Monday, January 30, 2006

Sunday on the treadmill

I spent 2hrs 15min. on the treadmill ,I would walk a half a mile then run two miles while watching another Star Wars dvd...... I didn't take in enough calories for the rest of the day and it's going to catch up with me, I can't drop the weight to fast.

I'm going into my final phase of weightlifting I'll kick up my reps back up to the 12 to 15 range and do a whole body workout and keep the cardio up.

Workout tonight....weights and spin for a hour

I see Matt from Iowa has a blog !! I'll keep checking on him , He has been my main competition for years and alot of fun to race against, except I havn't been much competition for him since last year!....... I'll be back !!!! He turned forty and should be in expert this year !!!!

See ya !

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spinning Time

I took 2 days off of training ,but not because I need it ,but because of work. Thurday and Friday was 14 hr days with enough time to come home and shower, eat, and get to bed !

Jim came over at noon today and we hit the rollers for two hours and then I hit the pizza place !
I'll run it off in the morning , my diet beens pretty good I lost 6 pds this last couple of weeks. I hope to be close to 160 by May 1st.

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Tucker keeping an eye on me !

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just another week !

Of work and training ,I worked Monday night on overtime, kind of hard to pass a drop and hook up to the windy, 9 easy hrs....Tuesday I took a nap when I got home and then jumped on the spinner for 2 hrs ,trying to get some more base time in before I get started on some hard intervals and hill time.

This morning I had a couple cups of mudd 2 serving of expresso and headed to the treadmill for 2hrs -20min. of running and walking while I watched a Star Wars movie .....I hit the ten mile mark right when the movie ended, my legs were cooked....I went through 2 bottles of Heed 4 serving of apple cin. gel and I was getting hungry by the time I was done. I can eat breakfast as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning so I was looking for some grub fast.

I'll take tomorrow off or maybe I'll lift when I get home but Friday I'll try and get a road ride in that afternoon.

See ya !

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steeler's Win !

Steeler's are goning to the Super Bowl ! I take Monday morning off every year just so I can stay up and watch whoever is playing It's nice that my team will be in the big one !!!

I ran 3 miles this morning then I had to get to a union meeting ,our contract is up in April !

Monday night I'll get back on the spinner and get some road miles in on Tuesday and Wednesday.

See ya !

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long hours at work!

Thursday,Friday and Saturday all 13 hr day's 1300 miles so all you guy's can have some milk with your cereal.Top it off with 6-10 inches of snow last night up in the windy city........

I was on the spinner Wednesday 1-1/2 hrs inthe morning and I lifted that afternoon. day

Friday....Ran 3 miles

Today..... run and lift

I'm going to try and do 5 Wems races this season, all 12 hr races, that will qualify me in the seasons standings.

Race schedule for 2006

April 9th XC PAMBA - Slyvan Island Stampede Moline, Il
May 9th 12 hr Wems -Sugarcreek Ferryville, WI
May 21st XC PAMBA - Kickapoo Bash, Danville,Il
May 27th 12hr Wems - Gears Newfame,WI
June 10th 12hr Wems -John Muir South Kettle moraine,WI
June 18th XC PAMBA - Farmdale Frenzy East Peoria,Il
June 24th 12hr Wems - Metro Challege Franklin, WI ( ski Hill )
July 8th 12hr Wems - Blue Mounds,WI
July 23rd XC PAMBA -Jubilee Jam Peoria,Il
July 30-31st 24hr Nationals 24-9 , Wausua,Wi
Aug. 20th XC PAMBA -Kickapoo Epic Danville, Il
Sept. 10th XC PAMBA-Mud,Sweat& Gears Bloomington, Il
Sept. 22-23 XC PAMBA -Farmdale Festival East Peoria, Il

I'm still looking for another 24hr race at the end of the year I hoping the one in Iowa I can make this year. I would like to make the Sugar Bottom race In Iowa this year I did 2 years ago in the Mud and came in 5th in my age class -Sport........Getting the time off from work will dictate if I can make all of the races I want.

See ya !

