Friday, March 30, 2007

Weather sucks

If you live in the mid-west you know what I'm talking about !
I don't train outside in thunder and lightning storms !
Maybe Trip up to Quad cities Sunday !
Enough said !

See ya !

Monday, March 26, 2007

Sunday & Monday

Sunday was The NRS's Maiden Voyage to see how I want to set it up for T-3 and get a good feel for the bike with a full camelback.

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Plan was to get 6 hrs + and stay in my aerobic base zone for as long as I could, but with the winds kicking up to 30 mph gust I knew I couldn't stay there for long.I did stay pretty close for the first 60 miles then I had no choice but to go south towards Trivoli and straight into the wind.

Did I go to far south ? Those cows have horns ! Like Texas steer !
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I had around 35 miles to get home and it would take me almost 3 hours to get there,I didn't want to go anaerobic so I was going slow and steady.I had a purpose here and I wanted to see how my legs would feel on some climbs when I got close to home.

Some more fans waving me on !
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I can only wish the little gravel I was on would be like this at T-3 ! Hard packed !
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I was finally getting close to home and I hit the climbs with some rollers and the legs felt good and strong,this is going to be the key and part of my plan for T-3 I don't care what others do or how fast they go ! I need to stay out of my anaerobic zone for as long as I can.

Hammer gel and Perpetuem was my main fuel for todays ride !

B-day din-din was great ! Time for some peach cobbler ! Thanks Honey !
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Today was a 1-1/4 hr recovery ride just to spin the legs out ! Off tomorrow !

See Ya !

Friday, March 23, 2007

Rain,Rain go away

One look outside from the front porch this morning and my plans for a long ride is not going to happen Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

It looks like a all day event with flood warning going on !

My ride yesterday after work was going to be a couple of hours,but the threat of rain coming at me from the west turned into a 1-1/2 of intervals so it was affective.
After I decided to kick into intervals I did 10x20sec sprints 60 in between
sets...legs a were on fire and lungs sucking air !!

Bike Patrol class tomorrow at Farmdale,after we finish and send in paper work we should be qualified !

Long ride sked.for Sunday and my B-day dinner, Cindy cooks what ever we want on the Sunday following our b-day and I will need to burn up some calories before I chow down.
On the menu !
Fried smelt
coleslaw (grandma's recipe)
peach cobbler (grandma's recipe)
Cindy has perfected some of Grandma's best dishes I grew up with !

See ya !

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Wind ride

There is no way around not riding in the wind this time of the year so I have learned to embrace the wind and use on my interval rides.I took off this morning wearing my new jacket Cindy bought me for my b-day today,Thanks babe they can see me now !

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Thw wind was coming straight out of the east so I did my regular loop then headed east to Hannacity.

No more snow around here !
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I did 20 min.warmup then 20 L/t 20 min.recovery L/T 20 min.recovery then I hit some rollers on the way home,short ride but effective.

Is that a Casey's ? no need to stop today !
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Above Threshold (L/T)
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I live on the Hammer gels "apple-cinnamon please"
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Sucking in the oxygen
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Home last week having that Ice cream and cake for Steph 18 y/o
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Cindy trying to get a piece !
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PAMBA meeting last night had the biggest show of people more than 30 was their getting involved before the Mid-west festival hits Peoria,Il.If you havn't checked to see all the venders that are pouring in you may want to see wants going on here.I didn't get a pic until after the meeting."duh ta duh"
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Rain in the forcast if the temps stay up I'll still ride !
39 more days untill T/3

See ya !

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Time in the saddle

The main goal today was just getting some time on the bike no big gears or even going anaerobic,keep the h/r down and spend at least 5 hrs in the saddle.

I didn't get my ride in yesterday like I had planed so I'll get a couple in tomorrow after work I hope,we have a PAMBA metting tomorrow night so it might only be a quick recovery ride.Wednesday is a planed day on the bike to,I wonder what Rock Island Trail is looking like ?

I need to eat some Ice cream and cake for Stephanie's b-day GLAD I WENT ON MY RIDE !
I turn 46 on Tuesday I'm lucky I still have my health !

Trans-Iowa III 41 days away !!

Monday, March 12, 2007

Long weekend of road miles

I finished off the weekend with a recovery ride tonight with Midds nice and slow keeping my heart rate low.Saturdays ride turned out to be a suffer fest into the wind and keeping the H/R at (AT) for 4+ hours...Sundays was at a pace I need to keep at the T-3 race,the biggest mistake I can make is to go out hard at the start of T-3 and go anaerobic ! That really goes for any time during the race I'm anaerobic I'll be cutting off time I'll be able to ride which means I won't be fininshing the race !

I'll take a couple days off to recover from the 170 miles I put in over last few days and start over by the end of the week.

I'm heading over to Jubilee tomorrow or Wednesday to walk and clean up the trails plus look for some sheds ! almost Morel time too !

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Middz coming into Trivoli

See ya !

Friday, March 09, 2007

Long miles on the road

This weekend I should get some good road miles in,the plan starts with some intervals this morning.I plan on only a 1-1/4 ride to get the legs hurting then tomorrow morning after work I plan on a 60+ mile ride and the same thing for Sunday.

I'll keep kicking up the miles each weekend and by the end of March I want to be riding back to back 100 + miles.If the weather co-operates my weeks should look like this.

Monday- recovery ride
Tuesday- yoga-weightlifting
Wednesday-Hill Intervals
Friday- Intervals
Saturday-long road miles
Sunday-long road miles

Boy ! is all that wishfull thinking !

See ya !

Friday, March 02, 2007

Rest day

I ran and lifted yesterday after work so today I did some Yoga this morning and R&R for the rest of the afternoon...I need to lay down for a couple of hrs before I go in tonight at 7:00pm.I hope the wind dies down it might be a long night keeping the the big truck between the ditches!

Spin tomorrow and maybe outside Sunday morning !

The new PAMBA jersey order should go in the week !I helped Tony,Stauby with the design they did all the leg work,I think their pretty cool !

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T-3 is 57 days out !

See ya !