Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I seen the President Yesterday

I got my workout in early yesterday morning and was listening to the local radio and they were talking about President Bush in Peoria and the places he was visiting.Since I live close to the airport I might as well go see if I can spot him going back to the airport,Well I got a great place to park the truck right by the National Guard base and sure enough here he came by about an hour later ! I missed the pic I was trying to take but The lady next to me said she would email her pics...I don't care what party your from when the most Powerfull man in the word comes to your town It's pretty cool !!!

Midz was here earlier and we workout for about an hour , he ran on the tredmill, I spinned I'll run tomorrow and do some yoga !

Tony and I are working on some new PAMBA jerseys ! They should look pretty cool ! Black with some red and gray.

This is last years pic of the dungeon

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Sunday, January 28, 2007


Yep ! all I can get in with this cold weather is a couple of hrs of spinning ! Friday I made it over to Jubilee for a run and Saturday I met the Ranger and some equestrions to help mark a reroute.They didn't go with what Staub and I had marked last years that was a nice trail and used up the area that we had to work with instead they wanted to go straight to point A and B...I thought they learned to make the trail more substainable for all trail users but They just want to ride the trail in and not do the work of getting that soft top soil (organic) off and get the trail down to the good hard soil.I'm not going to worry about it but I'll see what it looks like this summer.

Cold all week! Trail will be frozen ! Good for riding !

Running at Jubilee

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My first born Mike Jr. turned 21 yrds

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hitting the spinner

plus getting some running in to keep from getting to bored downstaires in the dungeon,I wish the weather would just stay in the 20s and keep the ground frozen and maybe I could get out on the trails for some much needed outside biking.

I did a killer interval ride on the spinner this morning after work and finished up with some yoga and a good healthy meal.

A couple things I like about my Johnny G spinner
1-The feel of a real bike
2-sturdy ! It's not going anywhere !
3-adjustability is easy
4-pads are the only thing you can wear out

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The one and only sponsor I tried for this year was Maxxis Tires and I was notified yesterday that I did get the sposorship ! So good for me ! I like the big selection of tires I can get from these guys so I'm really glad they took me aboard.

I need to get the logo from the Midwest Moutainbike Festival so I can post it on here,this is a big event for PAMBA to put on and we need to get the word out to everyone.I hope some of the Iowa endurance freaks can make it over for the weekend.

I had to get some pics off the camera so here is a few from my last race of 2006
The Panther Creek Challenge 100

setting up and getting ready to go !

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Nine hours plus later I was cooked !

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Collecting some swag for my 2nd place finish

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I couldn't have done it without my sweetheart Cindy ! She was there all year long !

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Weather sucks

Yep It's winter here in Peoria, cold ,icy with some snow coming Sunday...I hit the spinner last weekend for two hours Saturday and three hours Sunday,the rest of the week I ran on trendmill and worked my core I was on the spinner Wendesday for an hour.

This morning I ran and walked on the t/m for two hrs watching a movie,Lord of the Rings 2 I think ! I keeps me on the t/m and not bored ANYTHING to keep me moving is a good thing.

I'll get on the spinner for some good base miles again the weekend maybe six hrs total and 'I'll keep bumping it up !

PAMBA stuff going on this weekend I hope to make it if I still can ! Saturdays have been sucking real bad for me I'm not getting much done but spinning and catching up on some much needed sleep ! Then I feel like crap the rest of the day or whats left of the night,I need to get on my bike outside I hope the weather breaks soon !

See Ya !

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Time to kick up

The suffering and keep a steady training sked.I spent 3 hrs on the spinner Sunday and a hour with Midz Monday night to break in the Dungeon.I'll keep with my new program of yoga and body wieght workouts thru the week with some intervals and recover time on the spinner,then hit the longer base miles on the weekend.

Last Friday I went to a local gym that advertized using a heart rate monitor with your workouts and they have a new way of testing your V02 and anaerobic threshold.I always wanted to get checked by someone who new what they were doing and see how close I was with my own limits I had set.

I had to wear a mask and h/r monitor and get on a spinner for only 13 min and they had all the info they V02 max was 46.8 and my aerobic base (AB) was at 122 and anaerobic threshold (AT)was at 159...The AT is a little high than what I trained at Last year so thats good that my Threshold is going up and the rate that I build endurance is higher than last year to.I'll put my zone 2 and 3 about 8 to 10 beats higher and that will help me push alittle more = better endurance pace I can hold.

Getting faster at endurance pace has been up my ass for two years and I was a little faster last year with the help of coach (Karl Etzel )so I need to keep trying to train smart and not get burned out.It's always a kick in the junk when you get in your pace at a big race and the other guys seem to be flying by like they stole something...XC pace is to fast to keep up at a 12 or 24 hr but if you want on the podium you have to get fast !!!! 4th and 5th place at 24-9 is close and their is always 2007.

I need to get over to Iowa and get some miles in on the gravel because I don't know what these guys are riding over there.I have Jeffs NRS and I know he rode it on the first Tr-Iowa so thats what I was expecting to use this year.Some look to be on crossbikes fully ridgid and my body can't take that many hours on a hardtail.I'll hookup with Matt and get it figuired out soon.

It's 2:30 in the afternoon and I need to get to bed I was off at 9:00am this morning my normal 12 hr night with ony 3 hrs of sleep since I woke up Tuesday morning and couldn't fall back to sleep before work last night...I'll try and catch a couple extra hrs.

Best time of the year FOOTBALL PLAYOFFS !!!!! Saturday and Sunday !!!!!

See Ya !