Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Trail ride today

I wanted to get a 2-1/2 to 3 hr ride in the woods today but I had a late start and the trail started to get sloppy,so a hour in the woods and 30 min. on the road.The road part was some hill intervals at the bottom of Marquette Heights road I jumped on the single speed( I brought two bikes)
I did 4 rides up and back just to finish off the legs today,the woods at Indy were in good shape until the sun hit the trails and it doesn't take much even in 30 degree temps to start getting sloppy.
PhotobucketI broke out the Race bike today NRS composite
PhotobucketI had some lurkers keeping a eye on me !

Training is on sked for now I started my 7th week on the Simple Plan Workout the legs felt pretty good today,I hope to get a Run Bike Run in tomorrow, first race is less than four weeks away http://www.midwestfattireseries.com/raceinfo/75-lost-valley2009
Middz and I hit the Dungeon last night, a good workout but we need to get outside !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Work Reunion ?

My dad put together a reunion of some of the guys we worked with at Chris Hoerr & Sons,guys we havn't seen in about 13 to 15 years.Not a bad turnout and I think some guys that didn't show are going to wish they had.
Photobucket Brain,me,Jeff and Roy all worked together in the warehouse.
It was nice to see those guys and the drivers Chad Zike and Jeff Wing whom I havn't talked to in a long time.We all hope to get something together this summer if I can find time with the races I have planned.

Tukey time is coming before long with this weather changing
PhotobucketI hope to get back to 24-9 mile in Wausua,WI but some high race fee's might cancel it for the first time in 5 years.

Midz will be over tomorrow for some Dungeon work I need to repay back for not hitting it today!(a little to much adult beverages)

See ya !

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Weather is about to change !

Good weather is about to come our way here in Central Illinois and I sure hope I can get some outside miles in this weekend.The brutal cold has left me inside to train again this week so spinning and treadmill work is the norm.

I'm still on schedule with the simple fit workout( getting tougher)I am still doing dips instead of pushups,and I did core workout yesterday right on schedule.

I ran 15 min. spin at LT for 30 min. ran 15 min. this morning right after I did the sinple fit.

Race schedule is getting full it's getting down to what are priority races and what are not,I still don't know if I'm doing a 24 hr. solo or not this year so I really don't have a priority A race. I am looking at the Ultra-Midwest 12 or 24 hr. road race in Northern Il.

Iv'e been off work since Saturday afternoon and go back tonight for my 3 days of probably 40 hours then I'm spent for the rest of the day Saturday.

Did I say " GO Steelers" I thought so !

See ya !