Monday, December 31, 2007

Last ride

of 2007 was on the road Saturday for 1 1/2 hours,it felt good just to get some kind of ride in outside.I really don't want to spend to much time in the dungeon so when I can put up with the weather I'm going outside.

My ride I had planned yesterday didn't happen,I needed to get the rest of the wood cut up and brought up to the house.I still got a pretty good workout in before I went in to see the last regular season of football.

Two truck loads and I was spent

I'll lay out what my goals are for 2008 tomorrow,I hope I feel good enough to go for a walk at Jubilee.

Happy New Year !

See ya !

Friday, December 28, 2007

Time to get on the spinner

When ever I can't get outside,I need to kick up the time on the bike inside or outside.I have gained 15 pounds in the off season and I would like to get down to 160lbs by the T/4 race.That would mean I need to lose 25 pounds WTF ! I'm starting a 10 week cutting diet that should get most of the weight off.

It starts with some time on the spinner !

I did an hour tonight with some recovery yoga,I'll get outside for a road ride on the Mnt bike,then home to get some more wood cut up.I lost a good size Oak tree last week that fell over my bike trails so it's going to tribute to heating the house.

I'm also having some problems with my left ankle after rolling it at work a couple weeks ago.I thought I could work through it but it getting worse so I went to get it x-rayed and I do have some kind of a hairline crack or torn tendon.I can walk fine but I can't run at all...It feels ok on the bike !

See ya !

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hitting the weights

Plus sitting on the spinner will be my main workouts this week and If the weather breaks from this Ice I'll get a ride on the R.I.T. again Saturday.I've been looking at some 29R's at Bushwhackers for a new Trans Iowa bike,but I need to do some more research and some test rides.The Gary Fisher Cobia is what I'm looking at it's the lower end hardtail they have and I would make some modification for the TI4 race.

A little shoulder work

A whole Lotta reps here

I took today off and I hope to get a quick workout in after work tomorrow

See ya !

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Ever start a project at

Home and it takes way longer to finish it than you were planing ? Thats what I have been doing for the last 3 1/2 weeks and work has been crazy at the milk plant with me working 55 to 60 hrs in the truck.I finally had a Saturday that I didn't have any where to go that night or get called in to work so I made some good progress on the wall and was able to finish up the grouting a couple of days later.

Putting the stone up

I was glad to get this done

I hit the R.I.T. for some much needed time on the bike.

I hope to get back on track with some winter rides and the spinner down in the dungeon.Yoga,Cyclo Core and weights will be my main focus this winter.

The race in January up north is on my radar,I need some more time in the saddle before I make up my mine.I still have trouble with keeping my feet warm in this cold weather,I'm good for about 1 1/2 hrs then my feet give out.

Congrat's to James for becoming a Peoria county Police officer,he graduated Thursday and will start on the job this week I think,much respect for what he's doing !

See ya !

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Trail work today

Heading out to Jubilee this morning to get some work done on the new reroute,we won't get to the new bridge today but I hope to get most of the trail done anyway.
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A couple of hours in the woods than back home and a meeting this afternoon at work,PAMBA meeting tomorrow night.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Getting caught up !

I had some pretty good down time from the bike and I have one more project to get done and then "it's back in the saddle again "...I have been getting some trails done at my place and at the local trails,PAMBA has a trail day Sunday to get a reroute done at Jubilee.

I'm on the roster for Trans-Iowa 4 and that will be my main focus of training for the next 5 months.

23rd Aniversity coming up this month with my biggest fan,Cindy and I are going away next weekend for a little us time.

I'll be posting more with the training kicking up in high gear,I read some blogs everyday I just don't like to type and I get lazy.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Still here !

I had a write up to get things updated and computer is taking a shit on me this morning....I'm pissed already on a Sunday morning !

I'm keeping a eye on 24 hrs at Moab Chris is kicking ass and it looks like Solo Goat might be done...Course looks brutal !

See ya !

Monday, September 03, 2007

Cross bike or Bass boat ?

Me happy or Cindy Happy ? Hell I'm happy with both so I made Cindy happy with a bass boat this weekend and a good time down at Lake Evergreen and Comlara Park.Cindy and I met Tony and Amy at Comlara yesterday for some fishing,biking and food,I couldn't ask for anything better.

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The new cross bike ?

