Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Keeping at it !

I hit the road today only 30 miles,all I had time for. Hit the trails monday at Indy.
I don't know the trails that good but I got a good loop in about 1 1/2 hr ride. I'll run in the morning I have to take KJ to the dentist at 10:00am. I'll lift when I get home.
I have to start getting some long rides in, Feb. 1st is my goal to start. The weather needs to stay cold so I can ride the trails, I don't like the road this time of year. The bad thing is spring really sucks here it stays wet so long you think you'll never get in the woods. I really hope I don't
get burned out this the most training I've done in the off season,I set my sights on the 12 hr races and I have to start training smart or I'm going to suck bad. I'm always looking ahead
but you never know what lies around the corner ! I'll keep reading Jeffs and Konas team blogs
they keep me motivated.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

Long week

No workout today another long day at work, but I got in a couple good days on Monday and Tuesday. I ran on the tredmile for a 1 hr. Monday Well ! I ran 4 miles and finished up walking.

Tuesday I watched Spiderman 2 and rode the spinner for 2 hrs. in zone 1 , recovering from the 4 mile run. I'll get back on Friday after work .

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Sunday Football !

I didn't get up early enough to lift this morning, so I took Steph. out driving to Peoria.
I survived and made it back in time for the playoffs to start. I had a bagel in town for some energy I'd need for my spin when I get home. I got a good ride in 2 hrs

1/2 hr in zone 1
3 sets of intervals 30,20,10 sec.
rest of the time in zone 2

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Long day (again)

Well another long day today, I've been up for 25 hrs on Saturday again. No workout today Kelsi had a basketball game instead. I have'nt been on my spinner since thursday when I did a quick 45 min. ride and 2 mile run. Fridays are too short I need to get to bed to early. I'll get up early and get a good spin in and some weights.Steph wants me to take driving afterwards as long as I'm back for the football games. Steelers won I'm happy !!! I worked at getting a schedual together for my races. 5 pamba races ,at least 3 werms 12 hr and 24-9 is still my goal for my first 24 hr solo.I might be able to get 12 or more races in depends on getting days off at work.
weather sucks to dam cold !

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Getting back on !

I had a good workout this morning after a 4 day layoff , work really screwed me up this week.
I have been doing some interval work .
On my spinner I've been doing a 1 1/2 hr ride
15 min. zone 1
15 min.zone 2
3 sets of intervals
30 sec. 1 min. rest
20 sec. 1min rest
10 sec. 5 min. rest then next set.
finish the ride in zone 2.
Late this afternoon I lifted weights /chest.

Went to the PAMBA meeting tonight , looks like alot of trail work
needs to be done this sping,I really don't know how much I can help this year.
I moved up to expert at the end of last year and want to start endurance racing this year.
From what I have been reading I need to kick up my training to 13 to15 hrs a week, it
might all be wishfull thinking.

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Monday, January 10, 2005

Starting my blog !

This is my first shot at keeping myself focused on training for the 2005 race season.
Hopefully I can keep up on this site and post as much as possible...... My family
comes first, job second and training last.My race schedual hasn't been decided yet
but will come soon.

I need to do some more setup for this blog I'll get back tomorrow !!