Saturday, December 13, 2008

Trying to keep on the bike

This time of year it gets pretty tough to get any good miles in so I spend alot of time on the spinner,I did get a couple of hours on the singlespeed Wednesday.I rode to Hannacity then stoped at the F/S gas station to warm my toes and have a cup of coffee.

The gym is going ok but I really want to hit some long miles on the bike I'm bored with winter already...I'm going to try the workout James gave me on Monday and keep it up for aleast the 8 weeks it calls for.

heading into Hannacity

See ya !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back in the Dungeon

Hit the spinner tonight in the dungeon for a quick 45 min.interval workout,I'm going to keep the rides quick and gut wrenching,no long rides if I can help it.The gym has been going good but could be better,the atmosphere at this place is not keeping me motivated...I'm use to a sweat shop kind of gym where guys are yelling and grunting with loud music ! Riverplex is a proper,don't make any noise kind of gym with way to many seasoned citizens.
pic from last year getting my sweat on!

Have a good turkey day !

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bridge Work at BP

PAMBA put in 11 bridges in the last two weekends at the new Black Partridge Park in Metamora,Il just outside of Peoria.Black Partridge will be the 5 th park PAMBA takes care of in the Peoria area,YES we keep busy just trying to maintain the parks plus with all the reroutes and new trails being built we do our share.

inca slaving the bridges in !

setting them into place

Driving them into place

Screwing the planks down

Les and Morgan,another nice job done !

Tony checking out the handy work,Tony is the fabricator of all the metal frames of these bridges PAMBA owes him allot for being able to do all this work at his place of work.

bringing down the last bridge of the weekend

Matt,Ben,Carrie and Les glad the last one is here !Check out the wheels that Tony fabricated to haul the bridges that's the back in I was at the front end with a steering handle ! Tony amazes me with his ingenuity !

Joined a gym a couple of weeks ago to keep motivated thru the winter,Bob goes there also so we can keep each other honest,I did a spin class last week and hope to tonight or in the morning.I'll lift weights heavy for about six weeks the start to lighten it up and get into more higher reps for endurance building.

Cindy and I celebrated our 24th annv. last night! I sleep good last night !!!!!

I have a few sponsorship request in for 2009 hope to hear back soon,of course Bushwhackers is on board again.

See ya !

Friday, October 31, 2008

Mug A Dirt ride

I put this ride together on October 19th I called the "Mug A Dirt" 5 parks in 10 hours here in the Peoria area.We kinda did a quick version of what I really want to do,more hours on the trail or ride by bike to all the parks.

Me and seven other guys headed out at 8:ooam to ride the first park Black Partridge in Metamora,Il then Farmdale Resevoir in East Peoria,Indy and Dirkson Park in Marquette Heights and end up at Jubilee State Park in Brimfield,Il.

You can get to all the parks within 20 to 30 minutes from downtown Peoria and from each other,we are so lucky to have this much riding in Central Il.

Riders that showed up for the first ride were Tony Thaller,Mike Staub,Doug Morgen,Matt Brown,Jeff Hardway,Les Gifforn,Doug Urbaniak and I.

Getting ready for Black Partridge 1 st park and temps were in the high 30s

Tony,Doug M and Matt rolling on thru !

Stauby showing us a new reroute !

Getting ready for park #2 Farmdale

Jeff,Doug and Matt rolling thru the creek at Farmdale

Yep still back there !

Stoping to do a little trail maintenance

Park #3 Indy

Get it Matt !

Les,riding more in one day than he has ever done

Tony rolling the creek

Matt needed a little nudge to keep going ,maybe 24-9 next year Matt?

Refuelling at Tony's after Indy,Doug M took a nasty pinch flat to his rear tire and had to DNF

Doug,Jeff and Mike S eating Subways that Amy had for us between Indy and Dirkson

Heading over to park #4 Dirkson,Nice pic ! and only pic of Dirkson "getting tired"

park #5 Jubilee 7 riders left

getting all caught up with 30 minutes to go !

Matt Brown provided us with all the carnage for todays ride !

Cindy had some BBQ and pasta for us to celbrate our first Mug A Dirt Ride

Great ride Guys Can't wait for next year !

Monday, September 01, 2008

Seven Oaks

Went to Boone Iowa this weekend for my 2nd 24 hr. race this year and I had to pull the plug after only 6 laps.Short story is not my kinda of course the climbs were short but way to many I'm not a strong rider I can do steady climbing but these climbs just killed me.

I don't think I went out to fast I was in the top twenty riders at the start but I knew this might be trouble when Guys were walking up some switchbacks on the 1st lap.Anyway legs never came back and were drained and i was in granny gear already YEP I SAID GRANNY GEAR ! pulled the plug and live to ride another day !

Nice to see Paul Jacobson from Trans Iowa #3 when I was there so I'm glad I went !

I'll Try to get some pics up !

See Ya !

Friday, August 22, 2008

Rock Star ?

PAMBA hit the air waves Thursday ...From the National Geographic article...I can't get this to link up right so cut and paste

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

2nd Place Finish at 24-9

I was hoping to get some pics up but I will try and insert them later,So the good news I hit the podium two years in a row NICE ! 2nd place and I had a good strong race.

