Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Yep I'm Here !

Wow ! Starting to get some time to get on the bike and try and salvage some of this season,I rode Jubilee today after work with only 3 hours of sleep in the last 36 hours.Wouldn't know my legs felt great and I did the full race course for 3 laps at race pace and could have kept on going...Expert did 4 laps a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to stop feeling good.

Missing 24-9 was killing me this weekend but I kept on watching Paddy,Naomi and Ray Nees and a big YEE AHH for Ray ! he does his first 24 solo and gets the win ! When I think of the battle we could have had it would have been a blast !I'm really Happy for him...and of course Cindy and I missed seeing Paddy and Naomi maybr next time Paddy and Congrats on the wins !

Getting the Jubilee race out of the way has really let me get back on the bike we now need to get I-74 #4 at Black Partridge done on August 9th.

I did get to race a couple of weeks ago and did ok I raced Sport with the legs lacking saddle time and have hit the road for some good miles.I'm doing a Endurance road race on the 8th and shooting for a 12 or 24 hr. road race in September.

See ya !