Friday, January 30, 2009

3rd week simple plan

Just completed my 3rd week of the simple plan workout from Middz and my secound week of Cyclo Core workouts.Both are compatable with each other but I'm only do the core workout twice a week.

Amazing how strong you can get by doing just body weight workouts in a short time but I feel stronger and tighter (pumped) in just the 3 weeks of doing them.

Spinning and running is the main cardio right now,weather sucks just to cold to mess with so the dungeon has been getting used pretty good.I'm about done at the gym ,my 3 months are up next week,besides I havn't been there in a couple weeks anyway. I got what I wanted and that was some motivation to get working out and I look forward to going downstaires.

Monday I ended up doing the 1 hr race spin by myself,Middz had to work and I almost had to but I didn't have turn time to take a run up to Chicago.
PhotobucketI'm spent after this fast paced spin.

Wednesday I did a "block "I think they call it,I ran for 1 mile,spin at LT for 20 min. and back to a 1 mile run...I'll kick up that time by 5 min. each week.

I-74 Race meeting after work Saturday with all the clubs from Illinois just to hammer details out and then It's Super Bowl Sunday night !

Yeah ! I'm a Steeler Fan ! with Monday off so I can stay up and watch plus last day to pig out on the good food before race season starts...( lost 5 pds this month)

See ya !

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I finally figured out how to post a logo on this blog!

Midz came over yesterday for a dungeon ride,we hope to step it up next week at do the expert race part of this DVD I have.It's pretty tough I did it last week and it pushes you hard for 1 hr.I did body fit workout yesterday for the start of the second week.

Today I took Tucker for a walk around our property then I ran for 30 min. on treadmill and did some core work.

Spin class or ride outside tomorrow.

See ya !

Saturday, January 17, 2009

It's been cold !

Way to cold to be outside so spin,spin,spin ! Maybe next week I'll get a good ride to Hannacity!

See YA !

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

RPM class

I need to take Cindy to work this morning so I hit the gym in town while I was there.I ran for 30 min. then hit the RPM class(like a Spin class)at 10:15am these classes are fast with little recovery time for the whole 45 to 50 min. class.

After a short warm up you start kicking it up to race pace and you don't let up,the hill climbing was really putting me at my max.You get what you put into these kind of workouts and I just about gave to much right at the end of the class,as I was looking for a bucket but didn't lose it !

I'm spent and that's good...PAMBA meeting tonight !

See Ya !

Monday, January 12, 2009

Hit the Dungeon

Yesterday morning was a good leg burning,sufferfest,swampass kinda ride on the spinner,I did the 1 hour race section of the DVD Midz and I have been doing.We have been only doing the 45 min. endurance part and I thought I would step it up a little Sunday morning.

I needed to really push myself to get thru it and I'm glad I did, I was soaked with sweat by the time I finished,I stayed above 80% with my cadence above 110 to 120.

I just finished the first part of a body workout Midz gave me, a 20 min. workout then just 5 and 10 min. workout on Wednesday and Friday.

Cindy has the ladies coming over for Bunco the Girls and I are going to hit a movie tonight.

See Ya !

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hit the trails

I was able to get a good two hour ride in at Farmdale Friday with the temps in low 30s.It was nice to get some climbing in and suffer a little.

I seen a couple of other riders but I had the park to myself for most of the ride,not to many people ride this time of year around here but I try as much as possible.

Of course I didn't have my camera but you know what woods look like.

Ergon is my latest sponsor for the 2009 season and I'm excited to be part of them, I already have some product I want to order for the new year.

I'll ride outside in the morning or maybe a good 1 hour spin in the Dungeon we'll see !

PAMBA meeting this Tuesday night first one of the 2009 season.

See Ya !

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Training in full on mode

Happy new year everybody ! Now lets get serious about the 2009 season !

Midz has been coming by on Monday nights to hit the dungeon with me for about an hour of spinning fun,and we both have been getting some running in on the off the bike days.

Getting my weight under control is my first priority for the new year, I do this every year so no big deal but I do have a target weight I want to get to by April.

A little snow on the ground this morning but I really wanted to get some time in the saddle outside on the bike ,so I grabbed all my gear and broke out the NRS composite and hit the road.
Trying to keep the feet warm neoprene socks,heat pads and booties
Lots of layers under armor,leggies and I went with the baggies today
Heading towards Hannacity to Mom and Dads house

Mom was the only one home Dad was Ice fishing I stayed about 10 min. to warm the toes and I was out the door

On way back home and I only had 1-1/2 hours in the saddle if I go right here home is only ten min. away if I go straight I'll get another 1-/14 hr. of saddle time.Toes were still OK so went for the extra time on the bike and ended up with a nice 2-3/4 hr ride.

Good things about the ride today
1)I was outside
2)I wasn't inside
3)being on the NRS composite instead of road bike
4)riding by myself
5)low traffic
6)drinking my cytomax and Hammer Perpetuem love the combo
7)not having my I pod and enjoying the quiet
8)just good time in the saddle
9)stayed pretty warm for the most part.

Bad things about the ride today
1)It was cold
2)toes did not stay warm
3)no one to enjoy the ride with
4)it was getting foggy and I didn't have a red blinky light
5)not having my I pod

Good things Win so I think I'll ride my bike again ! Yea !

I'll be posting up my race schedule for the season with intentions of hitting them all but work really needs to get me off on Saturdays to help out,lets hope.

My oldest turns 23 today Happy B-day Mike Jr.

Some GREEN Motivation for the 2009 Season!

I grabbed this off of Scott coles blog

Posted on January 1, 2009 by ergonusa

Ergon USA is proud to announce its partnership with the following teams and athletes for the 2009 racing season. Look for them at adventure races, 24 hour races, XC races, and other cycling related events across the USA, Canada, and select International events.

–Mountain Bike Teams–
Team Kenda
Team Low Riders
Team Big Ring Racing
Cannondale Factory Team (USA)
Guinness MTB Team
Ride Against the Machine
Sorella Cycling
Team Bach Builders
Team Chainring Sports
Team Faster Mustache
Team Gripped Films-Kenda
Team Independent Fabrication
Team Scott-Kuhl
Team Mountain Bike Riders
Team Troupe Racing
Team Vassago Cycles
Team Big Wheel Racing

–Adventure Racing Teams–
Team Dart-Nuun
Yoga Slackers
Midwest Cycling Adventure Racing

–Individual Athletes–
Hans Rey
Monique “Pua” Sawicki
Louise Kobin
Adam Lisonbee
Allison Mann
Andrew Howe
Arleigh Jenkins
Brandon Harpster
Carey Lowery
Christopher Averett
Dave Harris
Dave Nice
David Hall
Derek Fish
Erick Auger
Ernesto Marenchin
Evan Plews
Greg Francis
Harry Precourt
Jason Mahokey
Josh Tostado
Justin Farmer
Kurt Refsnider
Luke Wiens
Lynda Wallenfels
Michael Mathers
Mike Gore
Mike Howard
Nathan Drozad
Peter Glassford
Rebecca Stauber
Rick Nelson
Robb Kranz
Ryan Geiger
Sally Marchand Collins
Scott Cole
Scott McClave
Steve Schwartz
Tamari Prius
The Steven’s
Thomas Bender
Travis Williams
William Burleigh

See ya !