Sunday, August 27, 2006

Spinning out the legs

Today and checking out a road course for the century ride Midz and I are planning for in October.I had 50 miles in and was hoping to get 15 more that would take me home and a spoke broke on my rear wheel.The wheel was so out of true that I couldn't ride it and called Cindy to come and get me north of Brimfield ,Bummer ! I had a good ride going and the legs were wanting more!

Looks like Jeff and Carl kickass up in Minn.! also Paddy and Naomi did the same way up north !! nice job everybody ! I feel bad I didn't suffer like they all did !!

I have the rest of the XC races to finish up for the year and I might look up some cyclocross races up in the windy city to keep my year going.

see ya

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Just Riding Around

Is about all I'm up to right now,I've been doing some more base work on the road bike and some running.I did a 5k last weekend with midz and might do a dualathlon the first weekend of September...

PAMBA had a race down in Danville today,but I stayed home and did a road ride with Bob,I'm not ready for a hard XC race yet....I might go down to Lake Shelbyville for CIMBAs first MTB race next weekend, it should be a easy race,not to long.

Next races I'm looking forward to...

September 2nd....Dualathlon..2 mile run..9 mile mtb..2 mile run...Hudson,Ill
September 10th....Mud,sweat and gears...PAMBA...Bloomington,Ill
September 22nd....Farmdale Festival....PAMBA.....East Peoria,Ill
October 7th.....Panther Creek Challenge...100 mile Chandlerville,Ill

See ya !

Friday, August 04, 2006

Time to get back

On the bike ! I took the whole week off because of the "rash on the ass" I'll get on the road bike in the morning and spin the legs out and get right back on sked. this weekend.

I'm trying to figure out what races I want to do, I have the PAMBA XC races for sure but I want to get some endurance races in. Maybe 12 or 24 hrs in Indiana or the 12/24 in Iowa. There is the 100 miles of Panther Creek 1-1/2 hrs south of here so I'm planning on it for now......I also qualified for the worlds solo champ. but not at$375.00.

It was nice to see the race bloggers at 24-9 and meet some new guys Sloane,Dallas,Naomi and Carl.

If any of you guys are traveling and need a place to stay in Central Illinois while passing thru ! Please get ahold of Cindy and I ! We don't have a fancy place but we sure are in the Country and would be glad to put ya up for the night. !

See Ya !