Sunday, October 30, 2005

I'm tiered !

Long day Saturday , I worked all night and then went to trailday to help with the new extension then came home and mowed some pasture and work on my own trails.Went to my sisters for moms b-day and finally went to bed around 10:00pm...... just another 28hr day .

I was up early this morning and lifted weights and went outside to cut some more fire wood......then watch some football. I missed a good day to ride the bike in the trails.

I'll ride Jubilee or Indy this week and hopefully a road ride......See ya !

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

New Blog !!!

Hey not bad ! I didn't know I had it in me, I picked up a small book on publishing a Blog. I'm learning !

Remember I don't know squat about PC's !!

Other news I lifted last night, I had my DOT phisical this morning, Can you say" pee in this bottle" I was worried about my blood pressure but I was fine. It was a little high last month ,the stolic # was up ,but I was drinking alot of Elite and eating pretzels for training for that last race.

My weekend is about over I did get some wood cut I have good pile that needs to be split,and Iv'e been working on some trails in my woods they will give some place to play. See ya !!

Monday, October 24, 2005

Playing with blog !

I'm playing around with this blog ,trying to get it more interesting to read . Jeff told me how to post the Trans Iowa thingy, looks cool ! I'm going to getting some links up and a new background with a picture in it !

Midds is coming over to watch M-night football !!

Work sucked ! rained up in Chicago, 294 was a mess !!

I'll get back with the weights tonight and keep running, I'll get a road ride Wed. seee ya !

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Last race of the year done !

I finished this season at Panther Creek doing a dualathon 22 mile trail ride and a 4.5 mile run.This is the secound year I done this race and finished 9th out of 50 riders, not to bad but I finished 8th out of 40 riders last year so I was hoping do a little better.

I came in 6th on the bike (same as last year) and felt good for the run , the first mile is so tough, the legs are pumped full of blood from the bike ride.I caught 5 th place about a mile in, he was cramping up but he caught up with me before the 2 mile mark. A couple tri-guys passed me up around the 3-1/2 mark, they always catch me on the run, I need to train more for the running portion,nobody should be catching me when I get off the bike, most of the racers are sport riders so I could be finishing in the top 5.

It was a fun race exept for the trail conditions, witch everbody was talking about, Thorns and sticks all over the place. I tried top re-ride Saturday and had two flats within 4 miles into the trail, Sunday my friend Bob had 6 flats and didn't finish the bike race.

I'm going to keep running the fall and winter , I start training on the bike
for next year !!!!!!! ( maybe a little time off ) see ya !

Monday, October 10, 2005

What race ?

Cindy let me stay by myself camping Saturday night and she shouldn't do that ! I got into some Redbull Vodka ! and ended up staying up till 2:00am !

Soo ! I didn't race and just rode sweep for all the races !!

I still had a blast Saturday night I havn't done that in 12 or more years not that I have a problem drinking , I just try to live healthy and only have a social drink once in awhile.

If I can get my son to help me post some pics I'll start to get some up.

I have a dualathon this Sunday 22-mile trail ride and 4.5 mile run after the ride, I placed 8th last year but the field should be double the amount of racers.They are going to put us in age groups this year to so that helps us older guys out!

Tony and I rode Indy and Dirckson yesterday around 2-1/2 hrs of all singletrack!! see ya !!