Friday, December 29, 2006

Stop The Eating !

I can't wait for the holidays to get over with ! There is way to much food around the house or lets say bad food and my willpower is on overload.After this weekend I'll go on a ten week bodybuilders contest diet routine and get rid of the 15lbs Iv'e gained,I hope to be down to 165 lbs for T/3 and maintain 160 for the rest of the year...Yeah right !

Training is going good, my core is getting stronger each week and looking forward to some long rides.The big question is how long and how many rides a week should I be getting in this time of year and what should I be working up to before T/3 ?

On the home front New Years eve should be fun here at the house with the food and friends...Middz and Les might come out early and light up the woods with some fun with the guns ! Target shooting only ! I should be getting my Turkey permit soon in the mail also.

It's about that time ! The Dungeon !
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Happy New Year and be safe !!

See Ya !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Trans-Iowa III

looks like a go for Matt and I ! and almost 120 riders will try and finish 320 plus miles of gravel fun.I guess this winter I'll be even more sireus on my training than last year and I thought I did pretty good before.

The temps were great here all week long and I could't get out for any rides until today.I headed out with the wind to my back and wanted to do some suffering on my way back to the house...with 20 + mile wind in my face all the way home I had the legs burning pretty good.

The first time I ever had to get off my bike from a dog wanting to take a chunck out of my leg happened right as I crossed route 8, the owner was a old man in the yard chopping wood and he couldn't call the dog off me so I kept walking in circles with the bike between me and the German Shepard.When the dog finally went back in his yard the old guy started to yell at me that it was my fault for tresspassing on the street in front of his house.He thinks he owns it to the center line because he pays taxes ! I yelled back are you FUCKING NUTS ! so you can guess the rest as I was fired up now and just let it all fly out at him...Then I thought he might have some retarded son inside the house with a gun so I got the hell out of there...MORON !!!

It was a good ride though and I needed it to clear my head,I still had not checked with the Trans V III board so I didn't know if I was in yet.Now it was all worth it and I get a plan on my training...I'll get ahold of you Matt and talk about some training methods and nutrition and get some kind of plan on getting thru this race.

I'm glad Paddy will be there and hope to meet some new blogers !

see ya

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A few more days

And I'll know if I get in the Trans-Iowa race ! I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew,but you don't know if you don't try. Matt Brakeville is hoping to get in too and we plan on riding together and who ever else we can get to stick with us old timers.

Two weeks into my core work and my back feels better already I get out of bed with out grunting like old man...this workout also has me doing yoga and I don't stretch to good so it's hurting alot and I get pretty sore on some of the workouts like I had been lifting weights so I know it's doing me some good.

The weather has been great the last couple of days but to foggy for me to get on the bike,about the time the sun burns it off I need to go to bed ..I've been on the spinner but when its 50 outside I need to be out there.

Work is about the same bad hours and long hours last week 60 hrs in 5 days and my normal week is 53 hrs in 4 days Whats worse ?

Time for bed ! Kelsi has a X-mas choir at school tonight so I'll split my sleep up and get 4 hrs now and get a couple more tonight....Milkmen don't sleep anyway !

see ya !

Monday, November 27, 2006

Trans-Iowa race

Is up for registration and I'm going to start sending some post cards in this week,I hope I get in ! I hope Matt can still make it also but I know work has alot to do with that.

I did a nice road ride tonight,in the dark for the first time ! It was getting cold but I wasn't doing a long ride anyay.If I get in the T/I race I better get use to it,I will need to get a plan on training for such a long ride and hope my new core and off season training system I just bought will help me out.

I see alot of road riding in my future and R/I trail inmy future !

See ya !

Saturday, November 18, 2006

Early ride in

I got in a easy 30 miles this morning on the road and I had to break out the cold weather gear.I layered pretty good but I still need to get a good system down for my feet they were a little cold.

Cindy and I hit the 22 year mark yesterday we went and seen a show at the Civic Center, Trans-Siberan Orchestra If you get a chance to see them do it ! They put on a great show.

I'll be stating a new off season program next week that will work my core and give me a good 12 week program to get my base miles up.

Another road ride I hope tomorrow !

See Ya !

Friday, November 10, 2006

Yeah I'm here !!!

OK Midz Here we go ! I think last post was before the Panther Creek the 100 mile race and I came in 2nd place,me and the winner was the only solos to finish.After that race I have been trying to get things done around the house before winter comes rolling in...split wood,take care of yard,cars.

Schedual change at work I'm back to Friday nights and 508 mile 13-1/2 hr ,but I'm glad Cindy bought me Serius radio it keeps me entertained with any kind of talk radio and some great Heavy Metal stations.

I'm almost done with cleaning up everybody's yard and making that extra money,It's nice,but a pain in the ass ! Oh Sh*t I need to get to bed ! yeah back to 3 hrs of sleep before a 13 hr night &$$%$%^&!!!!!!!

See YA !

Monday, October 02, 2006

One more time

I'm going to race the Panther Creek Challege this weekend,100 miles around the lake.That will be 6 laps starting at 8:00am and the last lap needs to be started by 4:30pm....I had such a bad race last weekend at the Festival that I wasn't going to do this race,but Tony called and said he had a team going down so I thought I would try one more suffer fest and call it a year !

Hey Matt where did you go last weekend ? I looked for you to say goodbye and you were gone !!! I felt like shit the whole race and should have DNF on my scound lap.

I'm cutting up alot of wood right now getting ready for the winter and hope to still find some time for the trail work before the season ends. Hey ! It's that time of year !!

See ya !