The race started out fast and my plan was to go out fast for a couple of laps then shut it down to my own pace,but I was feeling good with no problems so I keep the pace up for a couple more laps.I new I was going to have to slow a little but I was still turning in good solid lap times and no real issues yet as I was into my 5th and 6th lap.

First goal was to be out for my 7th lap before last years time of 6:55pm and I was out at 6:25 so I was now setting my next goal of 8 laps done before the 12th hour.At 9:52 I was out for my 9th lap so I was feeling good still but really new it would be hard to maintain the 1:30 min. laps the rest of the 12 hours to get my 16 laps I was hoping for.

The course was dry and dusty,really bad dust and it was everywhere you could tell who was the solo guys just by the amount of dirt on them.I think it was the start of my 8th lap that I washed the dirt off and changed into my Giant clothes just to feel better and get ready for the long night.

Lap 9 and 10 were fast for me and I was tearing up the singletrack and getting back to the pit in 1:30 to 1:32 the maybe 4 to 5 min. in the pit changing lights and refueling and I was gone.( Cindy was great )
Compare those times to last year I knew I was ahead of the game and creeping up into 2 place.

Lap 11 and 12 it seemed I would feel good for a while and I need more time in the pit with the lights but lap 12 I felt drained on the first half of the course and I had to snap out of it and make myself eat some gel to get the energy I needed. I think that's when I stoped at the bike patrol tent and took on some Gatorade.

Lap 13 I knew It was the last lap with the lights so I put on Tony's Jet light on my helmet and rode the rest of the race with only the helmet light.I'm going to check into just running just a helmet light because of all the other problem of having to much to do in the pits.

Lap 14 and 15 was just ride the laps and enjoy the morning sun warming me up I had 2place wrapped up and I was going to be able to stop before 10:00am instead of going out for a last lap just in case !

15 laps in 23:28 and last year it took me 25:00 hours so hell yeah I'm happy and feeling it today and yesterday and will tomorrow but it's a good hurt !

PAMBA had a good crew up from Peoria with the Proctor Cycling team kicking ass also Five podium spots from Peoria Nice Job Guys !

My Friend Bob tried his first 12 hours race and made it to the end with some strong determination to get back out and do two more laps after he bonked real bad earlier in the day...Great Job Bob ! You have been with me all summer on most of my long training rides and keeping me focused on what it takes to get on the podium at such a let's say rough mountainbike event !

How about BOB WOO ! Was he great ? Mr. Woo is the wrench guy at Bushwhackers in Peoria and he brings everything but the kitchen sink and wrenches for PAMBA,Proctor and me Thanks Bob and Cindy thanks you also !

Thanks to Bushwhackers and Maxxis tires for getting me thru the race the Ignitors tore the singletrack up.

Everybody that races solo knows it can't be done without some good pit times and my wife Cindy has gotten it down to perfection,she seems to know what I want and when I want it and has sacrificed thru the night and day to be there for me ! Thanks you Honey I wouldn't be as good without you !

Next year maybe team ?

It was always good to see the friends from 24-9 Good job Constantine Peters for his 2nd place finish solo singlespeed and Dallas for his fourth place finish I was able to talk to them both out on course for a while,hope to see them next year or at another race.

Time to recover and look at some more races !

See ya !

Monday, July 28, 2008

24-9 week

Getting ready for 24-9 this week ,I took the week off from work so I can get some good sleep and not be in a hurry about packing up.I'll hit the road Thursday morning and get to Rib Mnt. around 11:00 am or noon go help out at the venue and maybe stake out a spot for the weekend.

There is around 24 riders going up so it should be a blast,the down side is I don't get to enjoy the venue and all the things going on,it's fun just to walk around and watch what people are doing.

I don't know what pro's are coming up SoloGoat is about all I do know I hope Mark Hendershot is going to make it again.

Let's hope for another podium finish and good weather !

See ya !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long road miles

Got in another 102 miles on the road today just over 6 hours at 90 degree temps, Bob lasted for around 85 a good ride for him.

Taper down for a couple weeks no more long rides, a night ride Tuesday will be fun.

Cindy has been in shy town since Friday with my mom and sisters she'll be home some time tonight but I'll be in bed.

See ya !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rain out !

Bob and I got 1one hour away from Franklin,Wi. and the race was called off due to rain ! Shit! turn this buggy around Bob and head back to Peoria,three hours into the ride and three hours back home...Oh well good talking with Bob and well try and get a long road ride in the morning.

See ya !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Test ride single speed

I took out the K2 yesterday at Jubilee for a test ride and all is good,I like the light weight of 22 lbs.

Group ride at Jubilee good time !

Going to the pool today time to rest !

6 hour race Saturday - going all out ride like it's a XC race
then back off the training for 24-9

See Ya !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

racing and stuff

Whats been going on ? Mom and dad's 50th anniversity ...Sister Debbie and her family up from Texas for the party and two other sisters Cindy and Julie from Peoria all and a couple races in to get ready for 24-9.

