Monday, June 23, 2008

A lot of road miles

Finished the finale coat of black on the Zed...Cindy and I enjoying a Fat Tire
K2 Zed frame getting a primer coat of paint I'm making it into a single speed.

Days are getting numbered for how many long hours of training I can get in,Bob has been getting some good rides in and sticking with me pretty good.I have I74 race #3 in a few weeks then Wems up in Franklin,Wi 6 hour two weeks before 24-9.Peoria is bring up a good number of riders again I bet there will be around 20 racers all together in differant teams.The Proctor riders are really digging the 4 man team event and a couple of ladies are doing 12 or maybe 24 hr duall.

Crit in downtown Peoria next Sunday Cindy and I will course marshall for a couple of hours.

Fat Tire beer at Caseys Stores...nice yeah ?

see ya !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not feeling it today

Went out this morning planning on another long ride but legs felt heavy and wouldn't respond,and of course the wind picked up.My planned route was going to be a bitch again and I knew I could use some hill work so I took off in the other direction and did some intervals and hills and cut my ride to a 3 hour kill the legs ride.

I'll hit the trails tomorrow for a quick hour and get some long miles in this weekend.24-9 isn't far away and I need some back to back 6 hr plus rides to keep my endurance up,plus I have a XC race and a 6 hr race in July.

See Ya !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Century done

It took 6:12 minutes 100.50 miles with the last 20 miles with the wind in my face at 20+mph yeah kiss my ass.I was 1 mile from the house and I had 5 hours and 80 miles in,go home or grind out the last 20,I was at LT max at 11 mph at times but I really wanted 6 hours in the saddle so I took a right turn and then a left back to the wind in my face...I really need to plan a route south of Trivoli I new what I was for and new it was going to hurt.

Hope to keep the saddle time up for the rest of the year if I'm going to do any good at my next races.

2 bottles of Heed
2 bottles of Substained Energy
2 bottles of Gatorade
1 bottle of Red Bull
1-1/2 bottles of gel
1/2 turkey sub
felt good and strong

See Ya !