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Tony,kids and Cindy on the dock

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Tony,Amy and kids

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Cind and I relaxing on shore

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My first fish in the new boat

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Thats getting better

I guess this is a bike blog so I have been riding,Tony and I rode the race course for the Comlara race next weekend,it's going to be wicked fast.I had a good race there last year I'll look for a top ten finish this year(LOL) if we have ten in the Expert class.

Cindy and I are getting ready for the No Bolony ride on Sept.22nd 50 miles with food at two different stops,we did 12 miles today with some intervals.

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The No Balony steed

Congrats to Squirrel Winning at Seven Oaks 24 hr race,Nice job Squirrel ! thats on my list next year for sure,maybe I can keep the pressure on you so you don't get to stop 3 hrs early(LOL)If you don't know Squirrel he has a passion for life,his family and bikes like no other.I'm happy for him !

Cindy says this is wrong !
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I did my time trail ride tonight,my next ride will be Wednesday with Mike jr. at Jubilee trying to keep the legs fresh for Sunday.

I heard from an old friend from California,he seen my blog and sent me a e-mail,nice hearing from you Don !

See ya !

Friday, August 24, 2007

Friday ride ?

Not happening tonight ! 13 hour day in the truck,I still had to mow one more yard when I got home...I'm tired ...I'll get on the road bike in the morning.

Catfish tournament Saturday night with Cindy,a couple of cold ones will be on the menu naybe more than a couple !

Tucker is ready to go !
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Trans Iowa 4 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????maybe????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What next ?

I'm looking at some more races to get in before the end of the season is upon us and a road race in a couple weeks looks like it might be a go.Now I need to decide if I want to do 6 or 12 hrs,on a 66 mile loop...The Kickapoo race won't happen for me,Cindy and I are going to a fishing tournament here in Trivoli,It should be fun I know she is looking forward to it.

I should be doing this today,but the rain is still coming down and all my yards need mowed bad ! incuding my own
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I couldn't get a ride in the other day so I walked my yard for 3+ hours !

I spent yesterday after work getting the NRS's cleaned up,my composite still had Wisconsin dirt on it.
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All of my bikes hang up on the wall except the composite it goes downstaires in the house
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The kids are going back to school this week Stephanie's first day of college was this morning and Kelsi starts 8th grade Thursday,and of course Mike is working!
Work always kicks up a notch this time of year the kids gotta have milk for lunch.

I'm heading to the basement to lift some weights and maybe some yoga,next bike ride ? not till Friday ( sucks) !

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

24-9 pics

Started out walking around Rib Mountain with Cindy and Kelsi
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Set up pits with Tony
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Paddy and Dallas stop by to say Hi
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Getting ready to rumble
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Tony and I setting our bikes up fot the run
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Game On !
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Night time and hungry I finaly started to feel good ( friend Bob watching )
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214 miles later and good enough for 2nd place
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On the podium for my first time as a 24 hr solo freak
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Chris Eatough and I after he signed my # plate
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stopped to get some food and straight for the hot tub
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Mark Hendershot and I outside the Hotel Monday morning
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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

2007 24-9 on the podium !

I'm sitting here with a big cup of mudd,not feeling to bad and glad I made the trip up to Wuasau,Wi.The race turned out great for me and some other PAMBA and FORC members with podium spots for some of us.

I can't say enough how it feels to have so many people ecouraging you to keep pushing and great job solo keep it up when you are digging so deep just to get another lap in and knowing you have such a long way to go before you can call it a day.Thanks to everyone !

Cindy,Kelsi and I got up to Wausau on Thursday so I could help out at the course and get a good spot for our pit and I did get one of the best spots that we like.I had Tony next to me and a spot saved for Paddy our friend from up north,but a little confusion on where I was and Paddy had a pit already set up in another location. Thanks for coming over to say Hi Paddy,Dallas and Hal ! Let me know how your foot is !

I also got to say hi and meet Chris Eatogh and his main support guy Posh ! on Thursday as he was preriding the course, great guys and very approachable on my way out I meet Mark Hendershot from Michagan and talked to him.On Monday morning Mark and his wife were packing up their van and Cindy and I went over to talk and get a pic of us together,Great guy, Thanks Mark !

Well I guess there was a race ! Soooooooo!

I took off with Tony who was doing his first 12 hr solo and thought I might be able to keep up with him knowing he would have to pace himself,well that lasted about 2 miles in the singletrack and that was the last time I saw him until he was done at 10:00pm.Nice job Tony ! To keep up that pace and not really get the training in you would have liked to,you had a great race !

