Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Always Impressed !

Trans Iowa #7 done for 18 riders and I can only sit a wonder if only ! I pulled the plug on the training way back in March around my 50th b-day and wish I would have talked to a few more people about getting motivated.I was on target until the weather started to get better which should have motivated me more but it did the opposite,I keep thinking about the things I need to do around home.Even after some good training on the bike with Nick with 7 hr rides , the next few days I didn't want to get back on the bike,I hated the thought that a three hour ride is a waste.By the end of March I wanted and could have done my plan of 10 to 12 hr rides back to back which would have told me if I had the legs for TIv7,crazy to think you need that kind of training but I do know my own body and what it needs.

Why does the suffering on a bike appeal to some of us? Don't know but I have to have a goal when I train and it has to be possible to get,the Trans Iowa is possible for some not all and I need to let this race go or make it my goal again.

After the way we suffered at TIV6 but for only 5 hrs I was pissed about the time limits and the way I blew 5 months of training in Illinois weather,snow,cold and rain to have it all end because of the weather and I don't have the ability red line my heart rate for 50 miles,it's not the way to start a 330 mile race cramping 4hrs into it.I can race for 24 hr solo and do damm well,I have some abilities,that's the reason I went to endurance racing !

To read others Blogs and now see that they too had a rough time mentally just to train but they some how got through it and made it to the start of the race.It just shows how tough they are and they know the rewards of just toeing the line...I should have at least done that.

If I try to get back in to race TIV8 I think it will take a wish list for me and I know it's being selfish but all the racers have a little some thing they would change.

1- late June or July race
2- two check points but time limits are longer if any...if a guy is so far back there is no possible way he could make the finish in time who cares,he trained his/her ass off and deserves a shot at finishing for his own pride.
3- More supply store stops on route if in July ...no need to kill a guy from thirst

That's all I'm looking for not much ! With all this said and I think I'm done pouting...Mark and DP work their ass off for this race and it sure has come a long way from Jeff and Mark from TIV1.Congrats on having a successful race... What they decide to do is what we all have to do if we want to try and be part of a race that has left so many victims along the back roads of Iowa and made us admire those that have finished.