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Season is coming to a end

Two more races and I'm going to call it a year ! The last PAMBA race is this next weekend and my last XC race.The Festival has gotten bigger and better every year,with a fun night ride kicking it off Friday night....I'll be camping out all weekend and helping with the Downhill and MTNcross Saturday and racing Sunday....We cleaned up the course today to get it ready and I got a small ride in !

I raced last Sunday at Bloomington,IL I didn't do to bad ! I felt good for the whole race and finished strong.I have a 100 mile race on October 7th down at Panther Creek and that will be my last race of the year.I do have a Century road ride I'm leading from my place on October 21st.....sounds like I will have a good showing of maybe 10 or more people.

Looking ahead to next year,I'm going to stick with the endurance racing and hope to travel out west for some races....It's that time of the year to get some trail work done and I want to get some more trails in at my place.

See ya !

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spinning out the legs

Today and checking out a road course for the century ride Midz and I are planning for in October.I had 50 miles in and was hoping to get 15 more that would take me home and a spoke broke on my rear wheel.The wheel was so out of true that I couldn't ride it and called Cindy to come and get me north of Brimfield ,Bummer ! I had a good ride going and the legs were wanting more!

Looks like Jeff and Carl kickass up in Minn.! also Paddy and Naomi did the same way up north !! nice job everybody ! I feel bad I didn't suffer like they all did !!

I have the rest of the XC races to finish up for the year and I might look up some cyclocross races up in the windy city to keep my year going.

see ya

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just Riding Around

Is about all I'm up to right now,I've been doing some more base work on the road bike and some running.I did a 5k last weekend with midz and might do a dualathlon the first weekend of September...

PAMBA had a race down in Danville today,but I stayed home and did a road ride with Bob,I'm not ready for a hard XC race yet....I might go down to Lake Shelbyville for CIMBAs first MTB race next weekend, it should be a easy race,not to long.

Next races I'm looking forward to...

September 2nd....Dualathlon..2 mile run..9 mile mtb..2 mile run...Hudson,Ill
September 10th....Mud,sweat and gears...PAMBA...Bloomington,Ill
September 22nd....Farmdale Festival....PAMBA.....East Peoria,Ill
October 7th.....Panther Creek Challenge...100 mile Chandlerville,Ill

See ya !

Friday, August 04, 2006

Time to get back

On the bike ! I took the whole week off because of the "rash on the ass" I'll get on the road bike in the morning and spin the legs out and get right back on sked. this weekend.

I'm trying to figure out what races I want to do, I have the PAMBA XC races for sure but I want to get some endurance races in. Maybe 12 or 24 hrs in Indiana or the 12/24 in Iowa. There is the 100 miles of Panther Creek 1-1/2 hrs south of here so I'm planning on it for now......I also qualified for the worlds solo champ. but not at$375.00.

It was nice to see the race bloggers at 24-9 and meet some new guys Sloane,Dallas,Naomi and Carl.

If any of you guys are traveling and need a place to stay in Central Illinois while passing thru ! Please get ahold of Cindy and I ! We don't have a fancy place but we sure are in the Country and would be glad to put ya up for the night. !

See Ya !

Monday, July 31, 2006

Wild 24 hrs of racing

What a crazy time at the 24-9 race this weekend ! Heat and thunderstorms were a factor for everybody and the race was called early.

Friday Cindy and I set up camp and soon Midz showed up around noon and we did a pre-ride of the course.With some new singletrack and much of the same trails as last year the corse was going to be fun but take a little longer.

Friday night a storm came thru around midnight and blew some tents over and stired everyone up then the rain came in and soaked the place for a couple good hours.

Morning of the race was cloudy and a little rain but it soon cleared up and we were off at 10:00.I Talked to Scott and Doug at the start and wished them good luck and to be sure and say hi if they saw me on the course.

1st-lap Was slow,too many riders in the singletrack and it bottled up in a couple places but I had long way to go.

2nd-lap Was much better and I was learning the course and riding with some people,if I could keep up this pace I knew I could do damage.

3rd-7th-lap I was alittle behind on where I wanted to be, I wanted to come in before 6:00pm on my 6th lap but the new singletrack was slowing me down and I was really hating that part of the course,It didn't flow at all and mentally taking me out of my game! the course after that was fun and I looked forward to it plus I knew I was only 25 min.away from the finish line.

8th-12th-lap Time to put the light on and I was looking forward to some fun riding and maybe making up some time on the other racers....But that wasn't in the cards for me this year,my first lap was fine with only my head lamp on low and handlebar on for maybe 15 min.I went out for my next lap and the head lamp went out right before the fun sinltrk so I had to slow my pace down.I had midz put on another battery and was off when it didn't last 15 min into the lap.( SHIT!) came in from that lap and changed it again.

13th - 14th lap When I came in to the pits from my 12 lap I had midz change both sets and I would be good and it would be daylight soon!I was 45 min into my 13th lap and both light went black and I was in the dark at 4:30am with 45 min till the end of this lap.I had just come out of the rocky switchbacks and hitting the open road by Twinkie trail and still had the crappy sinltrk. to go.....I road down the fire road staying in the middle as much as I could when I hit some loose gravel and almost went down...thats when I slowed down (normal speed 29-30mph)....I had to walk thru the crappy sinltrk.(cussing of course)..and was almost thru it when a rider with no light was following a rider with lights and a rider behind him with lights and they told me to get inbetween them ! Yea! you talk about being wide eyed, guessing and hoping you hit right line WoW !

I can't say enough about these guy's that helped me and the other guy get out of the woods It started to rain and it came down hard and made it more epic than I could think of. ( IF you believe in Karma I helped a guy on the course right before sundown with a broken seat post and I stoped so he could use my allen wrench )

When I came into my pit it was pouring down rain and I wanted this lap to count so I went to the start finish and they said it was suspended and holding all riders.

