Monday, June 27, 2005

Breaking it down !

Wow ! was that a hard race ! A little over 93 miles of trailriding in less than 11 hrs.
The race was fun and started with a real shotgun start and at XC race pace I stayed with the second group I knew I couldn't stay with the leaders at that high of a pace. The course was sandy with some roots and a real cool winding trail around to the top of the hill, a slight screw up and you could fall into some trouble.

I don't know my exact time on my first lap but I think it was around 1 hr ,then they stoped us because of some problems with the course being marked. I think we wasted about ten min. then they told us to go ahead and off we went.

Laps 2 to 4 I felt good and stayed with my Hammer products and Elete
Oh ya ! on my second lap I went over a small tree limb that looked real freash and my chainring dug right into it and right over I went ENDO ! I caught myself pretty good though and didn't get hurt (LOTS OF SAND )

laps 5 and 6 I stayed with my plan of just pacing myself and don't worry about the times I realy needed to finish this race and see how my body is going to respond to the suffering. I made the mistake of not taking in some more Gel and I think it drained me of energy on my 7th lap.

On my 7th lap I barely made it back I was cooked pretty good ! I could have quit real easy but I had Cindy give me some REDBULL and Fig-Newtons and they seemed to get me going again.

8th lap I felt good by time I got 1/2 way around and was trying see if I can get 2 more laps in by 8:00
when I came in on the begining of the 9 th lap I need a good time if I was going to get in 10 laps .....

But it was not meant be I needed a fast 1-1/4 lap and I didn't have it in me and I wasn't going to do a lap and not have it counted,So I stopped and 2nd guessing if I couldv'e made it ?

I think I ended up in 7th place out of 21 racers ! not bad for the old man ! I'll get out tuesday for some easy road riding ,I need to get ready for Jubilee XC race July 10th and 24-9

The only pisser I had about the course is I have never been hit so many times in the face and head with tree branches at least 8 or9 on the course I even called one the back scratcher , you ducked your head and it went down your back every time !!!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

12 hr solo done !!

I did my first 12 hr solo this weekend and thing went well ! I did 9 laps and I think 7th place out of 21. I'll give a full report later on. I'm tired !!see ya !

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

12 hr race !

I just got back from a easy road ride , I need to get things ready for this weekends 12 hr race. I hope the weather stays nice, I need to get some more Gel but Rich is out of town now I will have to try some other type of gel and thats not good.

I watched the Proctor road race this weekend I marshaled on one of the hills,I wish I would've raced but maybe next year.I didn't find Sean Noonan after the race ,I couldv'e showed him some nice trail at Jubilee.

I need to get by bike and gear ready so I wont have to rush Friday when I get off of work,we'll head up around 11:30 and relax at the Hotel Friday night.I should go and pre ride the course ...I might go and do that!! I'll right back Sunday after the race !! see ya !!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

reason I didn't ride today

Why didn't I aleast do a hour of sprints ? Well let me see if I can come up with some excuses !!!!!!

1- I worked 13teen hrs
2-I'm tired
3-I couldn't talk myself into it !
4- I talked myself out of it !
5- the weather was too nice I needed to water the garden
6-I'll ride harder tomorrow !
7- I'm a puss ! ! ! ! ! !

I better get on it tomorrow for aleast a hr. I need to pickup my bike from Bushwackers I busted off my x-o rear derellure Tuesday 180.00 bucks shot !!!!!!!!!! I'm putting a x-9 back on $75.00.

I might do the crit Sunday in P-town It's fathers day

I'm goning to bed ! see ya !!

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Rain !!!!!!!!!

It rained today in EastPeoria and washed out the XC race for tomorrow, we got in the downhill and just started the new MTX course and the rain let loose !!!. It rained for more than a hour so the Prez and race cor. called it off. I told them even if they run it I'm not going to race !! It was way to wet and no way was it going to get better in one day. Iv'e done to many mud races and they are hard on the bike and the body,It's one thing if your already racing and the rain hits but when you know its muddy before you start, it's better to race another day.

I'll hit the road in the morning for some long distance , I better get to bed Iv'e been up for 28 hrs !!! I do this every freaking Saturday because I work Friday night and don't get off work till 9:00 am Sat. who wants to go to bed on a Saturday morning when the sun is shining ? This crap can't be good for me !!!!!! Sorry I'll quit whining !!!!

see ya !!

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Race this weekend

Xc race is going to be hot ! and humid ! I just stoped by rich's place and got some more Hammer products so I'm good for a while.

We had a PAMBA meeting tonight at Terry's house It's always a good time,we got a lot done with the race going on this weekend we all have alot to do.Cindy and Amy is going to sell food at the race on both days,the club should make some money .

I'll ride the trails in the morning to keep the skills up on the singletrack,the race is at Farmdale and the course will be tough.I think I'm going to race it like a training ride and do some extra laps,the race is 3 laps I'll try and do 5 or 6 and have Cindy hand off my fuel. SeeYa !!

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

First century

I did my first century ride on the rode today !! 101.2 miles and I'm pooped. I took 2 days off after my 6 hr solo race and did a 1-15min. ride yesterday. It might not have been a good idea to try a 100 miler but I wanted to push myself hard this week. I have a XC race next week so I'll need to taper down a little ,I don't think another century next week is a good idea.I'm planning on a 12hr solo at the end of the month in WI.
see ya