The one thing I did differant this year is switch bikes at the first part of the race I rode my NRS 2 for 3 laps and then my Composite NRS for awhile then back to the #2 so Cindy could get the lights on the Composite for the night time laps.My upper body never really hurt and that was a first for me.I think I read to switch from Eddy O's blog

The first lap is always fast and the course feels like you can go for ever,the small inclines are nothing to fly up and the rocky sections you roll right over,but this feeling goes away after your 3rd or 4th lap and you need to slow down for the long race ahead.On my 4th lap I wasn't eating enough calories and the cramps started in on my inner thighs when I was climbing at the begining part of the course,all I could do is stand on the pedals and deal with the pain until they went away.It was the 4th lap I think when I put my right foot down to let a rider go by me and when I pushed off to go my calf cramped up do hard and long I almost passed out from the pain,I was hurting...I came in to start my 5 lap and I could not eat,nothing sounded good my mouth was dry and I know I'm going to be in trouble if I don't get some calories in me.

Sometime before dark I was having some peeing problems and was concerned about my overall health,as I was really feeling bad and was looking for any reason to quit,mentally I was breaking down and could easly stop if someone would tell me I need to.Cindy talked to Terry and told him my problems and when I came in for that lap him and Bob Woo were there to check on me.Sometime on that lap I started to get some energy and get hungry so when I hit the pit I was ready for the night time laps and eating some much needed calories.Mentally I was ready to go knowing I was holding 2 place ,but didn't have time to jack around.

My night time laps were slow but I felt good and really focussed on the trail I was still riding all the course with a few spots I put the foot down,but not many.My lights were a disappointment and couldn't even get 2 laps out of them.On my secound lap in the dark both went out and I was glad I had a road bar light to get me back to the pits...It did get cold right before morning and it was starting to take a toll on me and I could feel myself getting drained on every climb and I wasn't recovering as fast...I'm tired !

When I came in and was able to take my light off and I was still 26 minutes ahead of 3rd place and Cindy didn't see him for awhile so my gap my have gotten bigger which was good news so off for another lap and counting down the number of laps I might have to do to hold 2 place.I came in on my 14 lap at around 9:00am and the 3rd place guy had just taken off at 8:30 for his 14 lap,he would have to bust out a 1-1/2 lap to catch me before 10:00am ( his last 4 laps were over 2 hrs long) I could wait and hope he dosn't make it before 10:00am or I could cross the finish line now and clinch 2 nd place and ride a 15th lap...I washed up, put on a fresh Hammer outfit, ate,and kissed Cindy as she cried and told me I was awesome for going out for my 15th lap to fished in 2nd place ! At around 11:20 I came in with 214 miles and my first podium spot in a 24 hr race !

Cindy did a great job in the pit! I didn't have Mids this year as I always have before and he knows he was missed,but Cindy really stepped up and put up with me,Once I was in secound place she said I was to hold this spot and she wasn't going to let me give it up,she wanted it as bad as I did,Thanks Honey you were awesome yourself !...Tony finished up his 1st 12hr race and stayed up and helped Cindy with my lights and made sure I was ok before he tried to get some sleep Thanks Tony !It was great to have Bob Woo the main wrench from Bushwhackers help out all the racers from Peoria.My friend I grew up with Bob Grace came up just watch and cheer us on,It was great to see him on course and encourge me on ! Thanks Bob !...It was great to see some of the guys on course that said hi and keep me going Chris,Brad,Ray,Bret,Dean,and of course Scott he always pumps me up when he comes flying bye.

I think I said this would be my last solo up at 24-9, I wanted to hit the podium and secound place is better than I thought I could ever do,If the Nationals come back next year maybe I'll try for a top ten Finish with the big boys ? ( 14th place this year)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Getting ready for 24-9 !

No more long rides for me,I'm not going to gain anymore endurance before the Nationals in Wausua now it's a trick to keep the legs feeling fresh and snappy.PAMBA has a race this weekend at Jubilee and the weather looks like it's going to be great,I hate to pass on racing but this is the toughest race on the I-74 circuit and It's to close to sitting on a bike for 24 hours for me.

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I pretty much used the weedeater on the whole course at Jubilee over the last three weeks so we won't need a trail work day on Saturday, I'll get some help on marking it Saturday afternoon and we'll be good

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Tony and I at the PAMBA meeting at Little Aides Bike Shop

I finally bought me a good first aide kit for my Bike Patrol backpack so I'll be in full Bike Patrol dress this weekend.