I was wet,tired and needed to get to my pit but I had to stay there until they start the race again.....I was there about 30 min when they turned on some flood lights and me another couple riders stood in front of it to warm up.They anounced the race would start back up in 10 min. when Cindy showed up with a blanket That's why I love here ! she's always thinking of me !!

At this point I was ready to stop and I couldn't gain anything with the 3rd place guy a hour ahead....But since I went thru the finish line I had to do another lap and wait outside the finsh till the end of the race....I went back to my pit and changed clothes had a cup of coffe and p/j sandwich.The rain started up again but I didn't care, this was my last lap and it felt good knowing it !

I had about 1/2 hr left when they told us the race was cancelled and to get back to our pits......the end !

I looked forward to this race all year and thought I would enjoy it more than I did.The weather didn't bother me, heat or rain but mentally I dreaded parts of the course and it really got in my head....Physically my hands took a beating and I wanted to just stop holding the handlebar...My right Trap felt like I was being stabed at times but I guess this is all part of the game.

I need to give a shout out to Karl Etzel! who helped me get my first 12 hr podium spot and get me prepared for this race and finsh a spot better than last year !

Thanks Middz your the best !

My biggest fan is always there for me Cindy ! Thanks for putting up with me all year ,thru all the training and talking about 24-9.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Hot training rides !

Sister-in-law lives 2 miles up the road and has a pool and I pass it on my way home from my rides........90+ degress I strip to the spandex and cool off for 15 min. then ride home !!! enough said !

see ya !

Sunday, July 09, 2006

I need to ride !

Thursday... was day off on bike...
Friday...13hr workday rode spinner for 35min. and put heat on back of knee and massage. around the house and trails at home..planned on getting ride in and it didn't happen !!!!

Sunday...I'm heading over to Jubilee to work on the trails and taking my bike to ride first thing this morning.

The next few week looks good for nothing but training for 24-9.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Yeah ! Yeah !

I don't have time for this crap ! I have training to do ! 9-mile is weeks away! I have a sore leg ! I'll be back !

Monday, June 26, 2006

Good race !

The Metro 12 was a fun,hard and a good showing for me ! The course was great with alot of singletrack and the climbs didn't dissapoint with the long grinding hill to the finish line.

My first goal since I knew Jeff was going to be there was to hold him off as long as I could before he lapped me ( we all knew he would )and I did for a good five hours.When he did he didn't hang around for long, we said a few words and he was gone ! Next goal don't let him catch me again, my legs felt real good and strong and I was able to keep my pace up,if him or the 2nd place guy (who never caught me)was going to catch me,I was going to make them work for it.

Next goal after Cindy told me how I was doing in the standings,I want third place bad ! and my first podium finish.As I was going out for a lap in the 6th hour the third place guy was right in front of me so I stuck to his wheel for the whole lap,he tried to drop me on the climbs and kept looking back at me and there I was, right on his wheel.When we came out of the last singletrack he pulled over and let me pass and said it was my turn to lead for awhile,when we came up on the climb to the start/finish I told him I couldn't hold this pace and have a good race

Next goal, keep 3 rd place in sight and don't let him get away ! two laps later His legs must have exploded and I took the lead at the start/finish line and I never saw him again.Each lap I gained 10 to 12 min. on 4 th place and ended up almost lapping him by the end of the race.

I'm feeling strong at the end of the two 12 hr races Iv'e done and hope this last at the 24-9 mile race.

The other thing that has me wondering what's going on ! I did this race in the big ring on the whole course except for the two main climbs ! I could tell my pace was so much faster than spinning like I normaly do !

I'll get some pic's up soon !

It was nice hanging out after the race talking to Jeff and his mom and dad ! Real nice people !

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Getting ready for Metro 12 hr

I had a good race Sunday,not many there to race against,but I usually end up last anyway.I took home 3rd place ! my first time I hit the medals and money in two years as a Expert.My legs felt good and strong the whole race, the LT would flush out quick and I would recover feeling strong.

The weekend was a long one with the Downhill and Mtnxcross going on,I helped Cindy with the food and went out with Tony and finished up the marking of the XC course Saturday late afternoon.I think we rolled out of Farmdale at 6:00pm and was back to race Sunday at Noon.

The rest of the week will be recovering for the race this weekend up in Franklin,WI. The weather might be a little wet,but I'll just have to suck it up and ride.

If anybody has some sugestions on what to bring for a 12hr mud race I'm all ears !
I can get thru a XC race in the rain,but what do you bring extra for 12 hrs of suffering ? I do have the extra bike ! What about clothes ? Socks ?

Almost 5:00pm bed time !
See Ya !

Friday, June 16, 2006

Race ready !

Big weekend is almost here with alot of work going into it ! I'll help out tomorrow then get a ride in on the race course, I hope the legs feel good and they should if I stay off them.

I'm realy looking more at next week up in Franklin at the Metro 12, I did the six hr last year and came in 7th place not bad for my second six hr race.I told myself that 12hrs would be a killer and I'm going to find out ! The hill are long and the one at the top of the ski hill gets pretty steep.I need to push hard in the race and watch my nutrition good I hope it gets Hot ! I don't know why ,but I seem to have good races in the humid weather.My Idea weather at the 24-9 would be high 80's or 90's and just sucking the life out everbody !!!!

Lets get thru this weekend first !

Just a cool pic !

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Pre- ride

Ran over to Farmdale around 11:30 after work and did a couple laps of the course for this weekend,and it's going to be fast if the weather holds out for us.I'll race no matter what it does I need to suffer for a couple of hours.

I'll help-out with the downhill and with Cindy cooking,I hope to get a small ride in Saturday then get the hell off my legs.

