Thursday, February 24, 2005

Back to work

No ride today I need to recover from my first 50 mile road ride from yesterday.I didn't take in enough fuel,the last ten miles were hard.I did alot of running Mon. and sunday, it seems if I can't get outside I'd rather run on the tredmill than hit the spinner. Tuesday I did some hill repeats on my property about a hours worth,it was a good leg workout.I should get some hard workouts in this weekend.Midds is needing some motivation to keep going.I think he needs a goal ,its the only way I can stay on course. If he gets his road bike I'll whip him in shape!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Got thru another week

I hate my last three days of work, I have no time but to work and sleep . Friday I snuck in a 1 hr leg speed workout on the spinner then straight to bed.Mike S wanted to do a road ride Saturday so that was cool I need someone to help get on the bike after a 14 hr night at work. The ride was nice around 30 miles ,Mike S was really sore we should have taken it a little easeir. It rained Sunday and I had another ride group going but I setteld for the spinner. Hit the road again today 30 miles before I had a flat 2 miles from home. I needed a break the last 6 miles was with a 20 mile head win, my heartrate was at 90% to 95% max. Felt good to burn the legs ! I'm going to get a 5 or6 mile run in Wedsday maybe a ride.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Training update

I had a ok week, weather was great last weekend , Saturday sucked as usual work was to long then I needed to help out on trailday. would have been a geat day to get a road ride in but I was dead tired and did nothing the rest of the day.

Sunday morning I got in a 3o mile road ride, It felt good but I have to start getting some 4 to 6 hr rides in at least 1oo miles. I lifted some weights Monday night and started a new routine
Instead of my usual bodybuilding routine, witch I know i'm not supose to do but like Midds
says thats what I know so thats what I do. I'll start doing 8 sets per body part but only 2 different exercises and do chest,back and shoulders on day 1 legs and arms day 2.

2 weeks ago on Sunday Cindy and I was down stairs me on the tredmill and Cindy on her
recumbent bike. When I decided to run 4 miles then do some 15 rep squats with only about
155 lbs. When I went down for the 3rd set my hams were screaming I finished the set but couldn't do a 4th. I hurt for 3 days , I WON'T DO that again !

I ran for a hour on the trmill the other day I put my headphones on with velvet revolver
next thing I know I went 6 1/2 miles and I ran 5 1/4 of it and felt good.
I did some leg speed this morning for a hour then ran 2 miles downstairs.
My crapy work week starts thursday I hope I can get some kind of trianing in on the
next three days.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Mud and cold ride

Hit the Rock Island Trail today,what a bad idea that was ! I thought I would be ok with the
temps in the low 30s but it sucked bad. I had to ride the road and I didn't know where I was going but I still got in a 2 1/4 hr ride in. Yesterday I did 1 hr on the spinner , leg speed work.
I had another bad weekend at work I didn't workout on the bike Fri.,Sat., or Sunday, I can't keep doing that I'll get better when the weather gets good.

I'm looking for some lights and parts to build up my Zed frame , I don't know what rimset I want to go with. Sram will dominate drive train and I might go with FSA for cranks,seatpost
and handlebar.

I have been reading some other race blogs and checking to see how much other people are
riding, It blows me away how much time some guys can train.

KJ and Steph are talking about playing softball and soccer this summer, my training and raceing
might come to a hault. I'll have to check scheduals to see if I can still get in the training and go
out of town for some of the races.

I'll run or hit the road bike Weds. I think it's going to be around 40