Friday, February 26, 2010

New Rig made it home

The Gary Fisher Rig is a single speed bike that I have wanted for some time but I also need a bike for the TIV6 race.I didn't want to buy two bikes or tell Cindy I want two more bikes,but I knew I could get the Rig and make it my special TIV6 bike then cross it back over to a single speed. I had Bob Woo from Bushwhackers go to work on it for me,I knew he could make any adjustments to make it work.

I made it into a 2x9 with drop bars so I would be more comfortable on the gravel roads,this should help keep me low and faster which is my main goal for the TIV6 race.I'll get a few rides in with these huge tires then switch out to some cross tires,maybe sooner than later.

I got in a good 60 miles in last Sunday in some pretty shitty weather that made it a good suffer fest 4-3/4 hrs by the time I made it home.

I hope for some good back to back mileage days soon and I'm setting a goal of riding every day in March or aleast a run on days I can't ride.

Thanks to Buchwhackers on helping me get the Rig !

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Try to some miles

I hit the Rock Island Trail Sunday for some much needed saddle time,I knew the snow would slow me down a little but I didn't count on it taking a toll on my legs.I had planned a 2 hour ride to the 20 mile mark and then 2 hours back but I didn't stop when I should have to refuel and I payed for it at with about 9 miles to go...The snow was just a couple inches deep but was like going through sand and the legs were getting a hell of a workout.When I got to Dunlap with 5 to go I hit the quick mart for a cherry pie and coffee a good 500 calories to get me back to the truck

The snow between the 14 and 16 mile mark had driffs to big to ride through so I did some hike a bike,I think the worse was where hikers had walked,their foot prints left a hole and made the trail almost unrideable at times...It need more hikers to pack the trail down.With 6 to 8 more inches of snow this morning that was the last RIT ride for a while.
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Image and video hosting by TinyPicIce fishing on Saturday fun time !
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beaver dam flooding my properyI'll
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I'll be looking for this guy in April

Back on the spinner for the day !

See ya !