Thursday get a quick spin in after work.
Friday -off day

Good luck Matt in Iowa ! and Midz at Steamboat days 4 mile run.

See Ya !

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Rain ride

I took off this morning knowing I was going to get wet,but I needed this ride ! I had some winter gear on with temps in the low 50's, 2 bottle's of Heed and Substained Energy and a bottle of Red Bull and water,two flasked of gel(I didn't eat anything before ride).

I didn't see any rain for my first 20 min. then the rain came slowly has I headed north out of Trivoli,after about 30 min. I ran out of it and the road was dry for the next 30 min.I was wanting to get a long ride in,but the rain came down pretty hard and after two hrs of it,and I was getting close to the cut off to home or staying out for another hour I chose home.

Atleast I was able to get 2-1/2 hrs in and not wear myself down and risk getting sick! I don't get sick and don't need to push it being so close to 24-9 race.

XC race this Sunday PAMBA #3 It will be a good training ride to get some singletrack riding in before I head up to my next 12 hr race in Franklin,Wi. Metro 12.

See Ya !

Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rain screwed me again !

I put some semi slicks on the NRS#2 last night so I can start getting some long road miles in and had it all ready for a planned 5 hr ride,but thunderstorms put an end to that idea.I was going to head out to the RIT this morning and I need this ride ! The weekend is my only time I can get my endurancs miles in ! through the week I can manage a couple 1-1/2 or maybe a 2hr ride and they are usually Intervals and a TT ride.

The big group ride at Farmdale tomorrow will be cancelled ! so there goes another day I can't get in the woods !

I guess I'll go downstaires and do some lifting and run on the tredmill and maybe spin this afternoon !

I have a few pic's from 12hrs of Gears

Getting the pit ready

coming and going for another

First 12hr is done ! Can I stop now ?

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Still here !

I recovered good from the 12 hrs of Gears and training is on target ! I'm getting ready for the Metro 12 and just made reservations just south of town for Friday night.I don't look forward to the road trip after I already have driven 400+ miles for work on Friday,but I need to be up there early.

Did trail work Saturday for 4 hrs at Farmdale getting it ready for the race on the 18th.Seems to always be the same guys showing up for work days ! nobody new!,but when we were leaving,the parking lot it was full of riders getting ready to go out get their ride in ! I should have said something smartass to them ! everybody else knows I'm crochety ! I was to wiped out to get my training ride in so I went home to get some work done.

I got in a nice RIT ride Sunday 4hrs on the road bike, I need to stay on the NRS Like Kerkove says and get those legs burning in the big ring ! Intervals tomorrow,quick ride Thursday,Maybe trails Friday or Lift day,Saturday long RIT ride 5hrs and Trails Sunday.

Heal up fast Midz !

See ya !

Sunday, May 28, 2006

First 12 hr done !

I headed up to 12 hrs of Gears for my first 12hr race of the year and things turned out pretty good,but I was hoping for a atleast a 3rd place spot.The course was fast and only 4-1/2 miles long so you could do a few laps before you needed anything from your pit.I would compare the course with the main loop of Jubilee,wide open trails with plenty of room to pass the only singletrack was short and up hill before it it dumped you out to some pine trees.

I started out the first lap getting to know the course and seeing what lines to take and getting warmed up.I knew right off this was going to be fast with alot of laps when I seen the killer downhills getting up to 27 mph ( three of them) and the climbs weren't hard at all,( wide open and nothing bigger than Jubilee).Ther was nothing technical at all ! I was in my big ring for over half of the course and some of you know I'm not a big ring guy.

I didn't stop for my first pit until I had 40 miles in, but was taking handoffs from Cindy and I was feeling good and strong,after that first pit I would pit every 2 laps.Most of my pit time was 15 seconds the most was a couple of 30 second stops.

Most laps were in the 22 to 28 min. range,after I was in the 12 to 20 laps I need to stay in my comfort zone and pace myself more,the legs were getting heavy and the mental part was kicking in ( Why was I doing this ? It hurts ! I don't feel good !)
Once you get pass that crap you start looking for for some faster laps.

My inner thigh did cramp into the the 5th hr going up one of the hills ,but I worked it out and it only lasted for around a min.and that was the only time I had a problem I took it as sign to slow it down alittle on the climbs.

Going into the 10 the hr. I started to feel strong again and picked up my pace knowing others might be getting tired,my last three laps I push real hard and had some good times hoping to catch or not get passed by anyone.I was pushing to get two more laps in at 7:11pm and came in at 7:37pm but left everthing I had in me on that lap and didn't go back out for a 27th lap.I see now it wouldn't had moved me up in the standing so I'm ok with it.

Cindy was great and always ready for the handoffs and keep track of all my food and drinks ! Thanks Honey !

I lived on Hammer Heed and Substained Energy, Apple Gel,Cold apple sauce,and for my last 4 laps Red Bull.My new NRS was great I have a few adjustments I need to make but I loved it,My new Sun Rims were great and Intense Tires were perfect and Six Six One gloves and helmet did their job.

Yes my but is sore ! Recovery ride tomorrw !

Thursday, May 18, 2006

NRS has a new home

Jeff's NRS has made it's way to Trivoli for a new home and a owner who won't be has skilled on the trails and not ridden as hard I'm sure, but I can't wait to get it in the woods.

I'll get it put together Friday night and ride Jubilee Saturday before I go to Danville Sunday for PAMBA# 2.

I feel ok,but I don't know if my training is on target or not.For the last few years all my traing was just get out and ride the trails as hard as you can or get as many laps as the race your about to do.That's how I gauged my fitness and I don't have any idea what my fitness is like right now,am I ready ? we'll see this weekend! hopefully on my new NRS.

