Monday, July 31, 2006

Wild 24 hrs of racing

What a crazy time at the 24-9 race this weekend ! Heat and thunderstorms were a factor for everybody and the race was called early.

Friday Cindy and I set up camp and soon Midz showed up around noon and we did a pre-ride of the course.With some new singletrack and much of the same trails as last year the corse was going to be fun but take a little longer.

Friday night a storm came thru around midnight and blew some tents over and stired everyone up then the rain came in and soaked the place for a couple good hours.

Morning of the race was cloudy and a little rain but it soon cleared up and we were off at 10:00.I Talked to Scott and Doug at the start and wished them good luck and to be sure and say hi if they saw me on the course.

1st-lap Was slow,too many riders in the singletrack and it bottled up in a couple places but I had long way to go.

2nd-lap Was much better and I was learning the course and riding with some people,if I could keep up this pace I knew I could do damage.

3rd-7th-lap I was alittle behind on where I wanted to be, I wanted to come in before 6:00pm on my 6th lap but the new singletrack was slowing me down and I was really hating that part of the course,It didn't flow at all and mentally taking me out of my game! the course after that was fun and I looked forward to it plus I knew I was only 25 min.away from the finish line.

8th-12th-lap Time to put the light on and I was looking forward to some fun riding and maybe making up some time on the other racers....But that wasn't in the cards for me this year,my first lap was fine with only my head lamp on low and handlebar on for maybe 15 min.I went out for my next lap and the head lamp went out right before the fun sinltrk so I had to slow my pace down.I had midz put on another battery and was off when it didn't last 15 min into the lap.( SHIT!) came in from that lap and changed it again.

13th - 14th lap When I came in to the pits from my 12 lap I had midz change both sets and I would be good and it would be daylight soon!I was 45 min into my 13th lap and both light went black and I was in the dark at 4:30am with 45 min till the end of this lap.I had just come out of the rocky switchbacks and hitting the open road by Twinkie trail and still had the crappy sinltrk. to go.....I road down the fire road staying in the middle as much as I could when I hit some loose gravel and almost went down...thats when I slowed down (normal speed 29-30mph)....I had to walk thru the crappy sinltrk.(cussing of course)..and was almost thru it when a rider with no light was following a rider with lights and a rider behind him with lights and they told me to get inbetween them ! Yea! you talk about being wide eyed, guessing and hoping you hit right line WoW !

I can't say enough about these guy's that helped me and the other guy get out of the woods It started to rain and it came down hard and made it more epic than I could think of. ( IF you believe in Karma I helped a guy on the course right before sundown with a broken seat post and I stoped so he could use my allen wrench )

When I came into my pit it was pouring down rain and I wanted this lap to count so I went to the start finish and they said it was suspended and holding all riders.

I was wet,tired and needed to get to my pit but I had to stay there until they start the race again.....I was there about 30 min when they turned on some flood lights and me another couple riders stood in front of it to warm up.They anounced the race would start back up in 10 min. when Cindy showed up with a blanket That's why I love here ! she's always thinking of me !!

At this point I was ready to stop and I couldn't gain anything with the 3rd place guy a hour ahead....But since I went thru the finish line I had to do another lap and wait outside the finsh till the end of the race....I went back to my pit and changed clothes had a cup of coffe and p/j sandwich.The rain started up again but I didn't care, this was my last lap and it felt good knowing it !

I had about 1/2 hr left when they told us the race was cancelled and to get back to our pits......the end !

I looked forward to this race all year and thought I would enjoy it more than I did.The weather didn't bother me, heat or rain but mentally I dreaded parts of the course and it really got in my head....Physically my hands took a beating and I wanted to just stop holding the handlebar...My right Trap felt like I was being stabed at times but I guess this is all part of the game.

I need to give a shout out to Karl Etzel! who helped me get my first 12 hr podium spot and get me prepared for this race and finsh a spot better than last year !

Thanks Middz your the best !

My biggest fan is always there for me Cindy ! Thanks for putting up with me all year ,thru all the training and talking about 24-9.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot training rides !

Sister-in-law lives 2 miles up the road and has a pool and I pass it on my way home from my rides........90+ degress I strip to the spandex and cool off for 15 min. then ride home !!! enough said !

see ya !

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I need to ride !

Thursday... was day off on bike...
Friday...13hr workday rode spinner for 35min. and put heat on back of knee and massage. around the house and trails at home..planned on getting ride in and it didn't happen !!!!

Sunday...I'm heading over to Jubilee to work on the trails and taking my bike to ride first thing this morning.

The next few week looks good for nothing but training for 24-9.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yeah ! Yeah !

I don't have time for this crap ! I have training to do ! 9-mile is weeks away! I have a sore leg ! I'll be back !