Friday, December 29, 2006

Stop The Eating !

I can't wait for the holidays to get over with ! There is way to much food around the house or lets say bad food and my willpower is on overload.After this weekend I'll go on a ten week bodybuilders contest diet routine and get rid of the 15lbs Iv'e gained,I hope to be down to 165 lbs for T/3 and maintain 160 for the rest of the year...Yeah right !

Training is going good, my core is getting stronger each week and looking forward to some long rides.The big question is how long and how many rides a week should I be getting in this time of year and what should I be working up to before T/3 ?

On the home front New Years eve should be fun here at the house with the food and friends...Middz and Les might come out early and light up the woods with some fun with the guns ! Target shooting only ! I should be getting my Turkey permit soon in the mail also.

It's about that time ! The Dungeon !
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Happy New Year and be safe !!

See Ya !

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Trans-Iowa III

looks like a go for Matt and I ! and almost 120 riders will try and finish 320 plus miles of gravel fun.I guess this winter I'll be even more sireus on my training than last year and I thought I did pretty good before.

The temps were great here all week long and I could't get out for any rides until today.I headed out with the wind to my back and wanted to do some suffering on my way back to the house...with 20 + mile wind in my face all the way home I had the legs burning pretty good.

The first time I ever had to get off my bike from a dog wanting to take a chunck out of my leg happened right as I crossed route 8, the owner was a old man in the yard chopping wood and he couldn't call the dog off me so I kept walking in circles with the bike between me and the German Shepard.When the dog finally went back in his yard the old guy started to yell at me that it was my fault for tresspassing on the street in front of his house.He thinks he owns it to the center line because he pays taxes ! I yelled back are you FUCKING NUTS ! so you can guess the rest as I was fired up now and just let it all fly out at him...Then I thought he might have some retarded son inside the house with a gun so I got the hell out of there...MORON !!!

It was a good ride though and I needed it to clear my head,I still had not checked with the Trans V III board so I didn't know if I was in yet.Now it was all worth it and I get a plan on my training...I'll get ahold of you Matt and talk about some training methods and nutrition and get some kind of plan on getting thru this race.

I'm glad Paddy will be there and hope to meet some new blogers !

see ya

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A few more days

And I'll know if I get in the Trans-Iowa race ! I hope I didn't bite off more than I can chew,but you don't know if you don't try. Matt Brakeville is hoping to get in too and we plan on riding together and who ever else we can get to stick with us old timers.

Two weeks into my core work and my back feels better already I get out of bed with out grunting like old man...this workout also has me doing yoga and I don't stretch to good so it's hurting alot and I get pretty sore on some of the workouts like I had been lifting weights so I know it's doing me some good.

The weather has been great the last couple of days but to foggy for me to get on the bike,about the time the sun burns it off I need to go to bed ..I've been on the spinner but when its 50 outside I need to be out there.

Work is about the same bad hours and long hours last week 60 hrs in 5 days and my normal week is 53 hrs in 4 days Whats worse ?

Time for bed ! Kelsi has a X-mas choir at school tonight so I'll split my sleep up and get 4 hrs now and get a couple more tonight....Milkmen don't sleep anyway !

see ya !