See ya !

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Training on Target

This week has been pretty good!I feel better when I get my rides in and the lifting goes as planned.I hit the trails Sunday for some hill intervals,and this week it was back on the road bike for some flat intvals and a good long spin day yesterday 3-1/4 hrs. after work.

Next Sunday will be my first XC race down in Danville,Il PAMBA #2,a long 30 miles course.

I'll start loading up on Hammer Products Monday and thru-out the week.

Hopefully Wife will talk to me by then ! Huh Midz !

See Ya !

Friday, May 05, 2006

Yeah I'm here !

I'm still riding but everything has hit me at once ! Grass mowing is getting to be a pain in the ass already ! 13hr work days still suck ! Training is kicking up with more intervals and longer endurance rides,I wanted to race this weekend but it's not going to happen. There was a race in Iowa and Indiana but I'll wait till the Kickapoo race, then the next week I'll get my first 12 hr race.

I always get online and check a few things but I don't take the time to post on here! Reading about others is more interesting....To bad about the Trans-Iowa race ! I would have been better if it was cold ! I hope next year I'll get Matt to join me to suffer across Iowa !

Midz ! love ya like a brother dude !

See ya !

Friday, April 21, 2006

Bad Week For Riding

I can't let this kind of week happen any more ! I didn't get on my bike until today since Sundays ride.Work and mowing yards took all my time and then I get depressed about not training ! I had a chance yesterday to get a hour ride or run after work,but I went to bed early and got a whole 6 hrs of sleep.I jumped on the NRS this afternoon and rode my trails for an hour with 30 mins of hill intervals and I'll get a good 4 to 5 hr road ride with Midz tomorrow.

My schedule has changed again and it looks like I'll be doing more of the PAMBA races instead of so many 12 hr races.I'll get two 12 hr races and I might get the Proctor road race in this year July 1st ! Hey Matt are you going to make this race ?

I still don't feel real strong on the trails and I know my traning at this pace I'm not going until later in the season,I need to remember I'm training for 24 - 9 race.

It looks like a new bike for this year isn't going to happen, to many things have gone south for me all at once.$2500 for a new lawn tractor and now a new engine for my comercial mower another $800.If I new this was going to happen I wouldn't have sold my Razorback, but what can I do ? I'll just keep my head up! I have my health !

See ya !

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

No Show for Slvan Island

I had to pass on PAMBA's first race of the year and will miss a few more I'm sure.The expert class was starting way to late for me and I didn't want to do sport since I've been Expert a couple years.I called my couch and he said I was better off getting a long training ride in at home so I hit R.I.Trail for 4-1/4 hrs.

Looks like Matt is going to fit right in the Expert level, I use to be able to beat him on his bad days, I know with all the road riding he does it has made him a faster racer.Now if we can get Tony off the trail a couple days a week and on the road he would do the same.

My training is the same this month Lift wieghts,ride on the road in heart rate zones,plus two day's a week of intervals.

I hit Indy today for the 1st time this year,legs felt like stones since I'm coming off of a lift day and intervals from yesterday.

Bed time !! See ya !

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Quick ride

On the RockIsland Trail after work thia afternoon,2-1/2 hrs in my spin zone workout. I forgot my food and had only one bottle of drink so I kinda petered out at the end and came in a little weak, not a good thing to do right before a race.I could have and should have stoped at Caseys and grabed something, but I didn' want to stop.

I'll take Friday off for sure and get a small ride in Saturday to keep the legs fresh,I don't know about tomorrow.

See Ya !

Friday, March 31, 2006

Friday night and not in bed !

So this is how the better half lives ! I'm not in bed at 5:oopm ! Nice !

I did get on my spinner for 1-1/2 hrs and will hit the hills for some intervals in the morning.

My routine has been a push day then spin day followed by a lifting day and on two day's a week i've been spinning and lifting.The weights and reps are greek to me ! I'm use to bodybuilding not this 20 to 30 reps and light weights.

It would be nice to get in the woods before the first race of the season, but that might not happen.Oh well ! It'll be a fun race not to serious ! My first real race will be in May at Sugar Creek in Ferryville WI. 12 hr

See ya !

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Worked my last Saturday

At least for awhile ! Next week when I get off work on Friday,there will be no more rushing home,eating,showering and going to bed at 5:00 pm to get up at 10:00pm for work Saturday.It'll be nice to wake up early to get a ride in and not be tired from work.

I received my new training schedule for April and like I said before, the intervals are getting kicked up and I'm going to try and get some 4 or 5 hr rides in.

Midz did his first run this morning down on the riverfront 26.32 Good job Prez.

I just got off the spinner,I spent 2-1/4 hrs on it and did 4 -5 min. standing intervals.I brought it upstaires so I could look out the slider into the woods and wish I was out there!!

Union meeting tomorrow at 10:00am and I hope to get a ride in after the meeting at Rock Island Trail or the roads in the area.

See ya !

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Staying inside today

The snow hit hard yesterday with 8 inches out here in Trivoli and around 5 in Peoria.
The 2nd day of Spring and everybody wants to hit the woods, but not this year.The training schedule I'm on is realy for the road there is no way I could keep my heart rate in the zones I need.

We had a PAMBA meeting Monday night, we have a lot of work to get done again this year.We also had cup cakes for my 45th B-day witch is on the first day of spring!

The gang was chowing down on some God Father's Pizza before and during the meeting

A couple pic's from a few weeks ago !

