Monday, November 27, 2006

Trans-Iowa race

Is up for registration and I'm going to start sending some post cards in this week,I hope I get in ! I hope Matt can still make it also but I know work has alot to do with that.

I did a nice road ride tonight,in the dark for the first time ! It was getting cold but I wasn't doing a long ride anyay.If I get in the T/I race I better get use to it,I will need to get a plan on training for such a long ride and hope my new core and off season training system I just bought will help me out.

I see alot of road riding in my future and R/I trail inmy future !

See ya !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Early ride in

I got in a easy 30 miles this morning on the road and I had to break out the cold weather gear.I layered pretty good but I still need to get a good system down for my feet they were a little cold.

Cindy and I hit the 22 year mark yesterday we went and seen a show at the Civic Center, Trans-Siberan Orchestra If you get a chance to see them do it ! They put on a great show.

I'll be stating a new off season program next week that will work my core and give me a good 12 week program to get my base miles up.

Another road ride I hope tomorrow !

See Ya !

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yeah I'm here !!!

OK Midz Here we go ! I think last post was before the Panther Creek the 100 mile race and I came in 2nd place,me and the winner was the only solos to finish.After that race I have been trying to get things done around the house before winter comes rolling in...split wood,take care of yard,cars.

Schedual change at work I'm back to Friday nights and 508 mile 13-1/2 hr ,but I'm glad Cindy bought me Serius radio it keeps me entertained with any kind of talk radio and some great Heavy Metal stations.

I'm almost done with cleaning up everybody's yard and making that extra money,It's nice,but a pain in the ass ! Oh Sh*t I need to get to bed ! yeah back to 3 hrs of sleep before a 13 hr night &$$%$%^&!!!!!!!

See YA !