Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back in the Dungeon

Hit the spinner tonight in the dungeon for a quick 45 min.interval workout,I'm going to keep the rides quick and gut wrenching,no long rides if I can help it.The gym has been going good but could be better,the atmosphere at this place is not keeping me motivated...I'm use to a sweat shop kind of gym where guys are yelling and grunting with loud music ! Riverplex is a proper,don't make any noise kind of gym with way to many seasoned citizens.
pic from last year getting my sweat on!

Have a good turkey day !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bridge Work at BP

PAMBA put in 11 bridges in the last two weekends at the new Black Partridge Park in Metamora,Il just outside of Peoria.Black Partridge will be the 5 th park PAMBA takes care of in the Peoria area,YES we keep busy just trying to maintain the parks plus with all the reroutes and new trails being built we do our share.

inca slaving the bridges in !

setting them into place

Driving them into place

Screwing the planks down

Les and Morgan,another nice job done !

Tony checking out the handy work,Tony is the fabricator of all the metal frames of these bridges PAMBA owes him allot for being able to do all this work at his place of work.

bringing down the last bridge of the weekend

Matt,Ben,Carrie and Les glad the last one is here !Check out the wheels that Tony fabricated to haul the bridges that's the back in I was at the front end with a steering handle ! Tony amazes me with his ingenuity !

Joined a gym a couple of weeks ago to keep motivated thru the winter,Bob goes there also so we can keep each other honest,I did a spin class last week and hope to tonight or in the morning.I'll lift weights heavy for about six weeks the start to lighten it up and get into more higher reps for endurance building.

Cindy and I celebrated our 24th annv. last night! I sleep good last night !!!!!

I have a few sponsorship request in for 2009 hope to hear back soon,of course Bushwhackers is on board again.

See ya !