The calm before the storm down in the dungeon

The main crew! nobody wants to come and play

As far as training goes I have the rest of the month hitting the base and weight's then I'm sure I'll get in to some major interval's and hill trainng.I'm on a 9 day schedule with no day's off the bike and three day's a week of high rep weight lifting.
I was on the spinner ths morning for 2-1/2 hrs and I'm heading back down in a few min. for some lifting.By the way my weight is down to 170 right on target and not losing it to fast ! Thanks to two salads a day and my Natural Peanut Butter !

See ya !

Saturday, March 18, 2006

I'm to busy !

Monday - work -train
Tuesday - work on house -train
Wednesday-work overtime -train
Thursday -work way to long - eat sleep
Friday - work way to long -eat sleep
Saturday - work - train
Sunday - ? - train

Next week - pay attention to wife and kids !

Dog still loves me !!!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Started a new program

First day on the new schedule ,I hit the road for 2-1/2 hrs and I hope to get the same tomorrow.Some of us helped Stauby move today I couldn't make it to his new house I hope to soon.

Monday will be another spin day in the dungeon Midz should make it I don't know if anyone else will.

See ya !

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cyclist Killed Last Week

A 47 year old man was killed while riding his road bike in Northern Peoria County last week.He was training for his secound season as a triathlete,he left behind a wife and kids and like I have so many times told them he would be right back and four hours later with a knock on their door their lives were changed forever.

One of the bad parts of driving a truck for 10 hours a day is you have the time to over think things that are in your life good and bad.When the story broke about the accident I spent the next two day's at work thinking of my own mortality and passion for riding. I started to road ride for the training in XC races. After years of only trail riding I finally learned the rewards of training on the road. I didn't even think of how dangerous it could be until the first few times cars didn't give me any room and missed me by what seemed like inches. I started to think about how much money I have spent on bikes, races, traveling to races, and nutrition.. and the worse the thought of the sheriff or a preist knocking on my front door to tell Cindy and the kids that I have been killed while on a training ride that I don't have to be doing. Was this really worth it?

So Saturday, I went on a late road ride around 4pm, on my regular quick 25 mile loop. I might see four or five cars and never have any problems and while I was enjoying riding by myself, I couldn't help but think why I had a passion for riding.

12 years ago some guys from the gym talked me into buying a mountain bike to go riding with them. I bought a Trek 930 and went to Jubilee State Park for my first trail ride... I wasn't in the woods 10 mins when my childhood came rushing back to me!

When I think about how old I was when I started riding bikes in the woods back in '71 or '71. I grew up on Tower Rd, just 15 miles from where I live now. It was a dead end road with eighteen houses on it, nine on one side and nine on the other with woods at the end. The kids on Tower Rd spent sun up to sun down in the woods, taking only enough time to go home and eat. Our main reason to be in the woods was building trails to ride our Stingrays on and build cabins to hang out in.We would get our dad's rake's and shovel's and any wood we could find to build our trail's and cabin's.The trailbuilding was just clearing the leaves and deadfall enough to make a path for our bikes.
Then the races would start and what a blast we had ! it wasn't radical but we had
some great races.On the day's we didn't race we would just hang out in the woods on our bike's, just sitting on our bikes while talking or killing time on a hot summer day or staying in the shade of the trees was cool enough.Is this where my passion for riding came from? I don't know but when I rode Jubilee for the first time 12 years ago I was back in 1971 and smiling like a kid again !

My thought's were also of Cindy and the kid's,we have a blast riding.Cindy and I are looking forward to putting in some long miles on the tandem this year and traveling to races and seeing some friends we have made along the way.Do I have a passion for riding ? or a passion for staying active as I get older ?

As I was about to finish my ride Saturday my last thoughts were of all the friend's Iv'e made because of my bike.Some close friends Midz,Thaller brother's and Stauby the PAMBA crew and the guy's I talk to on the blog's.I can't count the people at all the races !! I have an old childhood friend who built and rode the trail's with me on Tower road."Bob" has started to race and our friendship has been rekindled after years of raising our family's and being to busy to vist each other !

I hung up my bike in the garage Saturday... looked out to the sun that I just beat home and thought"I can't wait to ride tomorrow"

Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Time to step up the training !

It's getting close to the first PAMBA race to kick off the new races season, it should be a fun race with alot of racers. Illinois and Iowa will start the season together at Sylvan Island in Moline Ill, a short singletrack course with laps of 2.5 miles I think Experts will do 8 laps.

I've been running on most mornings aleast 2 miles to help with losing weight and hitting the weights three days a week.

Sunday I did a threshold test on the spinner to help with some new training 153 average.
Monday was a spin in the Dungeon by myself, I put on my Down cd and cranked it up !!!
This might be my new favorite cd to train with.....if you like Pantera you will like Down !

I ran this morning then worked getting Mike's bedroom remodeled I had cut a whole in the wall for a new window .........No Fun !!!!!!!!........but glad I didn't have to pay someone to do it.

I took off around 4:00pm on the road bike for a quick 1-1/2 hr ride and then get home to take Kelsi to her B-game.

Road ride Tomorrow afternoon I need to get up early and work on the House.

I need to get some tires ordered from Intense and I can now order some rims from Sun-Ringle
If anybody knows Sun- Ringle rims what would be a good disc rim I can put on my NRS for endurance racing ?

See ya !

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Keep it up !

Summer is almost here and the training needs to get outside. Monday night was in the Dungeon with Staub and Midz, it looks like we might have 4 or 5 guys over next Monday.

Pantera DVD's were the main source of motivation.

Tuesday was a 3 mile run and weightlifting..........Start on remodeling son's new bedroom.

Wednesday Midz came over to the dungeon for more pain .......He's training better this year even though he's not racing but wanting to keep in shape.

I'll be ready in a couple weeks to start some hard interval training, the first PAMBA race is April 9th up in Moline,Il and the first Wems races is in May.

