Wednesday, May 27, 2009

6 hrs of Northern Kettles

The race up in cheese land turned out pretty good,a mudd race for a while and glad I stuck it out.The race was up in the northern part of the Kettles and Cindy and I with Bob not far behind us was in for a wet but fun race.Cindy and I stoped in Millwalkie for some pancakes and coffee a little to close for race time for me but I needed to eat a good meal before the race and It was almost 10:00am with a 1:00pm start time.

After we set up camp close to start finish line I seen Charley Tri coming in from a lap and went to see how he was doing and the course conditions.He had taken a bad fall and was trying to mend himself and get back into the race but I think the rain that came later would make him decide to call it a day.

At the start of the race I went into the woods in about 11th place and I made some passes right before we went into the woods and glad I did because the next 7 miles was all singletrack.The course was rocky,bumby,rolling and fast and I thought I would make some good lap time until the rain hit half way into the 2nd lap.I could only drink when I came out to the pit area so it was drink half a bottle and take some Hammer gel in and keep rollimg.When the rain hit it I thought about doing a couple more laps then call it a day so I mudded up thr NRS composite pretty good then switched to the NRS 2.It was my 5 lap and when I took off on the NRS 2 the trails were getting pretty good shape and I just flew on the bike( I train on the NRS 2 and I just feel good when I'm on this bike)The trails were in that I could get in trouble condition,meaning they were getting fast but the slick spots would make you pay if you got to cocky.I payed a couple of times !
On the 6 lap John caught me as I stoped to get a drink while on the trail, I was trying to drink with the bottle in my mouth and still trying to ride so I just stoped.We rode together for more than half the lap and I told him I could make another lap if we hurry so we kicked it up and made one last pit on the run and I had around 55 min. to get one more lap.John had to put air in his tire but I couldn't wait so I kepted up my pace and ended up with my last lap coming in at 6:55.44 abd it was my 2nd fastest lap of the day.
It was a good race for me,6th place and with some strong laps for me a 6 hour XC race really ! John had a good race with 12 laps for his 12 hours of riding.
Heading to Ohio for the Mohican 100K my first point to point race !

Oh Yeah ! some new GX2 Ergon grips and a new BD2 back pack for the race !

Friday, May 22, 2009

6 hr race this weekend

Cindy and I are heading up to the secound Wems race of the year in the Northern Kettle Moraine area,I'm only doing the 6 hr to keep the legs fresh for next week at the Mohican 100k.

I'll meet Bob up there,he's doing the 3 hr race and Dr. John is doing the 12 hr so I'm wanting to get up there and see how he's doing.

Later enjoy the long weekend

see ya !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

More Trail Work

Road ride this morning at 6:00am before heading out to BPP for trail work.Legs felt heavy for only 25 miles but a long day yesterday didn't help.PAMBA put in another bridge and added some more trail with 10 people showing up you can get alot more done.

Heading up to WI for a 6 hr. race Saturday morning then staying in Kanosha for the night with Cindy so we can hit up Franks Dinner for breakfest.

See ya !

Friday, May 01, 2009

Still here !

Bad month of April for me not much riding being done (sucks) the weather has alot to do with it and the work around the house even more.The trails around Peoria are terrible with all the rain,Jubilee isn't open yet and they are in bad shape anyway.The other parks are just as bad,but PAMBA is trying to get them in shape so we can get some dirt under our tires instead of asphalt.

I missed the start of the I-74 series race up in the quad cities the Syvan Island Stampede it rained the whole race witch would have been fun.The Trans Iowa V is starting in the morning and I'm just sick I didn't try and get in this year but I was afraid getting burned out so early in the year.Plus I hate the idea of training so hard thru the winter then having the weather decide if you even have a chance of finishing.

I'm running a 5k in the morning The Run To Remember for fallen Police and Firemen then a Dualthon on the 16th.(Cindys birthday)

My weight has been steady at 161 lbs with the better eating I have been doing with Cindy and by the way she has been doing great with her workouts and her steady weight loss too.

I need some serious bike time in the next three weeks if I'm doing the Mohican 100k at the end of the month.If I do three days of intervals with one or two days of longer rides I'll be ok.I also need to get a order in to Ergon for some new grips.

More trail work this weekend and mushroom hunting !

Have you been to Bushwhackers this week ? you should ! Check out the sweet rides they have for this summer,I'm going to checkout a Gary Fisher Rig 29r.

See Ya !