I'm trying to download some pic's,but the new camera was set on the highest resolution and I'm still on dial up ! Sucks !

My pit at 24-9 is going to be busey with Tony and Ryan doing the 12 hr solo race,Hopefully Midz can still make it up and help out.I'm going to get ahold of Jet lights today to rent some batteries and I should be set.

I took the family up to the windy city Saturday and spent the day walking around,I like watching all the people,but love going back home to the quiet of the country.
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Kelsi, me,Stephanie and Chicago
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Cindy entertaines herself pretty easey

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this is fun for awhile
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Steph getting tired and B%$#$y

Mike jr. is on his tour out west with his buddy's from the band and he called from just outside Denver and sent a e-mail pic of the mtn's,they should be heading for Las Vegas then California...Ahh to be a young punk again thinking you have life by the balls !

Day off it's raining,no mowing today,the tour is on,I need to get some kind of a workout in !

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Why I'm not riding today

See ya !

Monday, July 02, 2007

Proctor race

Tony and I had a fun road race,we stayed with the lead group throughout the race and got to sprint to the finish with Tony edgeding me out at the finish line for 8th and 9th place. Pics and more info soon !

The bad news a young lady from Team triple XXX lost her life from a head on collision with a truck pulling a horse trl.More info coming !

Monday, June 25, 2007

Fair weekend of riding

My goal was a couple of centuries Saturday and Sunday ,but work and the weather had other plans.I was able to squeeze out 60 miles Saturday between thunder storms and 90 on Sunday before I needed to be home,so I did what I could and now it's time to get ready for the Proctor Classic the rest of the week.

The weather looks like it's going to be great for Saturday and Sunday both,Tony and I are doing the road race on Saturday and I'll go down town and watch the crit on Sunday.

Godd luck to midz on his first 6 hour trail run race in Indiana this weekend,he has trained hard and should feel pretty good.

See ya !

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yep Still here !

Not much time to update or I don't take the time,I still look at a few blogs to see whats up in the endurance world of racing and get ready for 24-9 in July.

I had a couple 6 hr rides planned for this weekend,but rain on Saturday might screw things up,I should still be able to get a good ride in with Tony on Sunday morning.

I didn't have much time yesterday to get on the bike after a long 14 hr day at work so I did my 20 mile loop on the road bike.When I don't have time to get at least two hrs in I will do a time trial on this loop,my last average speed was 19.5 yesterday was 20.6 with about the same conditions.Legs felt good,I need to keep this up each week until 24-9.

Race at Farmdale went good ! I did what I expected and finished feeling strong with alot more laps in my legs.It was fun to ride with Matt for awhile and get in a good endurance zone.My new Maxxis Ignitors was a great choice and will stay on the bike for awhile.

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Kelsi giveing me some more Hammer Heed

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Tony leading the Experts on the start I'm back there somewhere !

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
After I had my Hammer Recoverite post drink I like the choc. milk for some added calories.( dig the new PAMBA uniform )

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Megan and Kelsi was my crew for todays race !

One and only road race next weekend Proctor Classic !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Race on Sunday

I-74 race #2 at Farmdale in East Peoria,IL is this Sunday,I still don't know if I'm in or out ! I'm feeling the effect of another fall yesterday while Tony and I was riding the course...My camera is broke so I can't show the nice red tattoo I have from the frame of the NRS,perfect outline on the inside of my knee...I'll get some miles in this week and see how things go Saturday ,but I'll be at the race for sure,I need a good hard effort to get in that suffer mode and get my head back in the game.

Ribs seem to be getting better every day,if I can just keep my bike upright it might help in my recovery,but 24-9 is looking alot better.

See Ya !

Monday, May 28, 2007

Time in the saddle

I had some good time on the road bike yesterday without any pain in the ribs,three hours and a 100 k day so I'm happy I can medicate and get the saddle time in.

Rain for today and most of the week means I may be getting wet on some rides which I don't mind as long as there is no lightning.

See ya !

Saturday, May 26, 2007

On the mend

I went to another Doc yesterday to get some advice on what I can and should do to heal up my upper rib and I knew there wasn't much info but time.He did say I won't hurt the healing proccess to much if I keep riding ,but just don't fall on it again.He gave me some meds to take before I start riding and I should be able to deal with the pain,the same thing Doc John told Midds to tell me...I'll see what kind of long rides I can get in on the road bike,which by the way I got my friends Specialize Allez sitting in my garage for a crazy price and this thing is a rocket for a road bike.

