Sunday, April 24, 2005


I haven't posted ! I'm not very good at typing so it's more of chore than being lazy ! I just checked with the Iowa race and it sounds like the weather turned real bad. I'll check later today to get the 411. I have been doing ok on the training this week hasn't been the best but the weather sucks here to. Last Suday I got in a 4 hr. none stop ride at Jubilee to check out what drink and food I'll need for my 6 hr race next weekend.I didn't go real hard just steady,The waether might be bad in Win. So I hope they don't cancel it but I don't want to do a mud race either. The kickapoo race is in a few weeks to start off the PAMBA series and it's going to be tough.30 miles at race pace will be hard ,hope weather is good. I need to go mushroom hunting see ya!

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

First race of 2005

I had my first race in Moline Il Sylvan Stampede, It was a good race alot of fun,no hills but very technical with alot of rocks and roots. They had a good turnout of riders for there first race.The FORC guys did a great job and everyone was real friendly. That might not mean alot to some people but I'm doing this to have fun and ride not get to serious. Don't get me wrong I want to do good I can't help but race hard !! Okay ! about the race I'm raceing expert, we had 13 racers of all ages mostley aroud my age or 30's a couple were older. ther was a nice sprint about 100 plus yards to the singletrack and I went in around 10th place and I held it for most of the race. I was passed on the 4 or 5th lap but the guy fell about a 1/4 lap after he passed me and I didn't let him get back in the race. I tried some Hammer gel and drink and I really don't know yet on how the worked on me, I need to do some trainning with them. I finished strong anf felt pretty good at the end and didn't need to srint or go hard I just keeped a good pace and even droped the other guys behind me around lap 6. It feels good to see where my fitness is and get a race under my belt.Back to training !!! see ya !

Monday, April 04, 2005

Trail day Saturday

I didn't get my ride in Saturday like I wanted to, we worked on the trails for about 2- 1/2 hrs . All we did was use our leaf blowers on the trails to help dry them out. I ended up walking about 5 miles so I blew off the road ride. Sunday I went on a 4 hr 66 mile ride and felt good. Today I went to Farmdale for a trail ride, I got in 2 hrs of some easy spinning . The bad thing is I took two real hard falls, the first one I was jacking around on a log stunt and I fell to one side and the bike went the other side and I was cliped in so I fell hard.I just got scraped up no damage.The other fall hurt bad ,I was almost done not even ten min. from the truck when I rounded a corner nice and easy but my pedal caught a stump and stopped me now ! I flew over the bike but first racked my left cookie right on the stem ,then rolled over on my side. I didn't know what hit me ! It took about ten min. for me to get back on the bike and quit slobbering and groaning !!! . I put some frozen peas on the boys as soon as I got home.

I have to start yard work tomorrow ! more money for bike parts ! I might not be able to get back on the bike for a couple days with the weather going south. We have a PAMBA meeting tomorrow , It's always good to talk to everyone ! see ya !

Friday, April 01, 2005

Trail ride at Indy

today after work, the trails were in good shape after the rain, I got in 2-1/2 hrs of riding 20miles all together. I did 15 min. of warm up,1-1/2 hr of race pace then I took my time and enjoyed the woods. I really am feeling the extra weight this year I'm about 12 lbs heavier but I don't want to go on a hard diet this time of year. I'll try to eat better and let the bike burn some weight off. I hope to get in a road ride tomorrow It should be some hill work. I do my first race next Sunday in Moline ,Il I hope the weather is good ! see ya