Monday, June 25, 2007

Fair weekend of riding

My goal was a couple of centuries Saturday and Sunday ,but work and the weather had other plans.I was able to squeeze out 60 miles Saturday between thunder storms and 90 on Sunday before I needed to be home,so I did what I could and now it's time to get ready for the Proctor Classic the rest of the week.

The weather looks like it's going to be great for Saturday and Sunday both,Tony and I are doing the road race on Saturday and I'll go down town and watch the crit on Sunday.

Godd luck to midz on his first 6 hour trail run race in Indiana this weekend,he has trained hard and should feel pretty good.

See ya !

Friday, June 22, 2007

Yep Still here !

Not much time to update or I don't take the time,I still look at a few blogs to see whats up in the endurance world of racing and get ready for 24-9 in July.

I had a couple 6 hr rides planned for this weekend,but rain on Saturday might screw things up,I should still be able to get a good ride in with Tony on Sunday morning.

I didn't have much time yesterday to get on the bike after a long 14 hr day at work so I did my 20 mile loop on the road bike.When I don't have time to get at least two hrs in I will do a time trial on this loop,my last average speed was 19.5 yesterday was 20.6 with about the same conditions.Legs felt good,I need to keep this up each week until 24-9.

Race at Farmdale went good ! I did what I expected and finished feeling strong with alot more laps in my legs.It was fun to ride with Matt for awhile and get in a good endurance zone.My new Maxxis Ignitors was a great choice and will stay on the bike for awhile.

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Kelsi giveing me some more Hammer Heed

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Tony leading the Experts on the start I'm back there somewhere !

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After I had my Hammer Recoverite post drink I like the choc. milk for some added calories.( dig the new PAMBA uniform )

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Megan and Kelsi was my crew for todays race !

One and only road race next weekend Proctor Classic !

Monday, June 04, 2007

Race on Sunday

I-74 race #2 at Farmdale in East Peoria,IL is this Sunday,I still don't know if I'm in or out ! I'm feeling the effect of another fall yesterday while Tony and I was riding the course...My camera is broke so I can't show the nice red tattoo I have from the frame of the NRS,perfect outline on the inside of my knee...I'll get some miles in this week and see how things go Saturday ,but I'll be at the race for sure,I need a good hard effort to get in that suffer mode and get my head back in the game.

Ribs seem to be getting better every day,if I can just keep my bike upright it might help in my recovery,but 24-9 is looking alot better.

See Ya !