See ya !

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Run,Run,Run !

Running is all I seem to have time for when it's the end of the week. My day's at work are 13 to 14 hr's long but, I have been getting up and running before work and getting it done.

I need to lift and do some quick spinning today a 45 min. leg speed workout then back on the spinner the next 3 day's for longer workout's.

I might be getting Saturday's off from work here in the next few week's ! That will help out with the races I want to do this year and not having to use vac. day's for a race.

See ya !

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Back to work tonight

I had a couple good days of training and and it's back to work tonight.......Midz came over to the Dungeon Monday night and came back for more Tuesday morning....It looks like we might get some to come over next Monday night........I ran 4 miles this afternoon and I'll get up and run for 30 min. before work.

I'm going to look at getting some help with my training so I can get thing dialed in a little better.I'm all over the place with my training I need to get a better plan with my kind of schedule.......I'll check back in a couple days ...maybe Kerkove will have a new frame for this year !!!! I see Paddy doesn't have 24-9 race down on his schedule Bummer ! I was hoping to catch up with him and maybe Russel ! Cindy will be disappointed she had fun talking to the guys from Canada !!

See yah !

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Cold again !

The weather is getting back to normal for Feb. cold and a little snow,I hit some bad roads around Pontiac Saturday on my way back from Chicago.When your trailor is full the weight gives you traction but, I'm empty on my way home and the trailor can get cut lose feal fast.

Thursday-off day
Friday-ran 25min. when I got up before work
Saturday-ran 35min. before work-30min after work and lifted
Last night- took Cindy out to eat with some friends and went down to Rythem Kitchen
Today-I had my oatmeal late so I'll spin later I need to get a couple hrs in and see if anybody can come over tomorrow night and spin .

See ya !

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Yea I'm here !

I had the last 4 days off of work ,I'm back at it tonight or morning 1:00am Thursday.I lfted this morning and jumped my reps up ,I was hoping to get a run in but Not today !!........Sunday I ran on treadmill for 2 hrs....Monday was 2 hr bike ride on Rock Island Trail.....Tuesday was 2 hr spin.

Thursday will be an off day or small run......The weight isn't coming off like I hoped it would this week, I need to keep my calories under control.

I'm looking for another NRS 2 frame to transfer my K2 parts over, I want two of the same bikes for this year . I hate to give up on the Razorback it's a great singltrack race bike.

See ya !

Friday, February 03, 2006

Friday run

Not much today , Thursday was off day , Friday's are long but, I got a three mile run and some core work (abs) in.

Back in at midnight for work, spin and lift for Saturday !

-\ <.

See ya !!

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

MIdz and I

Got outside today and did around 26 miles in the wind ,It took around 1hr-50 min. so the saddle time is what were wanting.....I didn't do any training yesterday but I did get my truck tuned up plugs,rotor,distibutor cap and oil changed. I'll do some core work this afternoon and take Thursday off and then back at it Friday and the weekend !!!

Base miles through Feb.
I don't know what I should start with in March, Intervals and then Hill work in April or viceversa any Ideas from anydody ???

Image hosting by Photobucket

Image hosting by Photobucket

Midz taking the lead !

Image hosting by Photobucket

I'm on my way !

Image hosting by Photobucket

What do you do with all your race numbers ?

Monday, January 30, 2006

Sunday on the treadmill

I spent 2hrs 15min. on the treadmill ,I would walk a half a mile then run two miles while watching another Star Wars dvd...... I didn't take in enough calories for the rest of the day and it's going to catch up with me, I can't drop the weight to fast.

I'm going into my final phase of weightlifting I'll kick up my reps back up to the 12 to 15 range and do a whole body workout and keep the cardio up.

Workout tonight....weights and spin for a hour

I see Matt from Iowa has a blog !! I'll keep checking on him , He has been my main competition for years and alot of fun to race against, except I havn't been much competition for him since last year!....... I'll be back !!!! He turned forty and should be in expert this year !!!!

See ya !

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Spinning Time

I took 2 days off of training ,but not because I need it ,but because of work. Thurday and Friday was 14 hr days with enough time to come home and shower, eat, and get to bed !

Jim came over at noon today and we hit the rollers for two hours and then I hit the pizza place !
I'll run it off in the morning , my diet beens pretty good I lost 6 pds this last couple of weeks. I hope to be close to 160 by May 1st.

Image hosting by Photobucket
Tucker keeping an eye on me !

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Just another week !

Of work and training ,I worked Monday night on overtime, kind of hard to pass a drop and hook up to the windy, 9 easy hrs....Tuesday I took a nap when I got home and then jumped on the spinner for 2 hrs ,trying to get some more base time in before I get started on some hard intervals and hill time.

This morning I had a couple cups of mudd 2 serving of expresso and headed to the treadmill for 2hrs -20min. of running and walking while I watched a Star Wars movie .....I hit the ten mile mark right when the movie ended, my legs were cooked....I went through 2 bottles of Heed 4 serving of apple cin. gel and I was getting hungry by the time I was done. I can eat breakfast as soon as my feet hit the floor in the morning so I was looking for some grub fast.

I'll take tomorrow off or maybe I'll lift when I get home but Friday I'll try and get a road ride in that afternoon.

See ya !

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Steeler's Win !

Steeler's are goning to the Super Bowl ! I take Monday morning off every year just so I can stay up and watch whoever is playing It's nice that my team will be in the big one !!!

I ran 3 miles this morning then I had to get to a union meeting ,our contract is up in April !

Monday night I'll get back on the spinner and get some road miles in on Tuesday and Wednesday.

See ya !

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Long hours at work!

Thursday,Friday and Saturday all 13 hr day's 1300 miles so all you guy's can have some milk with your cereal.Top it off with 6-10 inches of snow last night up in the windy city........

