Sunday, May 28, 2006

First 12 hr done !

I headed up to 12 hrs of Gears for my first 12hr race of the year and things turned out pretty good,but I was hoping for a atleast a 3rd place spot.The course was fast and only 4-1/2 miles long so you could do a few laps before you needed anything from your pit.I would compare the course with the main loop of Jubilee,wide open trails with plenty of room to pass the only singletrack was short and up hill before it it dumped you out to some pine trees.

I started out the first lap getting to know the course and seeing what lines to take and getting warmed up.I knew right off this was going to be fast with alot of laps when I seen the killer downhills getting up to 27 mph ( three of them) and the climbs weren't hard at all,( wide open and nothing bigger than Jubilee).Ther was nothing technical at all ! I was in my big ring for over half of the course and some of you know I'm not a big ring guy.

I didn't stop for my first pit until I had 40 miles in, but was taking handoffs from Cindy and I was feeling good and strong,after that first pit I would pit every 2 laps.Most of my pit time was 15 seconds the most was a couple of 30 second stops.

Most laps were in the 22 to 28 min. range,after I was in the 12 to 20 laps I need to stay in my comfort zone and pace myself more,the legs were getting heavy and the mental part was kicking in ( Why was I doing this ? It hurts ! I don't feel good !)
Once you get pass that crap you start looking for for some faster laps.

My inner thigh did cramp into the the 5th hr going up one of the hills ,but I worked it out and it only lasted for around a min.and that was the only time I had a problem I took it as sign to slow it down alittle on the climbs.

Going into the 10 the hr. I started to feel strong again and picked up my pace knowing others might be getting tired,my last three laps I push real hard and had some good times hoping to catch or not get passed by anyone.I was pushing to get two more laps in at 7:11pm and came in at 7:37pm but left everthing I had in me on that lap and didn't go back out for a 27th lap.I see now it wouldn't had moved me up in the standing so I'm ok with it.

Cindy was great and always ready for the handoffs and keep track of all my food and drinks ! Thanks Honey !

I lived on Hammer Heed and Substained Energy, Apple Gel,Cold apple sauce,and for my last 4 laps Red Bull.My new NRS was great I have a few adjustments I need to make but I loved it,My new Sun Rims were great and Intense Tires were perfect and Six Six One gloves and helmet did their job.

Yes my but is sore ! Recovery ride tomorrw !

Thursday, May 18, 2006

NRS has a new home

Jeff's NRS has made it's way to Trivoli for a new home and a owner who won't be has skilled on the trails and not ridden as hard I'm sure, but I can't wait to get it in the woods.

I'll get it put together Friday night and ride Jubilee Saturday before I go to Danville Sunday for PAMBA# 2.

I feel ok,but I don't know if my training is on target or not.For the last few years all my traing was just get out and ride the trails as hard as you can or get as many laps as the race your about to do.That's how I gauged my fitness and I don't have any idea what my fitness is like right now,am I ready ? we'll see this weekend! hopefully on my new NRS.

See ya !

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Training on Target

This week has been pretty good!I feel better when I get my rides in and the lifting goes as planned.I hit the trails Sunday for some hill intervals,and this week it was back on the road bike for some flat intvals and a good long spin day yesterday 3-1/4 hrs. after work.

Next Sunday will be my first XC race down in Danville,Il PAMBA #2,a long 30 miles course.

I'll start loading up on Hammer Products Monday and thru-out the week.

Hopefully Wife will talk to me by then ! Huh Midz !

See Ya !

Friday, May 05, 2006

Yeah I'm here !

I'm still riding but everything has hit me at once ! Grass mowing is getting to be a pain in the ass already ! 13hr work days still suck ! Training is kicking up with more intervals and longer endurance rides,I wanted to race this weekend but it's not going to happen. There was a race in Iowa and Indiana but I'll wait till the Kickapoo race, then the next week I'll get my first 12 hr race.

I always get online and check a few things but I don't take the time to post on here! Reading about others is more interesting....To bad about the Trans-Iowa race ! I would have been better if it was cold ! I hope next year I'll get Matt to join me to suffer across Iowa !

Midz ! love ya like a brother dude !

See ya !