Monday, September 01, 2008

Seven Oaks

Went to Boone Iowa this weekend for my 2nd 24 hr. race this year and I had to pull the plug after only 6 laps.Short story is not my kinda of course the climbs were short but way to many I'm not a strong rider I can do steady climbing but these climbs just killed me.

I don't think I went out to fast I was in the top twenty riders at the start but I knew this might be trouble when Guys were walking up some switchbacks on the 1st lap.Anyway legs never came back and were drained and i was in granny gear already YEP I SAID GRANNY GEAR ! pulled the plug and live to ride another day !

Nice to see Paul Jacobson from Trans Iowa #3 when I was there so I'm glad I went !

I'll Try to get some pics up !

See Ya !