XC race up in the Quads 1-74 race #3..9th place out of 11 a good ride for me.If you think I'm going to be as fast as the young guy's THINK AGAIN ! Arron(21 years younger) is just plain fast.Tony had a good race too!

6 hour race up in Franklin Wi. Then I shut down the major endurance rides and try and keep the legs snappy and fresh for two weeks before 24-9.

see ya

Monday, June 23, 2008

A lot of road miles

Finished the finale coat of black on the Zed...Cindy and I enjoying a Fat Tire
K2 Zed frame getting a primer coat of paint I'm making it into a single speed.

Days are getting numbered for how many long hours of training I can get in,Bob has been getting some good rides in and sticking with me pretty good.I have I74 race #3 in a few weeks then Wems up in Franklin,Wi 6 hour two weeks before 24-9.Peoria is bring up a good number of riders again I bet there will be around 20 racers all together in differant teams.The Proctor riders are really digging the 4 man team event and a couple of ladies are doing 12 or maybe 24 hr duall.

Crit in downtown Peoria next Sunday Cindy and I will course marshall for a couple of hours.

Fat Tire beer at Caseys Stores...nice yeah ?

see ya !

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Not feeling it today

Went out this morning planning on another long ride but legs felt heavy and wouldn't respond,and of course the wind picked up.My planned route was going to be a bitch again and I knew I could use some hill work so I took off in the other direction and did some intervals and hills and cut my ride to a 3 hour kill the legs ride.

I'll hit the trails tomorrow for a quick hour and get some long miles in this weekend.24-9 isn't far away and I need some back to back 6 hr plus rides to keep my endurance up,plus I have a XC race and a 6 hr race in July.

See Ya !

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Century done

It took 6:12 minutes 100.50 miles with the last 20 miles with the wind in my face at 20+mph yeah kiss my ass.I was 1 mile from the house and I had 5 hours and 80 miles in,go home or grind out the last 20,I was at LT max at 11 mph at times but I really wanted 6 hours in the saddle so I took a right turn and then a left back to the wind in my face...I really need to plan a route south of Trivoli I new what I was for and new it was going to hurt.

Hope to keep the saddle time up for the rest of the year if I'm going to do any good at my next races.

2 bottles of Heed
2 bottles of Substained Energy
2 bottles of Gatorade
1 bottle of Red Bull
1-1/2 bottles of gel
1/2 turkey sub
felt good and strong

See Ya !

Friday, May 30, 2008

Sorry I'm trying !

Alot has happened since my last post 12 hours of gears,work,grass growing,and some pretty shitty weather! Oh ! of course the Jubilee Jam with temps soring into the 90's and we had a racer go down with heat stroke ! not good ! He just got out of ICU today and close call for him to even be alive.

Pic's won't come up so I haven't been posting and trying to get on the bike,I hope for a good 6 hours on the road bike in the morning YEAH RIGHT ! Lets hope !

See YA !

Friday, May 23, 2008

12 hrs of Gears

I'm heading up to Wisconsin for my first race of the year it should be a 12 hr race but I'm only doing 6 I'm a little behind in the training department.Bob Grace is going up to do his first endurance race the 6 hr also.Cindy and I are going to then spend the night up near Kenosha and do a little site seeing on Sunday should be fun !

See ya !

Sunday, May 11, 2008

2008 Midwest Festival

I have some pics of the Festival,it was a good time but busy keeping things together,weather wasn't the best until Sunday then of course it sunny and warm.
A little carnage a little fun at night,Cindy and Amy was serving up the beer on the night ride and a pic of Cindy and I

I'm getting ready for my first race on the 24th up in WI. 6 hours is all i'm ready for a good training ride anyway.Also need to get Jubilee ready for the I-74 series # 2 race.

See ya !

Friday, April 18, 2008

First ride at Jubilee for the Year

Rain today keep me off the trails but I did make it Wednesday to check out the conditions and alot of leaves need to be blown off of Plank.PAMBA has a trail day for this Sunday at 10:00am to get them in shape before the Festival a couple of good hours of walking and maybe some riding after the work gets done.

I have some Sylvan Island race pics to post,the I-74 series is under way for the year with a good turn out for the FORC Club.

See Ya!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

No Ride

Just work overtime,run 3 miles,lift,speed bag workout,eat salad and go to bed !

See Ya !

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Sunday RIT Ride

Wind kicked my ass Sunday with Bob on the ROCK Island Trail we rode the whole course of 48+ mile in 4-1/4 hours.The wind on the way back (24 miles) was in our face the whole time and had me at and above my LT for a good 2 hours.

I jumped on the spinner yesterday to recover and took today off,legs are roached!

Love that feeling !

See Ya !

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Some pice from last weeks RIT ride,I'm hitting it again in the morning with Bob,should get the whole ride in of 48 miles.A new coffee house opened up in Dunlap so I'll be sure and stop in and see what goodies they have.

I really need to get some serious saddle time in and get my head back in the game of training...There is so much to do this time of year outside I sometimes wish I lived in an apartment with no responsibilities.

See Ya !