesterday but I did get my truck tuned up plugs,rotor,distibutor cap and oil changed. I'll do some core work this afternoon and take Thursday off and then back at it Friday and the weekend !!!

Base miles through Feb.
I don't know what I should start with in March, Intervals and then Hill work in April or viceversa any Ideas from anydody ???

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Midz taking the lead !

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I'm on my way !

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What do you do with all your race numbers ?