Friday, April 21, 2006

Bad Week For Riding

I can't let this kind of week happen any more ! I didn't get on my bike until today since Sundays ride.Work and mowing yards took all my time and then I get depressed about not training ! I had a chance yesterday to get a hour ride or run after work,but I went to bed early and got a whole 6 hrs of sleep.I jumped on the NRS this afternoon and rode my trails for an hour with 30 mins of hill intervals and I'll get a good 4 to 5 hr road ride with Midz tomorrow.

My schedule has changed again and it looks like I'll be doing more of the PAMBA races instead of so many 12 hr races.I'll get two 12 hr races and I might get the Proctor road race in this year July 1st ! Hey Matt are you going to make this race ?

I still don't feel real strong on the trails and I know my traning at this pace I'm not going until later in the season,I need to remember I'm training for 24 - 9 race.

It looks like a new bike for this year isn't going to happen, to many things have gone south for me all at once.$2500 for a new lawn tractor and now a new engine for my comercial mower another $800.If I new this was going to happen I wouldn't have sold my Razorback, but what can I do ? I'll just keep my head up! I have my health !

See ya !

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Show for Slvan Island

I had to pass on PAMBA's first race of the year and will miss a few more I'm sure.The expert class was starting way to late for me and I didn't want to do sport since I've been Expert a couple years.I called my couch and he said I was better off getting a long training ride in at home so I hit R.I.Trail for 4-1/4 hrs.

Looks like Matt is going to fit right in the Expert level, I use to be able to beat him on his bad days, I know with all the road riding he does it has made him a faster racer.Now if we can get Tony off the trail a couple days a week and on the road he would do the same.

My training is the same this month Lift wieghts,ride on the road in heart rate zones,plus two day's a week of intervals.

I hit Indy today for the 1st time this year,legs felt like stones since I'm coming off of a lift day and intervals from yesterday.

Bed time !! See ya !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quick ride

On the RockIsland Trail after work thia afternoon,2-1/2 hrs in my spin zone workout. I forgot my food and had only one bottle of drink so I kinda petered out at the end and came in a little weak, not a good thing to do right before a race.I could have and should have stoped at Caseys and grabed something, but I didn' want to stop.

I'll take Friday off for sure and get a small ride in Saturday to keep the legs fresh,I don't know about tomorrow.

See Ya !