Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The big fall Festival for PAMBA is this weekend and should be a blast ! Sharms March is coming with RED BULL , all the downhill guys are pumped !

The XC race will be short laps , 21 miles all together, and will be fun. If I get thru this wekkend ok I have one more race for the season, a 22.5 ride and a4mile run at Panther Creek in Spingfield. I placed 8th last year but the field will be alot bigger this year. Bob and Tony will make this race even better, Tony will be hard to keep up with on the ride and I should get a lead on Bob but he will be hard to hold back on the run , he can keep a fast pace running.

Training hasn't been good this week but the season is almost done , I even got down stairse and started to hit the weights.

See ya !!!

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

That Race Sucked !

Or I should say, I sucked ! I thought I was going to have a good race but the legs said not today ! The first lap was fast but I couldn't keep the pace up like a expert should. I was passed by sport racers before I was done with my first lap, me and two other experts were keeping together when I see Matt catching us ! I yelled at him " is that you matt " and sure enough it was him.

Well If that didn't piss me off I couldn't keep up with Jason who hasn't raced in two years and comes out and beats me ! It seams I can't get out of the steady endurance pace and I can't keep up the XC pace.

Oh ya ! I still come home with a first place plaque for 40 + Sweet !!!

I ran 2 miles yesterday walked when I mowed 3 yards for 3 1/2 hrs then road the tandem with Cindy for 12 miles, It was nice getting on the bike with her, I miss getting in those long rides and being able to talk and spend some quality time together. No baloney this weekend ! 50 miles of eating ! maybe 75 ?

see ya !

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Race Sunday

I just got back from a quick road ride, just enough to keep the legs fresh for Sundays PAMBA race in Bloomington.
Work was long as usual 520 miles of dark highways and fog , nothing exciting happen.

The race should be good, the course at COMLARA is mostly singltrack with only a couple of climbs. There won't be but a handfull of Expert racers so I don't look at finishing great , I just try and not be last. My legs seem to be getting there snap back in them after training so much for the 24hr race and other endurance races I didn't have that XC race pace quickness in them.

What do I ride tomorrow ? Razorback ( pure race bike great in singltrack) or NRS ( great all around bike ) The NRS has alot more pedal clearance from the ground, I can keep pedaling over roots and rocks or around corners and the Razorback I have to stop pedaling to make sure I don't snag something and end up doing a endo.

Maybe I'll take them both and do some preriding of the course and see which one screams at me RACE ME !! RACE ME!!

I see Mr. Kerkove might be learning to speak Japanese WOW ! how cool is that ?

I'll miss most of the football games Sunday that sucks ! but Monday night is going to be a doubleheader of football and I don't work on Tuesdays sooo! I'll be up late watching !!!!!!!

See ya !

Saturday, September 10, 2005

Road ride

I got back on the bike yesterday and today, 34 miles with Bob at a pretty good pace but my right calf has been cramping, whats up with that ?

I'll hit the trails Sunday with a bike ride then a trail run, I need to get ready for the Oct. race.

Work was a bitch this week 60 hrs in 5 days and almost 2300 miles behind the wheel, I seen alot of accidents in shy town.

I'll try and keep up on the blog , I want to find someone to help design something for It and show me how to post pics.

Seee ya !

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Ya I'm still here !!

Sorry no post in a while ! Iv'e been working a lot of overtime and back too my crapy work schedual. I have been riding with Bob alot and getting some road miles in I need to keep running so I can compete in the race in Oct. I would still like to find a 12 hr race before the end of the season. I have to go Dad is getting a Angigram done to day !!

see ya !