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First night of spinning !

MIdz and Stauby came over last night and we hit the spnners for 90 min. It was nice having some company while you suffer. We didn't hit it hard, just some saddle time right now !
Tony might make it next week if he can get away from his kids ! I know the feeling !

I ran 3 miles this morning on the tredmil while I watched a new Alice in Chains dvd ..... I can't get enough of thier music.....I seen for the first time the song Rooster is about Cantrell's dad who served in Vietnam.........That song has so much more meaning to me now ! emotions run so high when ever the men from Vietnam are involved !

Weights in the morning and some spinning !

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The new "Dungeon of Sweat"

Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend of football !

Sunday I watched the Steelers win ! and Bears lose ! and read some more of Lance's book, It's hard to put down.

Some of PAMBA's race team is going to come over tonight and we are going to do some spinning and watch some MTB vidoes to keep us going. I think Midz is looking forward to this I hope we get a good workout in.......I really started watching what I eat and cut my calories down a bit but not to much I can't train.... Salads with chicken ... good stuff.

A big order of Hammer goods came today ......New bottles, Perpeteum, Heed, apple cin. gel... I got a good discount.... $30.00 bucks !

I need to get ready for the Dungeon of Sweat ! see ya !

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thanks Jeff

For the info on 24-9 I hope my year goes good so I can train for this race !

Not much today I worked 13 hrs and ran 3 miles when I got home the weather was great for a bike ride but I don't have much time on Thursdays so a run works out better.

I have a big order from Hammer coming in I hope I get it quick I'm out of everything except I do have some Elite I've been using !

5 hrs till wake up ! see ya !

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Run and weightlift day

I put off running and lifting untill tonight,but I got them in ! I was off today from work and did some chores around the house I'm about to knock out a wall and make a new den area it should be nice when I get it done.

The PAMBA meeting last night went good It's the first one of the year and there is plenty of work to do this year,we need to get Tony's extension done and get more done at BPP.

I found out Tinker has the 24-9 race on his schedule, I hope you don't have to qualify for this race, it's my priority race for 2006 I should do some checking to find out.

I'm off again tomorrow I get a bike ride in or a long run !!

see ya !

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Get outside !

The weather is going to be nice today so I'll get a road ride in or I might go out to Rock Island Trail and see what it looks like if it's soupy I'll stay off.

I got a 2 mile run in yesterday when I got up for work then I did 1-15min. On the spinner after work while I watched a tape of the one and only Norba race at Alpine Valley back in 2002 or 01
That was a blast seeing all the pros , that's when Cindy and I meet Tinker at breakfast...And I was on the podium for 2 nd place I think 40 to 45 beg.

I need to get the bike ready to go.......I have to get back before football starts !!!

See ya !

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Inside today

I jumped on the trendmill this morning and put a movie in to watch, the next thing you know
an 1 hr 50 min, goes by and I'm feeling pretty good. I burned around 1600 cal. and needed some oatmeal fast I was hungry. I would walk for 15 min. Then run 15 min. Not bad but a good way to start my morning.

Midz and I got in some road miles yesterday, nice weather for this time of year, I did a quick 10 miles before hooking up with him then we did our regular route.

I need to lift some weights later this afternoon and take tomorrow off then back at it Friday after work.

It's hard to tell what kind of base I have I don't know when I should start doing some interval training or stay with SS miles.

I need a &%$#$%$#% plan !

see ya !

Monday, January 02, 2006

Time to get serious !

Training has jump up a notch ! I'm getting my races in order and hope I can get the days off I need. I'll get a ride in tomorrow and Wednesday, I need to take advantage of some nice weather.

I think Midz and whoever else wants come over will start doing some training down in my basement, all they have to bring is there bikes and trainers.If anyone else wants to come over I have a nice weight setup and trendmill......I'd like to keep this up for at least 8 weeks, the weather should start to break by then.

PAMBA meeting start back up next week...... We have a lot of work to do this year on the trails, we could easily be working on something every week.....But we have to remember we are a biking club also not a trail building club.

See ya!