Cookout at Jubilee today will be a mudfest ,but we are still going to meet-up and have something to eat,but I think I might ride the new rocket over their to get some time in.

New Mexican place in Farmington rocks ! I can see some food rides going down this summer !

24-9 might still be up in the air ! I'll see how much time I can put in on the trails at one time come July...Wausua trails will beat the crap out of me.

Early Saturday morning I didn't work last night NICE !

See Ya !

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Now what did I do ?

I'm trying to decide if I can still make it up to my first 12 hr race of the year on the 26 th of this month,but a little fall on Friday morning might make my mind up for me. I wish I could say I was tearing up the trail having a great ride when I fell ,but that wasn't the case...I was carrying a 2x8x36inch board with my left hand trying to get it out to a bridge I rebuilt and was one board short,when I went off the trail and tried to stop,but I couldn't get uncliped...opps ! Fell to the right side staight on to my chest,no big deal,I thought I was fine.

I went on to finish the bridge and then get a good 1-1/2hr ride in ! I felt fine until I went to get off the bike then it felt like I was being stabbed on the right side of my upper chest ! Crap this isn't good !

To finish this up, it got worse has the day went on, I still went to work that night then went to First Care in the morning after work.Badly brusied if not cracked upper rib,they didn't do a x-ray because they wouldn't treat it any different so might has well save me some money( good choice doc)

I'll see how things go for the next few weeks on the bike I don't want to screw up training for 24-9 in July,Meanwhile don't laugh,caugh,or sneeze...ouch !

Happy Mothers Day to Cindy and all other moms out there ! Steaks on the grill today will be on the menu !

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Caution ! X-rated- big pussy ahead

Still pissed off on my effort at T3 It was so doable with the great weather, I don't want to talk or think about it anymore !

Ken Stuckart if your reading this congrats on your finish ! send me a e-mail and tell me how it went for you ( I knew I should have stayed with you,I was by myself and talked myself into quiting at Traer.
No way should I have broke mentally, I learned a big lesson !

The Big Puss !
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Monday, April 23, 2007

A successful turkey hunt

What a morning I had yesterday while hunting ! I wish it could have been taped,but there was no way I could have because I had turkeys fly down right onto my lap.

My brother in-law had seen them fly down from their roost Saturday morning so yesterday we set out at 4:45am to ambush them.He brought his jon boat down so we could cross my creek and we snuck up along a grass open hill facing the west and we put our backs up against a couple trees and waited.Rick was about 10 yards below me and it was my turn at first shot this year and the toms were gobbling right at day break.All of a sudden I see a small black bird come flying from across the tree tops right at Rick and me then flips out his big wings and lands 15 yards infront of us A BIG TOM ! then one by one about 12 to 15 turkeys do the same thing WOW ! what a sight this is something you see on tv !

Needless to say we can't move or twitch a muscle or they would be gone,turkeys have great eye sight and will bolt on out at the slightest movement.To make this shorter I watched 4 toms chase off some jakes and strut around until I seen the one I wanted and when he turned the right way I shot ! and he was mine ! Rick was trying to get a shot at one but they went the wrong way and couldn't get a shot off.

9.50 inch beard
1 inch spurs
I would say a 2 year old bird may be three

Can't see me !
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The beard
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Tucker don't know what to think but "thats a big bird"
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Getting ready for this weekend with some small 20 miles rides and short efforts I was hoping to have some bigger miles in before the race but the weather and work took a sharp turn for the worse,but we'll still give it a good hard try and I do plan on making it all the way. I hate quiting on anything I do !

See YA !

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Those pics

I said I would post are ready so here is some runners at that ultra run Midz and I was at.
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Midz before he goes out later and runs twenty miles with a Navy Seal
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Tony and I catching some singletrack at Indy
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Tony doing the cramp pain dance after 3-1/2 hours of riding! He has been way to busy at home and work and let himself get dehydrated it was worse later in the day for him.
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I did get a small ride in at Jubilee after I went turkey hunting this morning and Midz and I got one ten foot bridge built,I'll work on the eight foot one this week after work...No I didn't get a turkey I didn't get in the woods until 9:00am after work but Dad and Rick seen 5 Toms with a bunch of hens and thats not good. I'll be out at 4:45 in the morning and try again.

See ya !