Sunday, January 31, 2010

a little to cold

I did get in a ride at Farmdale Friday a good 1-1/2 hrs but it was a slow ride and not much of a workout,Saturday I hit the spinner for my 1 hr race pace ride and today I ran 35 min. and did a recovery ride for 45 min.

I still need some good long RIT rides,lets hope the weather warms just a little bit more for the 4-6 hour rides I need to get in.

See ya !

Monday, January 25, 2010

Hey Wind ! Bite me !

The NRS with some fenders
Temps were in the 40s over the weekend and I was planning on some good road miles but the wind and rain came in hard and fast so I spent my time down in the dungeon.

I need to get consistence om my training so this week I decided to ride every day or run if I can't get the ride in,spinning is the plan with some outside riding weather permitting and getting some core workouts.Spin today with the race dvd at 80-90% of heart rate for a hour...I'm spent !

Midz might be able to make it for a Wednesday morning spin ! WELCOME TO THE DUNGEON !

see ya !

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Not going to spin for hours

Getting ready for Trans Iowa and I'm not going to spend that much time on the spinner,unless weather dumps on me later next month.I'm running and keeping my spinning to 45min. to 1-1/2 hours,the workouts have been structured and at high leval of intensity.The goal is to raise my LT so I can withstand the long rides at a high rate of speed.I don't want to train slow and steady,then you become slow and steady.

The trainer dvd that midz and I have done in the past workouts down in the dungeon is all I need,it still makes me work hard and then I do my own version of intervals on other days.Today was a 50 min. run a super set of close grip pulldowns,pushups,sissy squats 5 sets and 10 min. on the speedbag.

Can I get a century in before the end of January ? I'm going to try! maybe Rock Island Trail maybe road.

I need to pay off the Rig and it ready for some training rides...Brad Newman will be joining me at Trans Iowa,he was e-mailed by Mark on Friday that he was in.

See Ya !

Midz can you ride or spin on Wednesday mornings ?