Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Recovery ride

Today with Midds only 15 miles about 1hr 15 min. with a25 mile hr. head wind. I did 45 miles yesterday after work almost 3hrs, it has been a couple good days of riding 110 miles with 15 more today. I was called a fag by some farm boys in Farmington, I tried to get them bring it on but they went the other way. I think they were only jacking around I'll have Steph. check it out on who they are. I did some shoulders and arms this morning, I have to work tonight ( big money at time and a half) I'll take the gym bag and hit chest and back in Peoria when I get off in the morning. Most likely I'll run or stair stepper. See ya !

Sunday, March 27, 2005

About Time !

I got back on the bike,I havn't been on it since the first of the week.I about bit off more than I can chew again ,I went north today to mark out a route and I ended up having to call Cindy and have her tell me where the hell I am !.I wasn't far off but I did need to turn around and go back where I came from . It was a good ride alot of time 4 hrs in the saddle around 65 miles. Cindy knew where I was heading and came out in the truck and met me at route 8 I had her go ahead of me and I drafted behind the truck for the last 3 miles it was great, she did a good job and I really needed the help. I hope to get a ride in after work tomorrow and then a recovery ride Tuesday with Midds and maybe the trails on wednesday if they are dry. see ya !!!!

Thursday, March 24, 2005

Long day !!

another long day at work 13hrs and I'm tired, I think I'll just eat and go to bed. I'll get on the spinner tomorrow for some leg speed work. I was on the spinner yesterday for 30 mins. then ran down to tredmill and ran for 1 hr ,my legs were toast this morning. If the weather holds out the PAMBA team is going to come over Saturday for a road ride . I'll see how that goes !!!

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Good 2 days of riding

Sunday and Monday was great for trail riding ! Sunday was my b-day 44 yrs and the weather was great I hit Indy for 3 hrs non stop, I was having so much fun because I don't know the trails that good so I could have been in another state and I wouldn't know it. I meet Tony and Staub monday after work and went for another ride 2hrs 45 min. plus i was there earleir and rode for a 1 hr 20min. they showed me a good ten mile loop that I will use for training we rode into the dark ,glad we took lights but my trail rat sucks !! I was wiped when I got home and it showed this morning I sleep in till 10:30 this morning and thats not me .the only reason I woke up was besause Cindy called . She thought I was sick or hurt !!! I'll do a slow recovery ride on the spinner today maybe a hr. Well I guess I should do something today !!!!!!!!

Sunday, March 20, 2005

ya i havn't gone no where 1

sorry i havn't posted 1 I get on line and I get lazy about posting .I went to Indy Trails for a nice 3 hr ride trail are in grat shape !.training has been good but not where i want to be I still think I'm a little behind where I should be. I'm getting tired of the road rides the trail ride today was fun. MY first endurance race will be at the end of April in WI. I think I'm going to do a 6 hr race and see how I enjoy it, If I don't have a good time or have fun I'll stick to the regular xc raceing. I'm planing on doing 12 hrs at the end of May and my real goal is to do 24 hrs of 9-Mile solo. I'm going up to the quad cities on April 10th for my 1st xc race I'm curious on my fitness level this will let me know how far ahead I am from last year. I'll keep in touch !!!!!!!!