Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Road bike

Tuesday and today's miles were on the road bike WOW ! I forgot how light and fast I can be with a 19 pd bike.Midz joined me today for a quick 27 miles that's 5 rides in 5 days with 28 more to hit my goal of riding every day in March.

Thursday could be tough but I think I'll do a 12 mile time trail and then a easy ride on Friday to set myself up for some long hours in the saddle Saturday and Sunday.

See ya

Monday, March 01, 2010

Sunday ride on the Rig

I woke up Sunday morning wanting to get some good mileage on the Rig but I wanted the temps to get up a little higher before I set out on my ride.I took off with a goal of 2 to 3 hrs of ride time depending on how I felt and how late it was getting but I hit 2-3/4 hrs and 42 miles so all was good.

The Rig felt great I love the gearing on it,it's perfect for Trans Iowa and the drop bars make it feel great with no pressure on the back.I have the big MTB tires on it right now but I will go with some cross tires soon.

Midz came over for a quick 25 miles tonight...cold and windy !

I'll hit it again in the morning maybe with road bike !

Day one 25 miles !