Monday, July 28, 2008

24-9 week

Getting ready for 24-9 this week ,I took the week off from work so I can get some good sleep and not be in a hurry about packing up.I'll hit the road Thursday morning and get to Rib Mnt. around 11:00 am or noon go help out at the venue and maybe stake out a spot for the weekend.

There is around 24 riders going up so it should be a blast,the down side is I don't get to enjoy the venue and all the things going on,it's fun just to walk around and watch what people are doing.

I don't know what pro's are coming up SoloGoat is about all I do know I hope Mark Hendershot is going to make it again.

Let's hope for another podium finish and good weather !

See ya !

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Long road miles

Got in another 102 miles on the road today just over 6 hours at 90 degree temps, Bob lasted for around 85 a good ride for him.

Taper down for a couple weeks no more long rides, a night ride Tuesday will be fun.

Cindy has been in shy town since Friday with my mom and sisters she'll be home some time tonight but I'll be in bed.

See ya !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Rain out !

Bob and I got 1one hour away from Franklin,Wi. and the race was called off due to rain ! Shit! turn this buggy around Bob and head back to Peoria,three hours into the ride and three hours back home...Oh well good talking with Bob and well try and get a long road ride in the morning.

See ya !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Test ride single speed

I took out the K2 yesterday at Jubilee for a test ride and all is good,I like the light weight of 22 lbs.

Group ride at Jubilee good time !

Going to the pool today time to rest !

6 hour race Saturday - going all out ride like it's a XC race
then back off the training for 24-9

See Ya !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

racing and stuff

Whats been going on ? Mom and dad's 50th anniversity ...Sister Debbie and her family up from Texas for the party and two other sisters Cindy and Julie from Peoria all and a couple races in to get ready for 24-9.

XC race up in the Quads 1-74 race #3..9th place out of 11 a good ride for me.If you think I'm going to be as fast as the young guy's THINK AGAIN ! Arron(21 years younger) is just plain fast.Tony had a good race too!

6 hour race up in Franklin Wi. Then I shut down the major endurance rides and try and keep the legs snappy and fresh for two weeks before 24-9.

see ya