I was on the spinner Wednesday 1-1/2 hrs inthe morning and I lifted that afternoon. day

Friday....Ran 3 miles

Today..... run and lift

I'm going to try and do 5 Wems races this season, all 12 hr races, that will qualify me in the seasons standings.

Race schedule for 2006

April 9th XC PAMBA - Slyvan Island Stampede Moline, Il
May 9th 12 hr Wems -Sugarcreek Ferryville, WI
May 21st XC PAMBA - Kickapoo Bash, Danville,Il
May 27th 12hr Wems - Gears Newfame,WI
June 10th 12hr Wems -John Muir South Kettle moraine,WI
June 18th XC PAMBA - Farmdale Frenzy East Peoria,Il
June 24th 12hr Wems - Metro Challege Franklin, WI ( ski Hill )
July 8th 12hr Wems - Blue Mounds,WI
July 23rd XC PAMBA -Jubilee Jam Peoria,Il
July 30-31st 24hr Nationals 24-9 , Wausua,Wi
Aug. 20th XC PAMBA -Kickapoo Epic Danville, Il
Sept. 10th XC PAMBA-Mud,Sweat& Gears Bloomington, Il
Sept. 22-23 XC PAMBA -Farmdale Festival East Peoria, Il

I'm still looking for another 24hr race at the end of the year I hoping the one in Iowa I can make this year. I would like to make the Sugar Bottom race In Iowa this year I did 2 years ago in the Mud and came in 5th in my age class -Sport........Getting the time off from work will dictate if I can make all of the races I want.

See ya !

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

First night of spinning !

MIdz and Stauby came over last night and we hit the spnners for 90 min. It was nice having some company while you suffer. We didn't hit it hard, just some saddle time right now !
Tony might make it next week if he can get away from his kids ! I know the feeling !

I ran 3 miles this morning on the tredmil while I watched a new Alice in Chains dvd ..... I can't get enough of thier music.....I seen for the first time the song Rooster is about Cantrell's dad who served in Vietnam.........That song has so much more meaning to me now ! emotions run so high when ever the men from Vietnam are involved !

Weights in the morning and some spinning !

Image hosted by

The new "Dungeon of Sweat"

Monday, January 16, 2006

Weekend of football !

Sunday I watched the Steelers win ! and Bears lose ! and read some more of Lance's book, It's hard to put down.

Some of PAMBA's race team is going to come over tonight and we are going to do some spinning and watch some MTB vidoes to keep us going. I think Midz is looking forward to this I hope we get a good workout in.......I really started watching what I eat and cut my calories down a bit but not to much I can't train.... Salads with chicken ... good stuff.

A big order of Hammer goods came today ......New bottles, Perpeteum, Heed, apple cin. gel... I got a good discount.... $30.00 bucks !

I need to get ready for the Dungeon of Sweat ! see ya !

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Thanks Jeff

For the info on 24-9 I hope my year goes good so I can train for this race !

Not much today I worked 13 hrs and ran 3 miles when I got home the weather was great for a bike ride but I don't have much time on Thursdays so a run works out better.

I have a big order from Hammer coming in I hope I get it quick I'm out of everything except I do have some Elite I've been using !

5 hrs till wake up ! see ya !

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Run and weightlift day

I put off running and lifting untill tonight,but I got them in ! I was off today from work and did some chores around the house I'm about to knock out a wall and make a new den area it should be nice when I get it done.

The PAMBA meeting last night went good It's the first one of the year and there is plenty of work to do this year,we need to get Tony's extension done and get more done at BPP.

I found out Tinker has the 24-9 race on his schedule, I hope you don't have to qualify for this race, it's my priority race for 2006 I should do some checking to find out.

I'm off again tomorrow I get a bike ride in or a long run !!

see ya !

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Get outside !

The weather is going to be nice today so I'll get a road ride in or I might go out to Rock Island Trail and see what it looks like if it's soupy I'll stay off.

I got a 2 mile run in yesterday when I got up for work then I did 1-15min. On the spinner after work while I watched a tape of the one and only Norba race at Alpine Valley back in 2002 or 01
That was a blast seeing all the pros , that's when Cindy and I meet Tinker at breakfast...And I was on the podium for 2 nd place I think 40 to 45 beg.

I need to get the bike ready to go.......I have to get back before football starts !!!

See ya !

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Inside today

I jumped on the trendmill this morning and put a movie in to watch, the next thing you know
an 1 hr 50 min, goes by and I'm feeling pretty good. I burned around 1600 cal. and needed some oatmeal fast I was hungry. I would walk for 15 min. Then run 15 min. Not bad but a good way to start my morning.

Midz and I got in some road miles yesterday, nice weather for this time of year, I did a quick 10 miles before hooking up with him then we did our regular route.

I need to lift some weights later this afternoon and take tomorrow off then back at it Friday after work.

It's hard to tell what kind of base I have I don't know when I should start doing some interval training or stay with SS miles.

I need a &%$#$%$#% plan !

see ya !

Monday, January 02, 2006

Time to get serious !

Training has jump up a notch ! I'm getting my races in order and hope I can get the days off I need. I'll get a ride in tomorrow and Wednesday, I need to take advantage of some nice weather.

I think Midz and whoever else wants come over will start doing some training down in my basement, all they have to bring is there bikes and trainers.If anyone else wants to come over I have a nice weight setup and trendmill......I'd like to keep this up for at least 8 weeks, the weather should start to break by then.

PAMBA meeting start back up next week...... We have a lot of work to do this year on the trails, we could easily be working on something every week.....But we have to remember we are a biking club also not a trail building club.

See ya!