Friday, August 22, 2008

Rock Star ?

PAMBA hit the air waves Thursday ...From the National Geographic article...I can't get this to link up right so cut and paste

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2nd Place Finish at 24-9

I was hoping to get some pics up but I will try and insert them later,So the good news I hit the podium two years in a row NICE ! 2nd place and I had a good strong race.

The race started out fast and my plan was to go out fast for a couple of laps then shut it down to my own pace,but I was feeling good with no problems so I keep the pace up for a couple more laps.I new I was going to have to slow a little but I was still turning in good solid lap times and no real issues yet as I was into my 5th and 6th lap.

First goal was to be out for my 7th lap before last years time of 6:55pm and I was out at 6:25 so I was now setting my next goal of 8 laps done before the 12th hour.At 9:52 I was out for my 9th lap so I was feeling good still but really new it would be hard to maintain the 1:30 min. laps the rest of the 12 hours to get my 16 laps I was hoping for.

The course was dry and dusty,really bad dust and it was everywhere you could tell who was the solo guys just by the amount of dirt on them.I think it was the start of my 8th lap that I washed the dirt off and changed into my Giant clothes just to feel better and get ready for the long night.

Lap 9 and 10 were fast for me and I was tearing up the singletrack and getting back to the pit in 1:30 to 1:32 the maybe 4 to 5 min. in the pit changing lights and refueling and I was gone.( Cindy was great )
Compare those times to last year I knew I was ahead of the game and creeping up into 2 place.

Lap 11 and 12 it seemed I would feel good for a while and I need more time in the pit with the lights but lap 12 I felt drained on the first half of the course and I had to snap out of it and make myself eat some gel to get the energy I needed. I think that's when I stoped at the bike patrol tent and took on some Gatorade.

Lap 13 I knew It was the last lap with the lights so I put on Tony's Jet light on my helmet and rode the rest of the race with only the helmet light.I'm going to check into just running just a helmet light because of all the other problem of having to much to do in the pits.

Lap 14 and 15 was just ride the laps and enjoy the morning sun warming me up I had 2place wrapped up and I was going to be able to stop before 10:00am instead of going out for a last lap just in case !

15 laps in 23:28 and last year it took me 25:00 hours so hell yeah I'm happy and feeling it today and yesterday and will tomorrow but it's a good hurt !

PAMBA had a good crew up from Peoria with the Proctor Cycling team kicking ass also Five podium spots from Peoria Nice Job Guys !

My Friend Bob tried his first 12 hours race and made it to the end with some strong determination to get back out and do two more laps after he bonked real bad earlier in the day...Great Job Bob ! You have been with me all summer on most of my long training rides and keeping me focused on what it takes to get on the podium at such a let's say rough mountainbike event !

How about BOB WOO ! Was he great ? Mr. Woo is the wrench guy at Bushwhackers in Peoria and he brings everything but the kitchen sink and wrenches for PAMBA,Proctor and me Thanks Bob and Cindy thanks you also !

Thanks to Bushwhackers and Maxxis tires for getting me thru the race the Ignitors tore the singletrack up.

Everybody that races solo knows it can't be done without some good pit times and my wife Cindy has gotten it down to perfection,she seems to know what I want and when I want it and has sacrificed thru the night and day to be there for me ! Thanks you Honey I wouldn't be as good without you !

Next year maybe team ?

It was always good to see the friends from 24-9 Good job Constantine Peters for his 2nd place finish solo singlespeed and Dallas for his fourth place finish I was able to talk to them both out on course for a while,hope to see them next year or at another race.

Time to recover and look at some more races !

See ya !