Monday, April 23, 2007

A successful turkey hunt

What a morning I had yesterday while hunting ! I wish it could have been taped,but there was no way I could have because I had turkeys fly down right onto my lap.

My brother in-law had seen them fly down from their roost Saturday morning so yesterday we set out at 4:45am to ambush them.He brought his jon boat down so we could cross my creek and we snuck up along a grass open hill facing the west and we put our backs up against a couple trees and waited.Rick was about 10 yards below me and it was my turn at first shot this year and the toms were gobbling right at day break.All of a sudden I see a small black bird come flying from across the tree tops right at Rick and me then flips out his big wings and lands 15 yards infront of us A BIG TOM ! then one by one about 12 to 15 turkeys do the same thing WOW ! what a sight this is something you see on tv !

Needless to say we can't move or twitch a muscle or they would be gone,turkeys have great eye sight and will bolt on out at the slightest movement.To make this shorter I watched 4 toms chase off some jakes and strut around until I seen the one I wanted and when he turned the right way I shot ! and he was mine ! Rick was trying to get a shot at one but they went the wrong way and couldn't get a shot off.

9.50 inch beard
1 inch spurs
I would say a 2 year old bird may be three

Can't see me !
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The beard
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Tucker don't know what to think but "thats a big bird"
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Getting ready for this weekend with some small 20 miles rides and short efforts I was hoping to have some bigger miles in before the race but the weather and work took a sharp turn for the worse,but we'll still give it a good hard try and I do plan on making it all the way. I hate quiting on anything I do !

See YA !

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Those pics

I said I would post are ready so here is some runners at that ultra run Midz and I was at.
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Midz before he goes out later and runs twenty miles with a Navy Seal
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Tony and I catching some singletrack at Indy
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Tony doing the cramp pain dance after 3-1/2 hours of riding! He has been way to busy at home and work and let himself get dehydrated it was worse later in the day for him.
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I did get a small ride in at Jubilee after I went turkey hunting this morning and Midz and I got one ten foot bridge built,I'll work on the eight foot one this week after work...No I didn't get a turkey I didn't get in the woods until 9:00am after work but Dad and Rick seen 5 Toms with a bunch of hens and thats not good. I'll be out at 4:45 in the morning and try again.

See ya !

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

OK I'm still here !

I wish I could say I've been gettin in so much riding that I havn't had time to post,but thats not the case just LAZY ! My last big weekend of long miles didn't happen and it really got in my head and just plain pissed me off ! The weather took a dump and I had a couple of bad weeks of minamal bike rides ,but I'll just call it a long taper period Yeah thats right a long taper period !

The good news is the trails have dried out and I have been getting some rides in to keep the legs fresh.

Bad news on my T-3 partner Matt, he took a spill up at the Sylvan Island race and banged up his knee so no T-3.I was looking forward to riding with him at a normal pace, all we ever do is compete against each other when were fying down some trail.
I hope it's not to bad if a injury and he can still race this year.

I'm trying to download some pic's and it's not working so I might post them later.

I did get to see Dallas last weekend at his run in Pekin ! Way crazy to run a 100 miles he was wiped when he came in and said he had enough, Nice job Dallas you are the man ! Midz got to run 20 miles pacing for a navy seal in the middle of the night and was totally pump about running and talking to this guy and a personal best for Midz to ! Great run dude !

My bike is ready for T-3 I just put on my Maxxis Larsons TT and they should rock pretty good,I need to stop by the shop and get some more gear that will help get me through this race or attempt this race...Full rain gear suit ? Maybe I should !

Oh yeah ! I did try and get a trail ride in at Jubilee but twenty min. in my egg beater pedal blew apart on me AHH PISS ! I had my running shoes so I ran for a hour and came home early.

I'll post some pic's later It's getting to be bed time it's 3:45 pm

See Ya !

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Monday night ride

Midz and I enjoyed a nice ride yesterday after work the weather was great mid 70s and sunny.The way things look it might be the last warm day for awhile with a cold front moving in.I'm still planning on a 8 hr or more ride on Saturday morning,temps are only predicted in the mid 40s.

It's getting a little close to T-3 to be getting to crazy with the miles so I need to get my tapper down plans in order after this weekend.Most guys don't relize how much thats important on getting your legs feeling fresh and rested for a race ,my bad race at Farmdale last year is all I need to say.

The fuel that will get me through the season and I have not stop using since I first dicovered it two years ago.
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Midz and I taking off infront of the house and yes I cut the grass yesterday April 1st "crazy"
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Just to cool in my Tifosi's
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PAMBA prez. showed up in his PAMBA jersey and Hammer socks same as me ! WEIRD !
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As we were riding Midz said he missed our old 50 mile loop that he rode with Cindy and I on Sundays, me to and I hope we can Cindy back on the tandem soon and back to those Sunday rides !

See ya !