Saturday, March 29, 2008

Good RIT ride on Wednesday

I've been trying to post some pic's of my ride last Wednesday but the pc doesn't want to cooperate so screw it ! The ride went well I got in 3 hrs and 20 a good leg burning pace.The weather is getting better but could warm up a little more,I ran and lifted the last two days and I'm getting in a 5 mile trail run next week.

I was planning on a ride today after work but it turned into a 12 hr day and after unloading 35,000 lbs of milk I was spent so I decided to work out in the yard and clear some brush.Mike Jr. and I walked around the bike trail that I'm working on cleared some downed trees.

Turkey time is coming up in a few weeks,Cindy bought me some new camo pants and shirt for my b-day last week.

Oh Yea ! I turned 47 on the 20Th WOW ! It's strange you don't think of yourself as being that old and I know I'm not old but compared to the PAMBA gang I'm the one of the oldest.I still think like I'm in my thirty's or even twenty's I still want to run in the woods,climb the biggest tree and just keep active,but as soon as I stop and maybe lay down on the floor I just don't pop up ! like I used to.I guess that's why I started to do endurance racing because I can keep a steady pace for a long time ( Cindy might question that ) but I can't keep up the fast pace of a XC race.

A road ride in the morning then off to a award ceremony for Kelsi's volleyball team !

See ya !

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Trails are getting close !

Not to much longer and the trails will be dry enough to start riding,I took Tucker out to check Jubilee and they were in pretty good shape.I ran for around 45 min. then walked the rest of the way around Plank Trail,looking for some deer sheds but no luck...Road ride or maybe the Rock Island Trail is in my plans for tomorrow I rally need to get some long rides in and quit jacking around with the two or three hour rides.I am getting the intervals in with the shorter rides and running about every other day I just like the suffering on the five to six hour rides.

I wish I didn't pull the plug so early on the Trans Iowa race but I didn't think I could lose a month of training and still be ready,I know I'm not ready to do back to back 6 hr rides and that's where I atleast would want to be right now.

I'm really looking forward to the new fishing season with Cindy I know she is to ! We should be able to get some good time on the bass boat and soon !

If you didn't make this last year you don't want to this year it's going to be a great time of just riding the Peoria area trails all weekend long and of course plenty of parting !
Midwest mountainbike Festival

If anyone can put a link on their blog we would appreciate it !

See Ya !

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

LT training today

I did a LT test today on the spinner I was wanting to get outside but the weather has been really shitty around here.I warmed up for 20 min. then reset my HR monitor and went at it for 30 the pain zone.Average HR 158 witch will be my new Lactic acid threshold,I'll reset my HR monitor and start my training with my LT instead of my HR max.

Gotta go Mike jr. called car broke down !

See ya !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Winds of March

The road bike is my main ride right now with the trails staying to muddy to even think of riding them.The wind kicked my ass today but I was set on getting some intervals in and the wind didn't let me recover to easy.With temps staying in the 50s and upper 40s it won't take long for the ground to unthaw and the March winds to dry them out.

I'm behind in my training compared to last year but I was heading into the Trans Iowa race about this time so it's expected to not be right on schedual.

Getting this in order for the Mid West Festival I need to get some bloggers to post some info on the festival if you missed last year this is the last time it will be in Central Illinois and it was a blast .

I'm looking at a 24 hr road race this year that I passed on last year,my 24-9 race might not happen with work vacations not cooperating.

See ya !

Saturday, March 01, 2008

RIT Ride

I hit the Rock Island Trail Sunday for some sloppy fun and it didn't take long and the snow was melting with temps in the upper 30's

A day later and more snow

Road ride in the morning,temps maybe close to 60 but windy !